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Created by Batkevin74

"Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely...what about super power?" Batkevin74... a few months ago...

Okay so pretty much here it is. Superman and the Justice League are in charge of the world. Kind of like Injustice. However this is an interconnected universe where... pretty much anything goes!

The year is 2065, not too far away. Superman and his queen Wonder Woman are the head of the League, Martian Manhunter their head of the secret police. Batman was killed in 2063, but his brain survives in a jar awaiting a high-tech cyborg body to be completed. Green Lantern was killed for insubordination by Superman who now wields his power ring, he also uses the Helmet of Nabu making him almost a god. Aquaman tried to restore the League to its former ideals and was hurled into the sun. Others fell into line or suffered a similar fate.

So now the children and grandchildren, and some great grandchildren, of the villains and heroes have started to unite and fight back. But revolution is slow, especially when their enemy can hear clouds scrape together and his chief of police is a psychic intangible shapeshifter.

The players

Superman: The ruler of Earth. Now has a GL power ring and the helmet of Nabu. He used the ring and the helmet to locate all the world's kryptonite and cast it into the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way. This Superman is a merciless dictator now. Anyone who disagrees with him is probably going to end up dead. Or worse.

Wonder Woman: Superman's queen and mother of two year old Clark. Trainer of the Hawkmen.

Batman: Kept alive by science, the Dark Knight's brain lives in a jar awaiting the building of a cyborg body.

Martian Manhunter: The head of the secret police, SHADE. He's shown regrets recently over allowing Superman to go so far but for the most part? He's not going to stop it.

Starfire: Trainer of the Shadowmen. They're pretty much the black ops team of the Hawkmen.

Firestorm: Jason Rusch is one of Superman's head of staff. He's shown to be without compassion and doesn't care about anything as long as he doesn't get into trouble. We also don't know who the other person is as Ronnie has been said to have died.

Zachary Zatara: Superman personally detests Zatara. His main magic agent. He's recently been badly damaged by Black Adam and Captain Marvel.

The Hawkmen: The regular patrolling soldiers of the League. All loyal cloned troops from the original Hawkman

Deranger: is the unofficial leader of the revolution. His parents were Ravager and Batman Quinn, making him the grandson of both the Joker and Deathstroke. Holds the last four pieces of natural kryptonite on Earth, three green and one red. He's recently been struggling with voices in his head... dude's got issues.

Code Red: The daughter of Jesse Quick and Red Lantern Jack Moore, is superfast and able to create objects out of the speed force, but only when she's angry. Acts as the messenger for the revolution. She's also Deranger's fiance.

Escrima: A mysterious vigilante operating in direct defiance of the League. Using from all reports Big Barda's Mega-Rod and Starman's Cosmic Rod, she regularly attacks Hawk patrols in Keystone City. She's recently been recruited by Deranger and has been used as a sort of "Oracle" monitoring missions and stuff.

Okay. These are the guys that have been introduced recently.

The Brain (Written by TommytheHitman AKA Me.): A clone of the original Brain with several enhancements. The Brain was a member of Deranger's rebels before leaving due to... problems. He's now leading his own team of rebels who prefer to handle things with less risks.

Deadshot: The daughter of Floyd Lawton. Zoe Lawton is a young teen who's recently joined the rebels. She's a very poor shot and as Batkevin said: "Dumb luck is her best friend."

Timber Wolf (Written by JS_Smokeman): The original Timber Wolf from the Legion of Superhero's universe. He was in the middle of a mission in the 21st Century when the timeline was somehow altered. He's joined Deranger's team as one of the most brutal members.

Kon-El (Written by Delphic): Now 50 years old. Superboy is unaware of how ruthless Superman has become. He's joined Superman's government but it's only a matter of time before he realizes how wrong everything's turned.

Black Adam (Written by AweSam): The reincarnation of Teth Adam. He's just as powerful. Except he has a sword. He's joined Deranger's team... and he freaking hates:

Captain Marvel (Written by Joshmightbe): Martin Freeman is the son of Freddy Freeman. He's the new Captain Marvel and has recently joined The Brain's rebels.


Okay so there are a bunch more characters who will be updated later. So anyway! The Deranger has pretty much done the thing you DON'T want to do! He's kidnapped Superman and Wonder Woman's son. So all the stories are going to take place after that.



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Wait so Tommy is it starting from scratch or just from where everyone left off?

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@js_smokeman: From where everyone left off. So... after Operation Purple Smile.

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Sound pretty wicked.

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This is a fantastic concept and I want in. I came up with a story in my head in five minutes. Shoot me a PM please.

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@johnny_blaze: @tommythehitman: Well there is still 2 writers. Delphic and myself. But we don't write all the time...however if you have a story idea I can add you to the pm if you want or you could send me or delphic a pm for the idea.