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Rated MA, all owned by DC. Continues from:

1: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/corrupted-deranger-1-1456647/#9


And more stories in our library:http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/corrupted-the-library-1453634/#37

Escrima and I make it to Metropolis. It’s mainly a quiet journey but occasionally she feels the need to chat. Some of her mannerisms remind me of my mom, which is maybe why I’m quiet, just soaking it in.

“Why is it called the City of Tomorrow?” asked Escrima as we approached the outskirts.

“Way back when, before Super scum took over, Metropolis was the shining example” I said “It had technology years ahead of everyone. When the League brought down their technology like Prometheus, Metropolis once again led the way”

“How do you know all this stuff?”

“I’m a SHADE agent!” I watch her face as she wonders if I’m serious “Always been good with history. Now cover yourself in this” I hand her a flask.

She uncorks it and has a sniff “Ammonia?”

“Reduces your scent and clouds your DNA trail” I tell her as I cover myself in it “Makes T-spheres flip out trying to process, just do it” Escrima pours it over herself gingerly; I shrug “If you want Superman to smell you?”

“Won’t he just be able to smell ammonia?”

I look at her “What do they use to clean hospital floors?”

“Covers your tracks” she responds “But if…”

“Look, all I know is that for years I’ve been doing the ammonia thing and I’m still alive” I tell her “Now we’re going to meet some members of the Resistance who are Metropolis based. They’re good but a little too young and a little too serious. Kid Thunder and Chris Blood”

“How many…?” Escrima starts to talk when I draw my gun and hold it too her head.

“What was your first pet?” I demand

“A canary!” she replies, a little angry



“What was its name?” I yell

“Booster Gold!”

I holster my gun. “What the hell was all that about?” shrieks Escrima

“SHADE agents ask questions like that!” I tell her “Now rub your eyes for me?”

She looks at me, fury etched across her face as she rubs her eyes “You’re insane”

“No, I’m paranoid” I tell her “I trust two people and you’re neither one of them. Sorry, but you’re on a need to know basis about how big or small we are”

“You pull a gun on me again and I’ll knock your head off” warns Escrima.

“Fair enough” I laugh as we head into Metropolis

(What happens next is the end Brain #7 http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/corrupted-the-brain-7-1455845/#11 and Brain #8 http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/corrupted-the-brain-8-1456028/#13)

I slam the Brain up against the wall, my hand firmly around his neck “You’re friends with a SHADE agent! You need seven, seven good reasons why I shouldn't crush your windpipe and put a bullet through your head, you crying sack of crap!”

The Brain clawed at my arm as I pressed tighter as I drew my gun and placed it to his temple.

Just kill him…

I shake my head. That damn voice again. I look into his eyes, I don’t know whether it’s fear or the fact that I’m cutting off the blood supply to his head but there’s something. I throw him to the floor.

“I don’t trust you!” I yell at him as he pants for breath “You’ve been in my world for less than twenty four hours and look at the mess you’ve made! You can leave. Chris, Thunder, pack it up we’re on the move”

The Brain quietly gets to his feet and is about to speak when my hand goes to my gun. He nods and slinks away. I guess he feels bad, but I really couldn’t care less at this point. Escrima stands there not really sure what to do.

“Welcome to the Resistance!” I mockingly cheer “Regular laugh riot”

“So what now?” asks Escrima

“We head to our secondary sight, without fat head, and then we put my plans into action”

What happened next is located here in Hawkman http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/corrupted-hawkman-1-oneshot-1458091/#11

“I really need Red” I pace back and forth the small lead lined concrete bunker.


“Code Red, my fiancé” I noticed that I was caressing bullets in my hands, just like my old man use to “She’s in Gotham or Bludhaven…I don’t know I need her here!” I fling the bullets across the room.

Escrima walks over to the table and picks up one of the vials on the table “Well until she gets here, how about we go through this purple plan. If she can move at light speed, she’ll be here soon”

“It’s modified Velocity-9. It gives super speed. Nowhere near what Red can do, but we’re talking Mach 22 range which is about fifteen thousand miles per hour. We load up everyone and we hit the purple rays whilst the League is distracted by an explosion”

“What explosion?”

“The one at the Hawkman cloning facility. Weeks ago we rigged an air conditioning unit with C4. That air conditioner is next to their nuclear reactor that keeps the plant running. We blow that and cause a distraction, maybe even send Hawkman their coz I trust him about as much as I trust the Brain” I pick up a vial and flip it like a coin “They look left, we hit the right”

“Now how does hitting the purple rays hurt the League?” asked Escrima “They actually help people”

“The League also make it rain, control what we eat and have T-spheres on every corner!” I bark “What’s the point of living to one hundred and twenty with a ball and chain around your neck huh?”

Two in the head…

No Caption Provided

“Ah shut up!” I grab my forehead “Seriously shut up!”

“I didn’t…”

I slam a fist through the table “You like the League so much, go join them!”

Escrima backed up and drew both of her rods “I think you need to chill”

I can feel my mask filling with froth and saliva, sweat invading my eyes, my pulse racing. What the hell is wrong with me? So angry, so…crazy!

“Hey D?”

“WHAT?” I turn and snap at Chris Blood which actually makes him jump and have an expression other than pathetic across his face.

“Reports that Wonder Woman is in Kansas” gulped Chris.


“Send a pinger for Red; I need her here and now!” I throw the vial at Escrima “You ready to ride the lightning?”

Escrima looks at me confused, can’t blame her really I do have some frenetic moments.

From the Journal of Jay Slade Quinn aka Deranger:

If you’re reading this then I’m dead. If I’m reading this, then okay. If you’re Superman, I hope this is the last thing you ever read, must look into kryptonite ink…

The voices are starting again! More regular, more often. It worries me…it should worry everyone due to the fact they sound like my grandfather, and not the one with the missing eye!

We’re about to launch Operation Purple Smile…which also worries me because I don’t recall where the name came from but they say I made it up. Purple and my grandfather went hand in hand like fish and chips…smiling toxic fish…

The Brain concerns me, so does this Hawkman who’s suddenly on our side. Also there’s some weird stuff coming in from Kahndaq about monsters and lighting and Zachary Zatara.



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Deranger should become more Joker-like. Good job.

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Crap. Now I need to come up with a reason why Brain can rejoin the rebels. What is it with me making characters that your guy doesn't trust? Really great story and... I had a large smile when I realized you were using my characters. Great story.

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@awesam said:

Deranger should become more Joker-like. Good job.

I kind of like him the way he's already portrayed. He serious enough to lead the rebellion but knows when to let out a little comic relief.

@batkevin74 I didn't know if you wanted this idea but would it be better if Deranger depends on meds to keep him mentally balanced? The way it would work out is he has a limited supply of pills since purple rays replaced big pharmacies and when he's off his meds he begins to hear the joker's voice in his head.

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@awesam: @dngn4774: Actually I was just going to let the voices come and see what happens! :)

@tommythehitman: Sorry about that, it just flowed with what you'd written and how Deranger would react. How he gets back in the good books, well that helmet idea you floated might swing it his way.

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Great Chapter, like that your guy is starting to go crazy

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Enjoyable, nice character development

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Wait crap I just realised something. Brain would have been able to break out of being strangled. I'll come up with a reason in the Brain's next issue.

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@joshmightbe: Slowly, just like corrupted it happens gradually and before he knows it he's dancing with a corpse with his cut off face dangling from his cheeks :)

@pyrogram: Thanks :)

@tommythehitman: I was just running on the fact he was a tad distraught and distracted by Sharpshot's betrayal, plus Deranger got the drop on him, pinned him, cut of the air & blood supply with the chokehold and before Brain had a real chance was stuck. This may be the incident that inspires Brain to learn how to fight properly :) How's that for an explanation?

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@batkevin74: Awesome stuff, I really loved it. I really like how you have that crazy side of Deranger that keeps peeking in and out of him. I'm looking forward to reading about Operation Purple Smile.

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