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A small freestyle, I thought it turned out cool so I decided to post it.

”…Darkness, twilight, light and dawn/

The order has been withdrawn, order will be gone/

Order will be dead…” - the legend has read/

”They were departed by death/ during their last breath/

The life is to love, but the love if his life - gone…/

Far from the start, but in his heart a hope will be drawn…/

A promise, in his mind/ To always remind, to what his life is confined…”/

”One key to open the path/ Two keys to open the wrath…/

four keys and friendship has died/ Mercy denied/

The hate… Four keys for world’s fate will collide…”/

the words in the circles had said/ “…Tears will be bled/

four trials from trails/ Where your ancestor fails…/

He shall taste success…/ Through a curse and a bless…/

Nevertheless, first he will embark…/ a conqueror from the dark…/

Second, maestro of night and light/ Will he withstand that fight?

Third, a lord and a riddle/ Not to resist, but to exist somewhere in the middle/

Fourth, the king, kind and gentle/ Strong in mind and sentimental/

Deserves a mention, what is his true intention?/

Is he on the level with the devil, or a divine intervention?/

Chaos of enormous size/ In promised eyes, these beautiful lies…/

An unpleasant surprise…/ To protect his friends – a disguise…/

Mystery lies, no pleasant goodbyes.../ only cries of hate and despise…/


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Nice I like that. Such a good topic of discussion.

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Nice Photon little different for you ain't it

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Beautiful imagery again, Photon. Thanks for sharing this.