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"I think this entire sector should be shut down. This whole operation is asking for trouble!"

"With all do respect, 'sir', I don't give a damn what you think...."

Franklin Fed stared down the Vice-President of the United States, who at this point was cowering hopelessly and sweating like a pig, the President himself standing beside him. Franklin wore a simple black suit, his sunglasses tucked into the pocket of his blazer. Today was a big day, to say the least, and Franklin was in charge. He turned quickly and began down a metal room, the two Politicians staying close behind. Around them, aliens and creatures of all shapes and sizes were kept in artificial habitats behind see-through, impenetrable walls.

"So, they, uh, can't get out...Right?" The Vice President asked, pushing his gold rimmed glasses higher up on the bridge of his nose, his breathing was heavy and labored, Franklin could hear it and so could The President.

"Not a chance in hell." Franklin replied, smirking to himself as he continued along. He looked over his shoulder at The President, dressed in a black suit and red tie. "Now, sir, may I ask what it is you're looking for exactly?"

The President raised an eyebrow, before clearing his throat and getting ready to speak. He was obviously unnerved by the amount of strange creatures currently surveying him.

"Well, um, I'm looking for one of these things that will stop at nothing to get the job done.....A hard working individual, an individual who is willing to fight and even perhaps die for his - I mean, er, our country. Do you men currently have anything of the sort?" The President licked his lips in anticipation, just before Franklin stopped. Before them, two large metal doors, with the number '52' written on them in dark red.

"Oh ya, I've got just the guy." Franklin had said sarcastically, though for some reason the President gleamed, it must have been real for him, though one thing did seem to bother him.
"Wait, Fifty-Two? I've never been informed of an Area above Fifty-One." He stated, obviously confused. Franklin swiped his key-card along the reader. The doors abruptly slid open, Franklin then looked to The President and smiled, gesturing him forward as he entered the huge room.

"That's because Area Fifty-Two doesn't exist, Mr. President, now, I'd like you to meet our number one inhabitant: Lobo." Franklin gestured him towards a large glass case, A single bunk in the corner of the room, along with a few adult magazines, a deck of cards and home gym setup. Though, no life forms. A sight that made Franklin's eyes widen.

It was at that point that a being leaped out of seemingly mid air what could only be described as a strange man leaped out from nowhere, and smacked up against the glass of the 'cell', screaming uncontrollably and thrashing about. Franklin leaped back, The Vice President fainted, and The President would be lying if he said he didn't scream like a small girl at her first horror movie. The man against the window, seemingly dressed in green with yellow antennae let out a cackle.

"That was too good!" He yelled, still giggling. "You should have seen the look on your faces!" The Green figure continued to cackle, slapping his knee continuously and gloating.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?" The President screamed at Franklin, saliva flying onto the agents face, which he wiped off immediately.

"That, Mr. President, was Ambush Bug. No other name, and the suit seems to be bonded with him, we can't tell whether or not he's human. He's extremely dangerous, and a friend, among other things, to Lobo." Franklin replied, taking a deep breath.

"That would be well and good, if you knew where in God's name Lobo was!" The President yelled, quite obviously distressed as he stamped his foot on the ground.


The single word was heard behind them, and as they turned, they set sights on the behemoth. A hulking individual, white faces, red eyes, messy black hair. The Biker-like getup just added to the menacing look of the man, who now sucked on a juice box. Believe it or not, he even made that look terrifying.

"I went to the cafeteria." Lobo said simply, snorting as he finished off the juice and tossed it on the ground. "What the frag ya want?"

"Mr. President, this is Lobo, he was discovered at The Chernobyl and has been here ever since." Franklin explained as Lobo stared down at him.

"And he's stared here? Willingly?" The President asked.

"Well, to tell you the truth, he's found a way to leave, but generally he comes back for lunch, dinner, and to sleep. Though he doesn't really have too, we don't believe."

"Oh...Well, Um, Mr. Lobo, there's an unknown Creature running about in the South, destroying whole towns, and leaving nothing behind, we've done a pretty good job of keeping it under wraps, but, you're our last hope." The President explained, looking quite hopeful.

"You're screwing with me, right?" Lobo replied, letting out a chuckle, before leaning against the wall. "You think I'm the guy for the job?"

"Well, yes, actually." The President replied. Lobo stared at him for a few moments, before starting towards the door.

"Fine. But I get to take Dawg, and Ambush." Lobo yelled behind him.

"Like hell!" Franklin screamed after him, forcing Lobo to stop dead in his tracks. "Y'know, nevermind, you can take them, but I'm sending Agent Spritzer with you!"

"That's cool, she's my favorite anyway." Lobo said, biting his lips and exiting the corridor, leaving the president and Franklin standing alone.

"Dog....?" The President asked.

"No. Dawg. As in, A-W-G. It's his.....Well, it's his dog." Franklin replied.

"So, basically, what I gathered from this, was that we're going on a field trip?" Ambush Bug asked from within the cell, both Franklin and The President shook their heads and left leaving Ambush Bug to talk to the Vice-President's unconscious body.


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Very nice. Loved the bit about the juice box.

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Great work! That was really fun. Especially good dialogue.

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Really great start!

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I guess you didn't like the new lobo, right? lol

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I like it.

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