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Metroplolis, Governor's tower 3 days ago

Mark Smith was once a great soldier, a traitor Overlord had crippled him several years ago but his unflinching loyalty to Governor Stark had earned him a new body. It was based on an ancient machine but had been updated with state of the art Overlord technology, it was once powered by kryptonite but that was hard to come by now so it was replaced with an artificial version that he was told would weaken a Kryptonian but wouldn't kill one, though it was equiped with weapons that could finish them off. After his mind had been implanted in the machine he was ordered to hunt down and kill Superman and any other Kryptonian he may come across.

New Gotham, now

Superboy was looking over some bins at an open air market when a machine attacked out of nowhere, after it had thrown him to the ground it spoke, "You cannot be the one they call Superman." Before he could respond the machine moved to stomp on him but he rolled out of the leaping up to smash his fist into Metallo causing him to falter but he quickly righted himself and struck back sending the boy flying. High above the city a hand grabbed his arm as he went. He looked seeing the S shield on the man's chest. He started his descent with the boy but they were caught by Metallo as he flew up after the boy.

The machine smashed into Superman who started to panic thinking the boy would fall to his death but noticed that he could fly as well. The boy attacked Metallo from behind as it went for Superman, it turned to swat the boy away but Superman kicked him to the ground. As the 2 Kryptonians landed to finish him off they were blasted by an artificial kryptonite beam the knocked them to their knees as Metallo converted his arm into a cannon and took aim at the boy. Before he fired Superman yanked up a man hole cover and hurled it into the machine's cheat blocking the K-beam and slammed into him going on pure adrenilin and tore Metallo's arms off and hurled him away. He then grabbed the boy and flew off.

He pressed a button on his guantlet and ordered, "Kal, I need a scanner block. I'm heading back to the fortress and I'd like to avoid a tag along." They flew as fast as the could and in seconds the arrived at the Fortress. The boy looked with awe at the legendary place as Kal materialized in front of them saying, "Welcome back I see you have a guest. May I ask your name?" He looked up, "Superboy." Kal nodded, "All Kryptonians are welcome here, make yourself at home."

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@joshmightbe: First crossover? Nice job. I do like the "reward" they gave Mark Smith making him in a Metallo. Good chapter

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@joshmightbe: cool