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Lo followed the scent through the

woods to a creek, not far from the van. He

realized it had had disappeared and growled loudly, and headed toward the Myers

house. As Lo approached the front door, he heard more shots. Cas had Michael

pinned down as he screamed at the girl on the floor, (Get up, run) the girl

slowly came to her senses. She made her way out of the room as Cas stared at

Michael’s body on the floor of the dark blood splattered room. The girl stared at Michael’s body as she

headed to and down the stairs. Lo yelled, (go!). The girl ran down the stairs and

headed toward the front door. Get up you son of a B@#$%, said Cas. Meanwhile, hesitating, Lo was getting ready

to go in the house but smelled a familiar scent in the direction of the van. Lo

ignored this due to rage and busted the door down, scaring the girl. Lo, told

her to get the hell out here, she said ok, and ran for it. Lo ran full speed up

stairs screaming Cas, (Cas said) I got

the bastard right here. When Lo, got to

the room, the only thing he could see was a giant skull, Cas’s eye’s bucking,

and one of the most horrifying serial killers of all time laying on the floor

in a mask. Lo asked Cas was he ok and, Cas said hell yeah. Cas kept his guns

pointed at Michael, as Lo stared him down hard. Suddenly Michael’s hands began

to twitch, but it was too late, Lo had viciously jumped on Michael, slicing at

his neck, until Michael was decapitated. Lo said get up from this. Cas and Lo

debated about whom was going to take the body outside, that didn’t last long, and

Lo extended his claws impaling Michael’s head, and then walked out of the

house. Cas said @*#t Lo, next time it’s your

job. Finally they had the head and body outside on the front lawn. Cas went and

grabbed the accelerant out of the van and saturated the head and body with

accelerant. Lo tossed in his cigar at the

body setting it ablaze. After watching

the body burn to ashes they headed to the van. Lo grabbed a beer and told Cas

that he loved this job. Cas smiled, but

Lo started looking crazy and sniffing. Cas said are you ok Lo? Lo replied and

said hell no, something smells real funny, bub! At that moment a knife goes

straight through Lo’s back seat missing him, as Cas unloads in the head of none

other than Michael Myers. Lo then goes in a rage diving on Michael severing his

arms and legs from his body. Cas and Lo drag his body and parts out of the van

to the same place they just burned his body. This time they set it on fire and

watch it burn till morning light. Lo ask, wtf just happened Cas? Hell I don’t know Lo, let’s go check the

house out, and then we blow it off the map. Baffled Cas and Lo searched the house

for records and clues. this lasted for hours . Finally Cas ran across an old photo

album that belonged to the Myers family, they found something startling. The

album contained two birth certificates dated October 19, 1957 Michael Myers and

the other Ron Myers Jr. of Haddonfield, Illinois, son of Ron and Edith Myers.

Ain’t this a b@#$h said Lo. Let’s blow this joint Lo. Shortly afterwards the house

at 35 Lampkin Lane was blown from history forever, no more Myers house. Cas and

Lo drove off casually after the huge explosion. Lo asked Cas was he gonna call

the Doc, Cas frowned at him, Lo said ok I’ll do it. Lo picked up the cell and

called the Doc, he told him that he was still having strange dreams; the Doc

ignored that and asked how things went. Lo said the mission was a success.Doc

said are you headed there Lo said yeah, but I don’t like it! Lo told the Doc

that he has never been fond of camps, and that this Camp Crystal Lake ain’t

gonna be any different bub! Doc told Lo to be careful there; Lo ended the call

and drank another beer. These are not my characters nor do I own the rights to any characters in the story.

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please leave comments,no matter how harsh

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@evilvegeta74: Still with the bad format, but I do love the decapitation of Michael :)

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Decapitation then burned then hacked and then burned and then entire house razed to the ground.

There is no subtlety here but hey, considering who the bad guy is how could there be? At least one victim survived! :)

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@lykopis: Maybe she survived, maybe her head is severed down the street, Maybe Lo will see an image in the rubble of the house, holding the head of that alledged survivor, through the passenger side mirror.