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New Genesis

High Father was with the council of New Genesis to discuss the demands that Superman has made.

“This is outrageous we can’t just hand over the planet to Superman.” Commander Gideon exclaimed to High Father. “We are not a simple nation that can be swept aside, we are a whole world!”

“Perhaps it would be better to try and work this out with diplomacy. Orion, Barda and Scott are already on their way to Earth.” High Father said.

“Even still our armies should be at the ready in case any hostilities arise or if Apokolips tries to use this situation for their advantage.” High Father sighed but nodded in agreement.

“Ready the defenses around the planet as soon as possible, now as for Superman,” High Father was interrupted as Metron appeared in the room. “Hello High Father.”

Everyone looked at Metron as he floated above them. “What do I owe the pleasure mighty Metron?” He looked into High Fathers eyes. “Apokolips has disappeared from space itself in an event that has transcended even my cosmic awareness.” As High Father was about to respond the room started to shake and everyone looked up. “Something is coming towards the planet.” Gideon said looking at his mother box.

“Access orbiting satellites, magnify image.” Everyone turned their heads to the screen as they saw Apokolips hurtling towards New Genesis. Before Metron could stop the planet it smashed into New Genesis destroying everything and everyone on it. Superman was on a nearby moon with Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter.

“We could have just moved the planet.” Wonder Woman said.

“If we did not use the helmet of Nabu, Metron would have alerted New Genesis quicker and they would have figured out it was us.” Superman looked at the ruble from the two planets.

“They would have provided a problem even if they did agree to be taken over, the reaming New Gods should not provide much of a problem though, Diana you will take them out.” Superman said to them both as they all disappeared in a flash of light.

Present Day

William was walking around the small town trying to avoid any T-Spheres in the area. His connection to the speed force had not yet returned even though it had been a day since he drank the special water. He slept in a dumpster to avoid any Hawkmen or T-Spheres. He decided to walk into a small diner, watching the TV mounted on the wall. It was politicians speaking about how there is a new age of terrorists. From reports of a new Captain Marvel, boom tubes in Paris and a Deadshot like person in Gotham. They were saying that this is just a faze and would die off like any other that has happened in the past.

“Can I get you anything?” A waitress said to William as he was watching the TV.

“Some water would be fine for now.” He went back to the TV as she walked off. When she got to the kitchen he heard some screaming and dishes fall. He got up and went near the kitchen to see what happened.

“Hello, miss?” As he said that a beam shot out of the wall and missed his head. “S#@%!”

A man in a blue armor busted the wall down and looked at William. “You were harder to find then I thought.” He grabbed William by the throat and wings extended from his back. “But you have been on the move for long enough.”

He shot a beam at the roof making it collapse and he flew off with William in his hands. William tried to punch the man to get free but was to no avail.

“This is Blue Beetle to Wonder Woman I have secured the target.” He said to a communicator in his helmet. “I am on route to the drop off point.” William was still trying to beat the man off of him but the man shot a low energy beam at William that knocked him out.

William woke up with his hands and feet cuffed inside a small building. He could see the man who captured him along with four other men. The blue man was talking to three SHADE agents and a Hawkman. “I have brought the target to you, if you need anything else contact Wonder Woman and she will get to me.” He flew off and disappeared into the clouds. The Hawkman came in to the building and punched him in the face.

“You think that you and all the other so called heroes are going to just change everything all of the sudden?” He punched William again smashing him against the ground. Before he could land another blow the men outside let out a quick scream before a crash. The SHADE agent ran out to see what happened but he was pulled out of the building and a William heard a thud. A woman instantly appeared in front of him and grabbed the cuffs on his hands and feet. She started to make them vibrate and they broke.

“Who are you?” William said looking into her eyes.

“A friend, for now though just call me Red.”


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This chapter pretty much seals the League's lost cause status, also nice to see a new beetle.

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It was pretty badass how Superman hurled Apokolypse at New Genesis, but I think it's too much. Superman became corrupt, but I don't see him obliterating two populated planets. Anyway, good issue. I actually like your idea about Blue Beetle working for Superman. There should be more. Maybe Superman took Reach technology. They could be an elite task force, since hawkmen seem to fall like flies.

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@awesam: What a good idea about. The Bettle Men! As for the planets. i am probably thinking this superman is to much like injustice so it is my bad but I wanted a reason for Orion to be mad enough to attack them or for where the new gods are.

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@bronze_surfer: It could just be an accident. Maybe Superman underestimated himself.

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@awesam: That could work. When he sealed Darkseid and Kalibak with the Phantom Zone Projector he could have used the helmet in the wrong way which would end up destroying new genesis. I still think he would send demands.

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Very awesome! Blue Beetle is always badass and:

From reports of a new Captain Marvel, boom tubes in Paris and a Deadshot like person in Gotham

This made me smile.

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Interesting. I agree that Superman wiping out two inhabited planets is a bit over the top. But A fun story anyway.

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@bronze_surfer: "the reaming New Gods" hmmmm ha ha ha ha you may wish to change that :)

Beetle Men, nice!