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(Here's the first part of the Bioshock Infinite fan fiction I mentioned earlier. I'll post up a chapter at a time, then a question below. You guys choose what happens next. So let's make it interesting, shall we?)

The city groaned in the frozen wind. Buildings swimming in seas of clouds bobbed up and down, tugging veins of cables as they stretched and rolled with each slap of the intense wintry waves of air. Many of the houses had been barricaded close in an attempt to drive away the chilling embrace. Other houses merely stood agape; abandoned. Isolated.

Left to rot, as what was transpiring to the citizens that once dwelled within their walls. The cobble stone streets lay quiet and still in the dead of night.

Yet, a single figure stood in the center.

Unfazed by the cold. The figure seemed to live within it. Embracing it.

But not in a positive way. Unveiled thin hands betrayed the figure’s masked sexuality, for the role of the Spirit Speakers was never to be seen. Only heard.

In the crossroads of the main street, flashes of a warped reality flooded her simultaneously with images of love and warmth.

But also death and chaos.

A small Victorian descendant stood off to the shoulder of the street. A tiny place compared to the towering forests of brick surrounding it, but homey and safe. The figure could sense inside a loving family.

A mother. A father. And a newborn baby to tie them together. The sounds of laughter brought tears to the figure as the scene changed.

There was now fire. Screams. Pain.

Then hideous eyes. Glowing dead eyes. A demon in human skin lifting its shadowed head back and roaring its dominance. Toxic drool dripping from exposed jaws to the stony ground; its lanky arms tucked away like a tree’s winter branches underneath the shell that encased its hideous body.

The monster was so real….but also so inventive. It was impossible to tell what was a joke to a spirit, or the warning calls of the damned to the land of the living.

The park nearby stood swaying gently in the chilled wind; strengthened together in a small copse than if left alone to fend for themselves.

The laughter of a small boy was heard. A young lad calling to someone to play with him in the luscious green grass of a brand new spring. A bright sun shone in the blue sky. Birds chirped happily as blossoms fell from branches and blanketed the ground in a layer of soft organic snow.

The innocent laughs suddenly turned into horrible screams. Noises like a chained animal in factory engine squealed and squawked, a tone of sadness and grief dripping from it as blood splashed the air in crimson waves. Bullets sparked and gears whined, a shattering voice crunching as electricity sparked deep inside the form it possessed.

“S-suffER tHy Siiii-IIIIN….”

The figure twisted, clutching the rags surrounding their head. The pain was too much. Too horrible. Too…real. But try as the figure tried to not see, another image came to them.

This one had no happiness.

Claws of steel and copper shone in the false sunlight of the vision. A face, one eye swollen shut from a horrific impact and the bridge of the nose smashed into planes of glass, came into her view. Unlike the others, this one was scared, but underlined with bravery and anger. Blood streaked down his closed eye, dripping over his lip. The blood steadily dropped onto what looked like an iron collar wrapped tightly in a bowl around his neck.

The figure could see him yelling at someone, a huge limb ending in a metallic hand tipped in huge cat claws stretched forward in slow motion towards the edge of a cliff.

A huge bird of the gates of Hell swooped in from the sky, human hands reaching to knock away the frantic misshaped man. Suddenly, whatever the clawed figure tried to hold onto suddenly flew in a blur to confront the winged beast, a creature of darkness with an outline like that of a hound leaped for the bird, grabbing it in huge paws shaped like those of the man in metal.

This new creature though was no friend.

It had the eyes of opaque the figure had seen emanate before.

But all that was able to be seen was two gargantuan creatures, one darkness trusted by man, the other light feared by life itself. A cascade of light engulfed the combatants and the cloaked figure found themselves back in the frosty streets. The sun was beginning to peek from behind the copse of trees; already the branches where reaching out to welcome their old friend from the depths of the inky black of the night.

The figure began to dissipate with the strengthening light, but before they left, their eyes looked once more at the small Victorian. A place of warmth and safety.

And yet the white eyes of the demonic beast gleamed sadistically, followed by a new , chilling sound.

Clenching gears.

Well my dears. Seems the Spirit Speaker may be our ticket as to knowing what in the name of the BeeGees is going on in this high flying circus of a city. But there's so much done here, we need to go one at a time.

But who do you want to know about first?

a) The family thrown in flames. They seem to be connected to the black creature at the end....

b) The screaming boy haunted by the insidious robotic voice.

c) The battle scarred robot warrior willing to reach for the darkness.

The SpiritSpeaker will be fleshed out later on. But whichever scenario is first decided will be the start of the next chapter. So, pick away peeps!

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This is pretty neat.

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@Decoy Elite:

Lol, thanks. :) It's a pain since little info has been revealed on anything save for a few names, but it allows for creative assumptions, I suppose.

So...the next chapter looks like it might be A. And do I have some things planned out for that family...

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I agree with Decoy this was some superb material. The intro was flawless :3

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Thanks! It just sucks that most of my stuff gets ignored on the FanFiction thread. :( (Plus I need readers in this case to continue the story. It's no fun to quit on an intro.)

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: lol don't worry. I've been meaning to peruse this section of CV for some time now and I'm glad I showed up. This was a delight :3

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I vote A)

Also, I love your style of writing. Its like a Victorian nightmare.

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Steampunk makes the world go round. 8-)


I'll tally the votes and get cracking on writing the next chapter. :) But even if the next one doesn't go to the steel-handed robot, he is a big part of the overarching storyline. So he'll be back.

Like Arnold.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: a man has coices, I chose the impossible.

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I visited a city where the artist fears the censor. Where the great are constrained by the small. Where doctors are forced to followed petty moralities.

I visited.....


Or Los Angeles. Both are craaaaaaaaazy.

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@gumflabica: @wildvine: @Frenemy: @Decoy Elite:

Seems like option A was the preferred one for the group. But don't fret; the screaming boy, twisted robot voice and mechanoid warrior will be around to fight another day.

But you'll start seeing the main character of the story come into play. He's a perfectly normal guy living in a unnatural world. Sadly, evolution hits him hard in the genetics boundary as you'll end up seeing soon.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: I know that Bio Shock is a game and that's about it, so this was a bit hard for me coz I have no personal points of reference to this material like if it was Halo or Call of Duty also (games I don't play...I just don't, no time and no real interest honestly), asides from that which is none of your fault story wise it was good but I've seen some of your other stuff and this seemed shorter and less thought out that some of your other stuff I've read.

As for voting well I see that you're up to chapter 3 so my vote is null & void

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Great seeing some gaming fan fics on the site! I do want to ask you if this is to serve as a sort of back story for Songbird?

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Yes and no. There's an incident I created involving Songbird and a Handyman that influences the choices played out later in the story. I won't reveal too much, but it's horrific what happened.


Infinite doesn't connect to the previous games, save for fanciful cities and rogue cyborgs. So you don't need to know Jack about it when going in.

Heh, Jack. I made an unintentional funny.

@gumflabica: @wildvine: @Frenemy: @Decoy Elite:

Part 3 is up. Now you need to make a hard choice.

Have fun. >:)

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Thanks! Be sure to read the other parts too. ^^

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@wildvine said:

I vote A)

Also, I love your style of writing. Its like a Victorian nightmare.

Exactly this -- I really like the environment you create in your stories. (plus -- maybe add links to Part 2 and 3 in the OP? I am off to look for them now).

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I try to get as visual as possible, but sometimes it's unnerving to realize environments where the reader has to invent the scenery, like inside a kitchen or something. It ain't perfect, but it's an art nonetheless. :P

And I'll try linking the other sections to make it easier to follow.

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: ha!

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BTW, did you vote on the last chapter I did? (# 4) I can't write the next chapter until a definite choice is given (it's a tie so far.)