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a bad day part 1

a woman runs , her long red hair flying in the wind

behind her a man runs gun in hand " get back here " he yells

" get away " the woman yells back

but the man gets to her, grasping her my the hip and saying " stop yelling ya dumbass "

but as the man says this the woman gets free and trys to run

but she hears the man yell out in pain

she looks behind her to see the man being cut by a blond man

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" what are you? " she asks

" the same thing as you"

"im not like you " she says

" oh miss vale you are just like me "

"how do you know who i am?"

" oh just friends in high places "

she turns to run

" i see you are not to happy with me "

" what?" she asks

" well with a big croc under ground ,a Ghost being seen , and the black mask , a guy like me is just a good old day in this city "

" Zsasz get your ass over here " a new voice yells

" i gotta go , but i will be back" he says

Zsasz runs away to the voice

the woman looks on and says " why did he let me live ?"

"hes toying with you "

"what ?" the woman asks

" oh just some advice"

meanwhile ....

Zsasz runs to the voice

once he gets to it he says

" the gangs all here "

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So Zsasz's formed his own rogues team?and why would he be interested in Vicki Vale?doesn't seem like the type to let anybody live so she must be part of the greater plot?also Gordon kinda came out of nowhere...............

Lol sorry these are just the questions that came to mind after reading it............

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1 well he is part of it

2 read issue 2 to find out

3 read issue 2 to find out