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Hi ho everybody! Bioshock Infinite gets closer to landing, so as preparation for the disturbing, racist and politically charged jargon that sure will lead into a Columbian Civil War,I decided to a leaf out of RL Stine's book and introduce a reader's choice to my fan fiction. The setting is , well, set. The characters ready to be deployed, and enemies just asking to be turned into Gremlin breeding Mogwais. (Well, maybe not Gremlins. Unless its one of the Hannah-Barbera ones that installed the fear of Stalin into Hitler.) The story itself revolves around an "Alpha-class" Handyman who is willing to bring everything to the ground in his search for his infant daughter Sera. Now, hopefully if I follow through with it until March, I'll ask you guys to ore on outcomes and scenarios to torture the characters, much like the Bioshock series' dynamics. So, what do you guys think? Should I go for it or meh? (Note: this will be set before Infinite in 1910. It was in 1910 that Bettermen's Autobodies started manufacturing Handymen, from what the latest Irattional Valentine seems to hint at.)

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: Knowing nothing of Bio-Shock but intrigued by the idea of people in high tech armour fighting Gremlins, I say do it!