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Hi :) before I begin my story I wanted to assure you all that this doesn't belong in the Battles section but is a pure prose piece about what would happen in these fantasy battles. That is something that has always greatly interested me and I hope you'll like it too! In terms of structure the story will follow 3 parts- 1) Avengers introduction 2) DC Team introduction and 3) the battle itself. As this is my first story I'd like you to tell me any thoughts, positive or negative, so I can improve where necessary. This is Part 1, so please tell me what you think! Hope you enjoy :)

NB: This story does not follow any particular comic arc continuity but is simply an amalgamation of many different ones that you may recognise

Disclaimer: The characters here are property of Marvel Comics and are used here in solely a work of fan fiction


"Director Fury this is Captain Rogers", said Captain America into his S.H.I.E.L.D. issue handheld, "I have arrived in the Sahara as instructed but there is no sign of anyone else, let alone these enemies you spoke of."

"They will come Rogers", replied Fury with a touch of impatience, "and so will your allies. Fury out."

Frowning slightly but used to Fury's straight talking ways, Cap stored his handheld in his pocket and gripped his shield a little tighter. He had never been caught by surprise before and wasn't planning to today. Nevertheless, he seldom was thrown into a mission with no knowledge of his goal, but Fury had personally requested his immediate involvement and Cap had never seen the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. so agitated over success.

"This is gargantuan Rogers", Fury had asserted, "and if you fail, the consequences will be too dreadful to comprehend. You must succeed."

Momentarily lost in his thoughts with Fury's words reasonating through his core, he felt a tap on his right shoulder.

"Nice seeing you here, bub", came a gruff voice from behind him, "it's been a while".

Spinning round with his shield protectively held in front of him Cap was greeted by a smirking Wolverine who was pointing his Adamantium claws right at Cap's crouching body.

"Expectin' someone else, Rogers?" Wolverine asked mockingly, "not like you to freeze up on the big stage."

Regaining his composure Cap rose, outstreching his hand to Wolverine- "of course not. How are you Logan?"

"Not gettin' paranoid in old age, unlike some," Logan replied with a grin, "Fury call you in here too?"

"He did, but in true Nick Fury fashion hasn't told me what's going on," Cap said with a hint of annoyance, "something about a battle?..."

At the word 'battle' Wolverine's ears pricked up and his Adamantium claws suddenly looked extremely menacing when coupled with his sadochistic grin, even to someone who knew him well like Cap.

"Well if there is a fight then I'll..."

Wolverine's words were drowned out by a 'WHOOSH' from above as a female figure flew over them at a terrific speed, turning round in mid air to face them, luscious brown hair falling about her face.

"Well, fancy seein' you gentlemen here," the girl said in a Mississippi drawl, "I was worried you might keep a girl waitin'"

Swooping down softly to the ground Rogue approched them with a beam across her beautiful face. Kissing Wolverine on the cheek as he moved in to embrace her, she looked amused at his shocked expression.

"Can control these now sugar" Rogue said proudly, pointing to all the exposed parts of skin on her costume, "I can choose who I absorb. Sick of knockin' out the Cajun whenever we wanted to have a moment, so the Prof helped me and voila!"

Smiling fondly at Wolverine's still comprehending face, Rogue approached Cap who was sure to make her feel welcome.

"Ma'am, it's a pleasure to meet you. Captain Steve Rogers, at your service."

"Well aren't you a charmer?" replied Rogue with a blush, "are you the leader of this little gatherin'?"

"Well I was the first here," replied Cap, "but I have no idea what we're doing here or who will join us, friend or foe."

"Glad to know" Rogue said with a wink, "So you boys have just been standin' here waitin' for a lovely lady to whip you into shape?"

"Hah! Hardly", came a scoffing voice from behind them, "I am the true leader of this team!"

With a growl, the no longer speechless Wolverine approached the figure, claws displayed intimidatingly.

"I didn't much like your brother, bub. And you're goin' the same way. What the hell are you doin' here?"

"Honestly Logan, you should be among the first to support me," Havok replied smugly, "after all the mutants need a new face to represent them after the failures of my brother and Xavier, and YOU aren't exactly much of a role model."

"How about I rearrange that face and we'll see how much of a role mode..."

"That's enough Logan!" interrupted Cap, "fighting will get us nowhere, especially as Fury told us we all have a common enemy."

"Is that the guy with the eyepatch?" Havok asked, "yeah I was wondering what his role was in all this. He visited me out of the blue, without even introducing himself, saying coming here was of the greatest importance and then..."

Havok stopped in mid sentence. Looking up to the sky his eyes widened in fear as he started backing away slowly, almost bumping into Rogue.

"Watch it sugar!" she cried

"And then...?" Wolverine pressed

"W..w...w... Wanda!" Havok stammered, full blown terror on his usually cocky face.

Cap, Wolverine and Rogue followed Havok's eyes to the sky, where a girl clothed in red was looking down upon them with an expression of regret on her angelic face. Rogue gave an audible gasp and even Wolverine moved backwards tentatively- they knew the damage she could do to mutantkind. Only Captain America stood his ground, looking up at the Scarlet Witch apprehensively.

"Wanda, what brings you here?" he asked, "I thought you were in hiding. I haven't met a mutant yet who doesn't fear the sound of your name. Was coming here a wise decision?"

"It wasn't my decision," Scarlet Witch began, "Nick Fury told me the Avengers were re-forming and that I was to come here straight away to meet up with you. He said if I didn't then there was an 100 page list of mutants all baying for my blood and he would alert them to my place of hiding. What choice did I have?"

"Being an Avenger is always a choice", Cap said with a look of disgust on his face, "there seems to be a lot Fury will have to account for when this is all said and done. But you say Fury mentioned the Avengers were re-forming? Is this what this group is, a fresh start?"

"I have told you all I know, Steve" Scarlet Witch replied, flying down to ground level, "but on a personal level I am grateful I have to the chance to possibly clear my name by fighting beside the Avengers once more."

With a look halfway between incredulity and utter horror, Havok moved behind Wolverine so he was shielded from view.

"Are you serious, Cap?! Do you know what she is capable of?!" he asked disbelievingly, but stopped talking after a stern look from the leader of the Avengers

"Fine," he grumbled," but just keep her away from me."

"Yeah that's the words of a leader", smirked Wolverine

"I do not wish to harm you or any other mutant, Alex," Scarlet Witch told him, "I desire only to protect my universe."

"Hold up Witchy", Wolverine started, "first you reveal that we are all part of a new Avengers Initiative and now you speak of our universe. How much do you know?"

"Not all there is to know" bellowed a voice from around them.

With a flash of blinding lightning, all 5 Avengers fell to the ground, eyes momentarily stunned.

"I can't see a thing!" protested Havok

"Shut it, Summers" replied Wolverine, whose eyes were already becoming accustomed again to the natural light. Shielding his face with his arm, Wolverine began to make out a mighty figure standing in front of him, large hammer in hand.

"No, it can't be" Wolverine said in a hushed tone, "Cap, you better get over here. Now."

"What's going on, Logan?" Cap asked, "I can still barely see a thing."

"Believe me, everything will become a lot clearer in a minute"

Blinking rapidly to regain his sight, Captain America moved towards the sound of Wolverine's voice. As he did a large man stepped in front of him, a man Cap could easily make out, no matter how weak his eyesight was.

"Thor?! Is that you?!"

"It is indeed Captain," came the reply, "I have come to our universe's defence at its time of greatest need. A parallel universe threatens all we hold dear, including Earth AND Asgard, and my father has sent me here to fight alongside you, the Earth's mightiest heroes. Six others from this opposing universe are coming right now to destroy us and our worlds, but by Mjölnir they shall be stopped! We must show no mercy, they have already slaughtered many Earthlings and Asgardians alike."

As soon as he finished speaking, the rest of the group found their sight perfectly restored, but it was Havok who spoke first, looking condesendingly at Thor

"Hold up one sec," he began, "am I the only one here who feels this is all a little sudden. How can we even believe this man for a start?"

"You can believe me, Alex Summers, because I am Thor, of Asgard. God of Thunder and son of Odin, King of all the Norse Gods. My father has informed me of a great disturbance in our universe and we must protect it. Captain?"

"He is right , Alex," Cap replied, "this man once vowed he would follow me through the gates of Hades if he had to. I show him that same respect now, by fighting by his side to protect our universe!"

"Count me in too, Cap" Wolverine growled

"And us" seconded Rogue and the Scarlet Witch

"Alright, alright, I'll fight" conceded Havok, "but I am doing this solely for the good of mutantkind, unlike some people" he finished bitterly, glaring sideways at the Scarlet Witch.

"Get off your damn high horse Summers!" Wolverine barked impatiently, "for now I trust Wanda, and we must work alongside her to protect our friends and family. That's the most important thing, not your false altruism"

Capitalising on this rare moment of silence from Havok, Captain America turned to the extraordinary people before him, pointing into the distance where six discernable figures were fast approaching

"My friends, the enemy is coming closer by the second. They have killed many we have all previously protected and cared for, and will do so again if we do not act right now. Thor believes they will show us no mercy, so we will not show any back. Some of you may not come back from this, but in the future people WILL know their universe's mightiest heroes stood bravely against the unknown. Today, we stop the invaders and honour those who have fallen!"


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Very cool! Excited to see who the DC "cast" will be.

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@Project_Worm said:

Very cool! Excited to see who the DC "cast" will be.

Thank you very much :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! Did you like anything in particular? Writing the DC part now :D

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@MasterAction: Yeah, strangely enough I really liked the way you wrote Alex which is weird since I'm not a Havok fan in the slitest.

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Awesome! I can't wait to see what happens in part 2 :P

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Brilliant mate! Didn't expect that when you sent me the link :P well played!