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Other titles in the DC Mayhem Universe are to be found here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/dc-mayhem-library/697009/#36


“SUPERMAN!” shrieked the leader

“Superman” muttered Ravan clicking his remote detonator. This was not unforseen but it was unfortunate.

“Get him!” Several Kobra members ran the man of steel, who simply looked in wonder at them charging…at him. The other more sensible members headed for the exits. Superman let the Kobra agents have a few swings at him, mainly to dull the edges of the machetes. Their blows would have killed or maimed a normal person, but he was far beyond normal and slowly losing patience.

“Are you done gentlemen?” asked Superman as he flew over to a fire hose and was back in a flash “I hope so!” And at super speed he wrapped the five attackers up in the hose before they knew what was going on.

CHOK! “Another thousand years O Kali”

Superman heard familiar stabbing sound and the whispered mantra and was by Ravan’s side instantly. The young man on the ground oozed blood from his chest, an ever growing pool seeped from the neat wound.

“What have you done?” Superman glared at Ravan, his kirpan dripping with blood.

“I hav…” Ravan didn’t even get to finish as Superman grabbed him by the collar and tossed him into the basketball hoop, shattering the backboard and entangling him. Superman scooped up the bleeding man

No Caption Provided

“I’ll be back for you!” He stated and with that he shot up into the sky, the man in his arms. Ravan shook his head as he untwined himself from the hoop where Superman had thrown him like a shot after the buzzer. He hit the floor as a pair of red boots landed in front of him.

“That man will live”

“No thanks to you,” Ravan eyeballed the man of steel “By saving the snake, you doom us all”

“You’re coming with me” said Superman

“You interfere with things you don’t understand!” growled Ravan

“You tried to murder a man,” said Superman. Ravan pulled back his hand and thrust out a palm strike catching Superman on his chin with a crack. Ravan shook his hand in pain; it was like punching a steel girder.

“I’m surprised you didn’t break your hand” Superman smiled a little “Now if you’re quite finished hurting yourself” Superman reached out to grab him when Ravan grabbed Superman’s index finger and bent it backwards, Superman’s arm tensed and the shock of having his own strength used against him. For a brief second, the strongest man on the planet was a hostage to his own body. Ravan released his grip.

“You may be super,” said Ravan “But you are still a man” Ravan paused and heard the faint sound “Can you hear that?”

Superman’s ears picked up loud and clear, the sound of an explosion, followed by another two “What have you done?”

“I can’t compete with you physically,” said Ravan “But I can split your focus. I am here to kill the snakes. Go save your city and leave me to save the universe”

Superman grabbed Ravan by the collar “Are you insane?”

“No” and pulled out an air horn, blasting it into Superman’s face. The man of steel winced in pain as the intense sound screamed in his hypersensitive ears; he grabbed his head and then slammed his fists onto the floor, probably harder than he should have, sending Ravan into the air as the shockwave rippled and split the hardwood floor. Ravan landed gracefully kirpan at the ready.

“The longer you dance with me, the more people burn and get hurt Superman. It is a distasteful way to kill, but for the greater good, I will do what I have to”

No Caption Provided

Superman inhaled and breathed upon Ravan, coating him in a block of ice “Stay put if you know what’s good for you” And with that Superman shot up into the night, his ears ringing. Ravan looked at his icy prison and closed his eyes, slipping into a trance….

Twenty minutes later Superman smashed the ice off Ravan as he flew them both high into the upper atmosphere “Nine people are dead!” Superman yelled at him “Thirty people are injured and maimed for life! WHY? WHY HAVE YOU HURT AND KILLED INNOCENT PEOPLE!”

Ravan stated “In the eyes of Kali, all deserve death”

Superman shook his head “Just another religious terrorist with a warped agenda”

Ravan chuckled “I’ve read up on you, and you don’t kill. So this threat of dropp…” Ravan fell as Superman released his grip. Ravan stared up at Superman as he fell, wondering if he’d possibly made an error as the wind rushed by him faster and faster and the city of Metropolis came closer and closer. Each second he picked up speed…


Superman caught him at around skyscraper peak height by the scruff of the neck.

Ravan smirked “You nearly had me believe you weren’t going to catch me; nearly”

Superman made a fist, his eyes flashed red.

“You should have left me to my own business Superman” Ravan warned “I simply wanted to kill the snakes. Now, because of you, I may never be able to infiltrate Kobra again”

Superman twisted his grip on Ravan’s shirt and raised his right fist “Any last words?”

“Into your hands O Kali” Ravan closed his eyes.

Superman drew back his fist and shot it forward only to stop inches from Ravan’s forehead. Slowly, Ravan opened his eyes and saw the fist and laughed.

“You are weak Superman” sneered Ravan

“And you’re insane” with that Superman flicked him in the head, the tap knocking him out cold.

No Caption Provided

29th December 4am, Stryker's Island Penitentiary, Metropolis

Ravan roused from his coma and his eyes slowly came to focus. He was lying in a hospital bed. As he tried to sit up but his head throbbed so badly he collapsed back down, noticing the chains and cuffs on his arm and foot.

“Oh good your awake” came a gentle female voice

“W-where…” gasped Ravan

“You’re in the infirmary of Stryker’s Island prison” she replied


“No, no sweetie, I’m not your mother,” the owner of the voice came into view, a petite blonde in blue scrubs “I’m Mabel, your nurse”


“Sshh” Mabel tapped the IV bag “You’ve just come out of a Superman induced coma, you’re bound to be a bit woozy. Happens all the time around here” She let out a giggle

“H-how long…?”

“We got you for Christmas, so four days,” Mabel checked some more monitors “You need to rest”


Mabel ran her hand down Ravan’s face, closing his eyes “Sleep, must sleep”


Ravan sat up in bed, feeling better but still sore from his encounter with Superman. He noticed the three cameras on the roof pointed at him, but the chains were gone.

“Welcome back Mr Raven” a modified voice echoed through a speaker on the wall

“It’s Ravan, I am not a bird!” He sat up slowly, groggily and swung his legs over the side of the bed and looked at the walls that were more bunker-like than hospital “This isn’t the prison infirmary, is it?”

“No Mr Ravan”

Ravan glared up at the camera as he got to his feet “Do I have to guess?”

The voice chuckled “No, you’re somewhere safe after your recent prison escape”

No Caption Provided

Ravan snarled “The Syndicate! I told you two ye…”

“We’re not The Syndicate, Mr Ravan” The door slid open and in the doorway was a muscular man in a black and purple unitard; his head a skull pulsing with purple electro energy; hands crackled with energy. Ravan took a step back in horror.

“My name is Joseph, welcome to Morningstar”



The End?

Well that ends my arc for the House of Mystery. Next in the house: Swamp Thing!

I hope you enjoyed Ravan and you may see him again in the near future, decision pending.

have a read, drop a comment, thanks!

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Cool, now I want to read the rest of it. I'm going back! ^_^

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You're in. ^_^

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@BumpyBoo: Thanks, glad you liked the ending. Let me know about the other 3 chapters when you have a read of them :)

@Joygirl: I made the grade! Hip hip huzzah!

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@batkevin74: I certainly will ^_^

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Im thinking of using pictures too for my comic series, its just hard to find the right ones.

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Damn! Can't wait to read more of this.And congratulations, Private ~salutes~

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: Thanks

@andrewtheking: Thank you

@ekrolo: It can be a struggle, I edit some of the pics with 'Word paint' and even crop them with CV's handy-dandy image loader thingy.

@feebadger: Glad you liked it. Bring on Swamp Thing! :)

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No real notes, sorry. Really enjoyed it though. To the next story, away!

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Loved this series. Keep up the great work.

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@YoungJustice: Thanks :)

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@batkevin74: I see what I have to do.

I have to have a long story, not just short scene.

I'm liking this so far.

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@xxxddd: Not always. Short scenes can be good but if they're short, they are often jam packed with goodness. Glad you liked it

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Disappointed he hasn't gotten a real crack at Kobra yet, but it was still well written. I would daresay that you don't tell Superman that the explosions in the distance are you splitting his focus. But he is self-assured.

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@cbishop: Well it was the timing of it, the explosion had already happened forcing Superman to make a choice save people or deal with Ravan...he can easily do both but it is often the choices that Superman HAS to make, and saving lives usually takes priority :)

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Pretty cool team up between those two. I can't remember the last time Supes teamed up with a hero that killed people.

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@tommythehitman: He's not a hero. He's a killer that is right in his own mind, and this story happens to be from his perspective. The reader is meant to identify with and root for him, yes, but he is not the good guy. Much the way Deathstroke has his own book, but is not the good guy.

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@tommythehitman: Not even a team up, more like a paths crossing. Superman thinks initially Ravan is a victim who turns out to be even worse than the bad guys