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DC 5th World Order: Supergirl #1-Waking Up

Disclaimer: Any of the familiar heroic or villainous names have been made up by DC!

One month ago-

In a room full of scientists working over a pod laying on the ground and there is a man wrapped up in red cloths observing at the door.

CLOTHED MAN: Is she ready yet?

SCIENTIST 1: Not yet Overlord Tanzen.

TANZEN: Well please do hurry I am very impatient at this moment.

SCIENTIST 2: She's almost finished Overlord Tanzen I promise.

TANEN: This had better be true.

The scientists take a few steps back making room for Tanzen to see what they have created.

SCIENTIST 1: She's finished.

Tanzen walks over to the pod and there is a blond haired girl with caucasian skin and wear a black one piece suit.

TANZEN: This is it?! I ask for a full grown woman and I get a child!!!

SCIENTIST 3: That's all we had to work with Overlord Tanzen. She only aged to 15.

Tanzen with an enraged look on his face raises his arm and brings it down quickly but it is stopped when he is about to hit the tube.

TANZEN: What on earth?!?

The girls eyes open and eye balls are black are also colored blue. The girl's fist violently smashes through the tube and grabs onto Tanzen's arm.

The girl starts to float in mid air but suddenly drops to the ground. Tanzen stands up and looks at the head scientist.

TANZEN: You didn't just use the kryptonian DNA I gave you did you?

SCIENTIST 1: She would have had an incomplete set of powers so I did added a few in.

Tanzen walks closer to him but stops and turns to the unconscious girl.

TANZEN: When she wakes take her to the training room so we may begin. She has much potential in her.

One week ago-

The blond haired girl is in the training room sparing with a giant robot wearing a blue and green jumpsuit.

GTP: If you are reading this you are probably wondering who I am. Well if you missed the first part I was created by a bunch of DNA and I am currently training to be some hunter for people who are opposing the Overlords.

She throws the robot into the wall but it quickly rebounds and punches her into the ground. She then opens her mouth and a blue fire comes out of it and her eyes glow blue when this happens.

GTP: Bet you didn't think I could do that did you? Yeah I'm full of surprises. Hell I am a surprise.

She lifts her hand and the robot is lifted into the air and is smashed repeatedly into the wall until it's head falls off.

The same scientist from before walks into the room wearing a black sweater, black pants and a lab coat.

SCIENTIST 1: You're improving Supergirl.

GTP: Yeah that's what they call me around here. But I honestly don't feel "super".

SUPERGIRL: Yeah well that's what I get from a lot of practice.

SGTP: I had such a attitude back in the day. But we all don't start off as sunshine and rainbows do we? Didn't think so.

A girl with bobbed red hair wearing a red and dark grey jumpsuit with two katanas on her back walk into the room.

SGTP: That's Isabella Vandal. Her code-name is Ravager. I personally think @&%$# is a better code-name.

RAVAGER: Supergirl you are needed in the war room.

SUPERGIRL: I'll be there in a minute Ravager.

RAVAGER: I'm Isabella off the field solider.

SUPERGIRL: Whatever.

The scientist puts his hand on Supergirl's shoulder before she leaves.

SCIENTIST 1: I'd like to run some more tests on you when you are done.

SUPERGIRL: Whatever doc.

SCIENTIST 1: You do know you can call me Bruce, Supergirl.

SUPERGIRL: ………….Whatever.

SGTP: Notice that I only say "whatever" half the time. My vocabulary wasn't big back then.

Supergirl walks down the hallway and enters the war room. A boy wearing blue and black armor with a scarab backpack is sitting in a chair across from a girl with skull painted face, white shoulder length hair, and a white and black jumpsuit and a black boy wearing a jacket over his orange and blue jumpsuit with two pistols.

SGTP: The bug dude is Blue Beetle A.K.A. Benjamin Tyler. The scary looking chick who looks like a skeleton threw up on her is Silver Banshee A.K.A. Maria Carlyle. Finally The punk wannabe is Gangbuster A.K.A. Marcus Brown. {sigh} They all have names names. I however don't have one.

MYSTERIOUS VOICE: Welcome Supergirl.

Supergirl quickly turns and see a person coming out of the shadows wearing a black cloak.

SGTP: That guy really creeps me out majorly. Bet you he's an Overlord.

MYSTERIOUS MAN: Now You all have been chosen because you are the best and hand picked to do this very job. Capturing anyone who disobeys our cause.

Behind him is a screen full of people who seem to be vigilantes.

MYSTERIOUS MAN: Now let us make this simple you are all truing to be future Overlords whenever our time is done. But if one of you are to start from use you will be punished severely and you will never get to see the light of day again.

SGTP: Hhmm I wonder who that certain someone is. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

MYSTERIOUS MAN: Now go and prep for your first mission.

The five teens leave the room and all go their separate ways. Supergirl walks down the hall and heads for the lab.

SGTP: I use to do what I was told to do but I always thought something was wrong with that. Was it what I wanted to?

Supergirl stops for a second with a serious look on her face.

SGTP: Not really. But I did what I had too. To survive and to find answers!

Supergrl starts to walk again.

SGTP: This is on the beginning. I only have a little bit more time till I wake up. But you can wait a little can't you?

Supergirl walks into the lab and sees Bruce holds a red and black costume with a "s" symbol on it.

BRUCE: Oh here I had this made for you I hope you like it.

Bruce hands her the costume. Supergirl stairs at it for awhile then looks up.


PREVIEW: Supergirl and the team of hunter have their first assignment of tracking down a meta named Aero. But as Supergirl gets into the swing of things will she like what she sees?

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Great story!

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Great opening man!

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