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UU #0


Gotham City


Bruce Wayne gasped for breath as he smashed one of the deceased spirit's skulls against the brick wall. He wasn't certain if his blows were doing any damage. He turned quickly as another deceased spirit in the form of a knight (with an axe in his head) charged towards him with their sword raised. Bruce grabbed the knight by the wrist and twisted it tossing their body to the ground.

"EVERYONE! FALL BACK!" The voice of Commissioner James Gordon rang out from the crowd. Bruce stared at his surroundings. Hordes of Police Officers and Spirits were clashing all at once. With an ocean of grey and blue in between. Bruce pressed a button on his utility belt causing a small smoke bomb to burst on the ground sending a puff of smoke in the air. Bruce reappeared on a nearby rooftop overlooking the battle.

"Alfred!" He yelled into his communication cowl. "I need you t-" He paused as a large green figure materialized over the battlefield.

"Sir?" Alfred's voice said over the comm. "Is something wrong?"


Batman watched quietly as Neron overlooked the two armies clashing. "Alfred." Batman said slowly. "We need to call backup..."


Green Arrow

"Oliver. Have you seen the news? There's been attacks all over the-"

"Not right now Mia." Green Arrow muttered as he unhooked his belt. He dropped to the ground and watched as his belt zoomed into the air along with half a dozen cars and several arrows from Green Arrow's quiver. Green Arrow rolled to the edge of the rooftop and aimed an arrow at the figure hovering before him. "Say 'ah' dirtbag!" He yelled as he let the arrow fly.



"Pathetic." Doctor Polaris said as he stopped the arrow inches from his helmet. He tossed it calmly aside before stepping onto the rooftop. "What are you even trying to do?" He asked.

"I'm trying to shut you up!" Green Arrow yelled as he charged forward raising his fists towards the super villain. Doctor Polaris simply raised his hand toward him and dragged him backwards by his quiver. Raising him over the streets below.

"You're a waste of my time..." He pointed out as he released his hold on the quiver allowing Green Arrow to plummet towards the streets below.


Tatsu Yamashiro ducked beneath the spirit sword that was swung at her head. She could hear the screams of pain as chaos erupted around her, however she knew there was nothing she could do about it. She stabbed forward with her sword and impaled the enemy right through the torso. The spirit gave off a ghostly wail before disappearing as if it had been sucked into the sword itself. Tatsu gasped for breath as she surveyed the destruction around her. People ran for their lives as members of the GCPD attempted to protect them from the vast army of spirits advancing upon them.

"Another... spirit to keep you company Maseo..." Tatsu muttered as she straightened herself up. It was true. She was out of practice. HOWEVER she was better then this! She shouldn't have been winded from a simple one vs one battle! She pushed these thoughts out of her mind as she looked around for her next potential target.


Tatsu almost jumped out of her skin as two bullets passed by her skull. She turned towards the shooter who was dressed in... something that resembled a cowboy hat. The man had a scar down the right side of his face and Tatsu couldn't tell if he was grinning or frowning towards her.

"Ah'll be havin' that girl." The spirit said as his two six shooters smoked from the barrel. He pointed towards her sword. "That sword a yours could be real useful!"

"You'll have to come through me to get it!" Tatsu yelled as she braced herself for the battle. The cowboy's 'lips' twitched as he took aim at the female. Tatsu didn't give him chance to shoot as she charged forward and aimed her sword at the Cowboy's neck. The man ducked to the side causing Tatsu to swipe at his leg as he fell. The man grunted and fired one of his shooters making one of the bullets scrape Tatsu's side causing her to wince in pain. She raised her sword to stab at the man only to get a boot in the face knocking her to the ground.

"Sorry girlie." The cowboy said as he reached forward to pick the sword up off the floor. "But I ain't got time for a proper brawl." The man paused as he felt his body changing. He raised the sword in the air and looked at his hands. "God dang..." He muttered as he stared at his flesh. "I wish this stuff would make up its mind..." He groaned. He glanced at the sword. "You! Girlie!" He yelled as Tatsu tried to crawl away. "Whut's with this sword a yours?"

"The sword.... it absorbs people's souls...." Tatsu explained as she stood up.

"Souls?" The cowboy muttered to himself. "Ah don't believe in that sorta thing."

"I don't care what you believe in." Tatsu said. "However... what I believe is that I NEED THAT SWORD!" She charged forward only for Jonah to simply dodge out of the way.

"Hang on a second missy." He said as he stared at the sword. "I'm still wrapping my head around this..."

"It's called the Soultaker." A voice said. The cowboy turned to see a dark figure jumping down from above.

"Aw man...!" The cowboy groaned. "Not you..." Batman straightened up and stared in silence.

"Do I know you?" He asked. The cowboy shook his head.

"'No' is what I'm guessing..." The cowboy said. "However I know you! We've met before..." He stepped forward and held his hand out towards Batman. "Name's Jonah." He said in his gravely voice. "Jonah Hex."


Batman stared at Jonah for a moment before focusing on the matter at hand. He turned towards Tatsu with a serious look.

"Ms Yamashiro. I need your sword." He said. Tatsu frowned.

"How do you know my name?" She asked.

"I know quite a lot." Batman said stiffly. "I know about these spirits. I know where they're coming from. I know that I can use your sword to fight them...." He paused. "And I know how to get to their base."

"And how's that?" Jonah asked. Batman paused for a moment as if he was considering whether or not to tell them.

"We have to go to the House of Secrets." He said.


To be continued!

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Good story as this.


and this.


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@tommythehitman: Lol, that was kinda my reaction after putting out Shadowpact issues.

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@tommythehitman: Pretty good. How do you write so fast with good quality though? Seems DC Recreated jump started after I left. The curse I placed on it has been lifted by Neron.

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Great. Can't wait for the tie-ins.

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Awesome issue! Your Hex was well written and matches up with mine well. Feel free to make him a wise-ass at any point necessary.

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Intresting. Group Events are hard. Lots of people have different ideas and not all of them work out. Will watch, wait and see what happens