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The Capitol Building

Standing among the United States Congress is Oliver Queen, the Emerald Archer, the Green Arrow. Known for his strong liberal views or as he calls it "an old lefty", he was commissioned by Superman, as the Justice League's Ambassador to the common man, to the politicians in DC. But today was a rare mission. It was the Metahuman Registration Act, a legal bill that could very well change the face of the profession known as superheroes. As the discussion continues, Ollie speaks up in disagreement

"So Mr. President, you're claiming that the Registration Act allows the government to monitor superheroes"

The President in a calm reassuring voice answers "Yes, how else will the Act be enforced, Besides it's no different than the monitors the Justice League use to watch over Earth" The last statement carried a hint of contempt.

Oliver clarely annoyed at such laws replies "But that violates the privacy of the U.S Constitution, Despite how powerful some of us are, I don't think it's fair that we are ostracized from the rest of American's populations. What happens when a supervillain breaks into the government database and steals those files. It's already all over the media, that vigilantes are to be registered."

The President carrying more disgust in his voice than last time "Oliver, your kind ostracized themselves when they decided to form a coalition of what they felt was justice, in the form of vigilantism. Considering you're allies with a man, who is rumored to be able to lift the moon, I doubt you're in any danger. Many have even said that if the budget is there, the government should pay you heroes"

Oliver who's anger now rose stood up "My kind? Do you hear yourself Mr. President? You're sinking into the same prejudice that has plagued this country since the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. It's your kind, who have been saving your butts for years, And you think that by taking a cheap payoff we're just going to put our lives further in danger by handing over our identities and personal liberties to a country that's working with the likes of...Amanda Waller. I'm sorry but I'll be damned if you think that I'm going to agree with something that keeps people like you on top while us superheroes are under your control.

Other politicians gasped at the words coming out of Mr. Queen's mouth. He truly was an old lefty who was passionate about his ideals, so passionate that he was willing to stand up to the POTUS himself, the leader of this nation.

The President glaring at Oliver, decides to end the meeting "Meeting adjourned, This will be settled in Fourth of July".

Oliver walks out of the Capitol Building, only to be met by a group of MRA sympathizers cracking their fists. He mutters to himself "Oh boy"


The House of Amanda Waller

Batman in his usual cold calculated demeanor walked over to the short petite body of Amanda Waller who was in the same identical navy blue suit. In a chilling voice he said "What do you want?"

Amanda Waller attempting to calm down Batman replied "I wanted to talk to you about the Metahuman Registration...." Batman cutting her off glared at her spitefully "I know all about it. How you exploited the Titans in New York City to further your own political agenda. I thought you were done with Cadmus years ago".

Amanda Waller in a calm voice said "I was but the tension against superhumans have risen over the past 5 years. Superman fighting Darkseid, put fear in many people's minds that he was more powerful than they realized. I finally decided that with the senior heroes becoming more powerful, and the younger heroes becoming more reckless, they need to be controlled"

Batman responded coldfully "I'm well aware of that despite, us having humanity's best interest for years, Again why did you call me?"

Amanda Waller smiled "To set an example. Batman out of the League, you are who I respect the most highly. You are the peak of human perfection, turning the darkest day of your life into a bright light for the rest. Your wits, your body, your will. I need you as a representative of humanity to lead the Justice League as proponents of the Registration Act, to send an example as leaders of the superhero community, that heroes can work cooperatively with the government. Hell I'll pay you so much as an employee, that you can donate all of the money that Wayne Enterprises makes to charity. How about it...Bruce?

Bruce with anger growing in his eyes, his very prescence sending shivers down Waller's spine, responds "Are you that dumb that you really think, I would agree to an Act like this. You know I of all people believe that the League may one day get too powerful, and that's when I may step in, but I said when I step in. This Registration Act is just leading to the government using superheroes to further their own narcissitic goals. I personally don't need a Ras Ahl Ghul or Nigma to use this to their advantage. Sorry I work best in the shadows...under...my...control"

Amanda Waller attempting to persuade Bruce gives him a tempting offer "I'll make you Director of Project CADMUS. Who best to watch superhumans than one who resides with them"

Batman with truthfulness in his voice replies"A tempting offer...but I don't work in the law. Now please don't...waste my time. I have work to do" And with that Batman walks off

Amanda Waller in a cold voice says "In that case you're an enemy of the government."

Batman ignoring her, takes out three Batarangs, and starts throwing them at her guards and security systems. In about a time of 30 seconds, all that lies is a heap of equipment and bodies.

Amanda with a voice that is impressed at the skill of the Dark Knight says "That Bruce Wayne is something else"


The WatchTower, Conference Room

In the conference room, are 7 seats, with once vacant due to Batman currently working in Gotham, In the other 6 seats are Superman, Wonder Woman, John Stewart, J'onn J'onzz, The Flash, & Shayera Hol.

Superman beginning the discussion, throws the newspaper down in the table carelessly. "So what do you guys think of the Registration Act."

Martian Manhunter in his usual solemn voice replies "This will eventually lead to conflict between the humans and the heroes, something which must be avoided. Green Arrow has already been reported to have been assaulted by supporters of the Act in Washington. In the meantime, I intend to go to back to my residence in China, to avoid registration. My stance on this Act is neutral. All I want is what is best for humanity. Congress should be more focused on the villains not the heroes"

Wonder Woman piping in, with her confident voice says "I've already talked to Bruce and he's decided against the Act. As someone who has worked with the government, on both Earth & Themisycera in the end the government has good intentions for it...despite it being ran by Waller. But if the President himself is fine with this, who are we to argue. I think maybe it is time, we hand over our capes" Part of Wonder Woman felt though that maybe she was Pro-Registration out of her partial jealousy for Bruce who was dating Selina Kyle, the Catwoman for the past 2 years. Sure Bruce has loved many women: Talia Ahl Ghul, Andrea Beaumont, Zatanna, Rachel Dawes, sometimes attracted to Poison Ivy. He even loved Diana herself, but Selina seemed to be his perfect match in all aspects, as if she completed him.

The Flash expressing his opinion in a childish manner responds "I don't know, this Registration Act, could put alot of my family and buds in Keystone City, in harm, but I'm with J. J'onzz on this one. I just want whats best for all my fans. If Registration is what they want I'll be happy to go on TV, and take off my mask with a big smile on my face"

The room let out a small chuckle. Wally was the heart of the team, who would be needed in times like these.

John than stepped up to the table "I believe it is necessary. With Superman going hell on Darkseid, & Flash damn near killing himself against Braniac, Registration should've been proposed years ago. We're lucky that those government bastards even lets us be heroes for so long. As a Marine & a member of the Corp, my duty is to Earth. I support registration"

Shayera raising a hand, agreeing with her boyfriend John, but not wanting to sound out of place for someone who betrayed the Earth to Thanagar siimply said "I agree"

Wonder Woman and the rest of the table now looking in the direction of Superman "So what's your opinion"

Superman in urgency in a rebuttal, says "I'll tell you later. I have to to talk with Waller"

And with that Superman flies out of the Metro Tower


Meanwhile in DC.

Green Arrow lying in the hospital from gruesome wounds, all over his body is met by a man in a black cape, with a bat emblem and a cowl. The Batman

Green Arrow surprised with curiosity asks "What is it, Bruce"

Batman with the utmost seriousness in his voice replies "Disappointed that you got beat by common thugs but that's not the point. You won't be in the hospital much long Ollie. Once you get out of this hospital, we're going to war with CADMUS, I'll die before I let the Registration Act get passed as law"

Ollie with a smile on his face, looks at Batman "Looks like it's time for a little fun, playboy"

To Be Continued....

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I liked it! Pretty nice concepts!

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@pyrogram said:

I liked it! Pretty nice concepts!

Try to make it unique as possible.

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Very nice work

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Thanks. I try to use the comics, the Timmverse, and even Nolan for inspiration/influence.

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@jnr6lil: Nice! I have to catch up but I love what I've been reading. I especially that you went with the JLU roster, which is probably my all time favorite incarnation of the Justice League.

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@dngn4774: Yeah Civil War # 9 is up in the library. Only 5 more issues to go.

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@jnr6lil said:

@dngn4774: Yeah Civil War # 9 is up in the library. Only 5 more issues to go.

Sounds awesome! This is going to be a good reference for me when I get around to making a dc civil war arc in my Lucifer Grimm series. That's years away though. xd

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@jnr6lil: My versions going to be very similar to yours but it will be focused largely on my OC's perspective. I'm thinking that since he's a government agent he be on the pro registration side but will eventually switch sides after witnessing some of the government's more questionable actions first hand.

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I would suggest editing the sentence, "change the face of the profession known as superheroes."

To say, "change the face of the profession known as superheroics."

I know it's not a word but go with it.

I think this is very good.

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@neonpheonix: Thanks.

When I said superheroes it was meant to be a comical sentence.