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WARNING this is Fan-fic of a manga if you do not like manga or are not a fan of Ga-rei i suggest you steer clear of this but if you are a fan of manga i hope you will enjoy

"Kagura - chan you're spacing out again"

"huh oh sorry hime - chan"

"Whats up Ka - chan you seem like you have something on you mind" hime looked her with a mischievous glare and then whispered in her ear "is it a boy thats on your mind"

Kagura blushed and then stuttered "nuh no"

"oh is that so" Hime said sarcastically

Kagura turned around frowning to hide her flushed cheeks

The bell that signals the end of school rang and Kagura and Hime left the school After getting off of the Shinkansen(sub way) the two went there seperate ways as Kagura's home and family shrine was in the opposite direction as they waved goodbye Kagura walked home reminiscing on the events of just a few days ago

Just two days ago was Kagura's 16th birthday they day she would attend her first Sanka no Gishiki a ritual in witch she would bind her soul to a Ga-rei a spirit that devours other spirits for the purpose of ridding this world of malicious spirits, after the purification ritual i which one goes to a sping or lake and douses oneself in water repeatedly, afterwards the ritual began the one performing the ceremony wears traditional garbs and a necklace of magatama, then they recite the incantation while brandishing a Tamagushi to pry the Ga-rei out of the Medium that they are sealed within

"awaken Yurei no inugami" Kagura commanded after reciting the incantation many times as elders of the Tsuchimiya clan observed Yurei no inugami had always been a violent spirit and other than one other person noone had ever tried to harness its power, they all observed Kagura Skeptically as she tried to pry the spirit from its long sleep withing its medium. Once Kagura had finished the incantation once more the spirit anxious to once again be released into the world discarded its medium and awoke from its slumber.

The spirit appeared to be a elongated wolf with giant fangs and a ferocious looking grey mane, the beast had 6 blood red eyes and appeared to be wearing a golden collar with Japanese spells etched into it with broken chains dangling from. when it spoke an elongated forked tongue rolled out its mouth, "it said i am the great spirit Yurei no inugami who is it who thinks they might tame me"

"Is that you Yomi the spirit said after taking a look at Kagura" the spirit said seeming agitated "So after abandoning me you come crawling back to me no doubt you finally remembered where the true power was" the spirit said arrogantly

"Im sorry to dissapoint you but im not Yomi im her younger sister Kagura and id like you to become my Ga-rei and help me kill my sister"

heres Chapter 2

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