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Authors Note: Rated M. New original work by Time Phantom for you all to pick apart as you please! As always any feedback you can offer is welcome and thank you for reading.

(Little poke to some of my favorite writers in the Fan-fic section. What do you guys think? Oh and any one who hasn't just got on with reading the thing yet... READ these writers at some point they are quite spectacular.)

Dreams of the Haunted

“Hey why’re you just sittin there looking sorry?” She said walking passed the table of an all white room. She glided through the kitchen with a smile on her face as she circled a man who sat at the table with a cup of coffee in front of him.

“Sorry.” He mumbled, staring at the dark contents of the mug.

“Yes!” She hissed as she stepped to the wall the table stood against. She looked around the room. Everything was blank. Furnishings were absent without even a window to let in the light from the sun. “Quite grim.”

She stepped from the wall and paced behind the man him without saying anything. “Dreams.” He said in a low voice. A smile stretched across her face and she raised an eyebrow in interest.

“Ah!” She squealed with excitement. “Tell me bout’em sweet thing.”

He stared into the blackness of the mug in front of him, through it he saw the illusive reflection of the woman walking behind him. He shut his eyes. Her footsteps rang in the back ground. The solid tapping of her feet echoed through the dark. Louder and obstinate it persisted. “It’s weird. Even now. Familiar... fantastic.”

“Oh.” She said; with the sounds of her steps still running through his mind, of which took authority over every other noise in the blank room.

“It’s a boy. A man, a tower and… and…” He was facing his right when he opened his eyes. He didn’t even here her stop walking. She was on her knees looking into his eyes. Her eyes were a deep green and flecked with gold.

“Curious.” She said in a voice that had appeared to not belong to her. It was deep and hollow. It left a frigid felling in the man when he heard it. She looked at him with heavy voracious and her breath crawled still. He could see himself in her eyes. He was trapped in a petrified pose with flecks of gold encircled him. “Tell me,” She said with a girlish giggle as her hand slid up his arm. “Please.”

A boy lied still in his bed wet and cold. Sweat beaded down his face, his breathing was harsh and his body ratcheted. The room was nearly dark; moon light crept through his window. Shadows stretched and contorted on the wall that seemed to press in.

In the dark a woman’s gentle voice murmured, “Oh oppressive night, sweet thing.”

The shadows above the boy’s bed whirred to life. A womanly figure stretched from the dark. The breath escaped the boy’s lips. The boy snapped his eyes shut. His skin was unsettled like fire touching bare flesh. His heart beat like a drum and the world around him spun.

“Open your eyes.” The female voice ordered in an ethereal accent.

The boy did as he was told. The world around him was unfamiliar. His senses sped up to meet these new sensations. The sky swirled in dark reds and clouds of purple. The land around him was scorched, the smell of burnt meat and metal made him recoil. He turned to look for something; anything. He took a step forward and kept to one path for what seemed like hours. Then he took another. He ran and still felt as if her were getting nowhere in this expanse of nothing.

The female voice had appeared again and cackled. “Open’em wide or shut’em tight. You really aren’t seein are you, boy?”

The boy’s legs went into a spasm as his body rushed to the ground as if being dragged by an invisible hand. Hovering above him had appeared a woman dressed in thick robs. Her face was full and her cheeks were rosy. A large grin gleamed on her face as she looked down at the boy. Her eyes that were a deep green and flecked in gold seemed inescapable.

The boy pulled himself up away from the woman. He took a careful step away from the woman and seemed to get no further from her. She just watched with her large smile that stuck to him like a brand. Even when he blinked, her eyes still fixed into him. He whipped around in a panic, pushing a large wooden door that wasn’t there before. Inside was a single black staircase winding up a grey tower. The smell of burning meat had turned pungent and lingered in his throat causing his face to twist in disgust.

He continued his sprint up the spiral staircase. Cold trickled down his spine, his eyes burned and his limbs felt as if the silent air around him forced him down. The breath escaped from his lungs and the strength to run abandoned him as he fell on to a smooth ebony surface. He had brought his arms to crawl forward, but stopped to look at himself through the reflective surface. His visage was withered and sagging. His skin hung from his face as the bone petered through the flesh and the color in him had faded.

He felt a fire with each tender kiss and the fire spread. She wore a shear dress that flowed in the breeze in the dark tower she had lured him to. He could barely keep his hands off her as they got sauntered up the winding staircase. He yanked and pulled at her dress as she led him on with another lingering kiss. They soon stood atop a reflective black surface where he unclipped the woman’s dress at her shoulders, the fabric dropped in a heap and left her exposed. Her skin was like porcelain; her hair was black and fierce. He looked into her eyes; they narrowed in on the man like a predator. Her eyes were a deep green and flecked with gold.

His body froze in her gaze. She leaped after him. Her legs wrapped around her waist and her hand grasped his shoulders as his hands wandered her form. She smothered his mouth with hers as if trying to consume the man’s body. His hands reached up and stayed at the woman’s waist. Her fire when they joined lips felt all encompassing. Her legs had coalesced into his waist first, then his arms melded into her waist and then her fingers burrowed into his neck and slithered down his esophagus. Her kiss was like an inferno claiming his body.

His eyes were wide. He felt no pain; just the yearning fire that ensnared him. Her gold flecked eyes showed a glint in them. For the briefest of moments he saw the small withered person that returned his gaze in horror. “Close your eyes… sweet thing.” A gentle ethereal voice had commanded in the dark of his mind. He could not speak. His legs crumpled as his now amalgamated carcass beat the smooth surface.

He sat alone in a plane white room as he usually does. There were no windows to stare out of, no furniture, no doors from which to leave and no color. He was alone with just his table and just his single cup of black coffee and only one recurring constant. “Hey why’re you just sittin there looking sorry?” She said walking passed the table of an all white room. She glided through the kitchen with a smile on her face as she circled a man who sat at the table with a cup of coffee in front of him.



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I liked it for the most part. It's an abstract story but it seems as though the plot has purpose. I would have liked to hear more details of your characters. It's okay to make them mysterious, but if the audience doesn't learn anything about your characters they remain strangers and that makes it hard for readers to form a personal connection with them.

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Cool, a bit trippy but I liked it

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@Time_Phantom: The dream within a dream. Nice. It's a little weird, but most dreams are, and kinda well bordering on erotic!

I think possibly may like this, possibly even but like all things, we'll let them make their own choices & opinions :)

Good work

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@dngn4774: Thank you, I will admit I may have taken the dis-personification a little far. I wanted there reactions to the environment to really pop more than the characters may have. Thanks for reading.

@joshmightbe: A little I suppose. Thank you for the read.

@batkevin74: You caught me! Total dream in a dream. Erotic.... definitely not a lemon (ff.net lingo for smutty grossness that teenage girls/boys and creepy old men write) though a little different than what I usually write. Dreams are kinda random that way. Thanks for reading.

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@Time_Phantom: Very nice, little bit racy

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thank you for commenting. You usually do on my original work anyway but as always thank you for reading.

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And bumped maybe or or or even will have a perusal over this fine piece of original fic! Or maybe even YOU!

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Interesting stuff. I like it.

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@batkevin74: You always say the nicest things. Thank you.

@RazzaTazz: Thank you for reading. Glad you liked it, keep an eye out for some other original stories I've written and posted.

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