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Grissom Academy ventilation system

Ahsoka: Hello?

John (thoughts): How did my life go so wrong so quickly, just a few months ago I was just a care free teenager, and then these powers start developing...

Shows us brief flashes of John accidentally using Force lightning and lifting a Mako with his bare hands.

Ahsoka: Hello?

John (thoughts): And now my goverment wants me dead, plus I have an insane droid general coming after me with an army.

Ahsoka: Are you listening to me!

John: Um yeah sorry, I was just thinking about....stuff.

Ahsoka: Hey listen, I know this is hard but trust me being a Jedi isn't as bad as you might think itll be.

John: Right......Whats so great about it, when they keep blindly going by their traditions, force people to become emotion less husks or the part where they allow the most powerful Jedi in the universe to do what ever the hell he wants without consequences?

Ahsoka: Woah, where is this coming from?

John: Sorry, it's just that the Council murders kids for showing any signs of Force potential here and over in your galaxy you Jedi can do what ever you want.

Ahsoka: Youre going to have to accept things sooner or later.

On the other side of the station. Consecutive explosions go off.

Anderson: How many of these bastards are there?

Anakin: Always to many, Il try to get to higher ground, cover me.

Anakin jumps to the uper part of the hallway, he flanks them from behind and cuts down theyre ranks while Anderson and Kahlee attack them in a frontal assault. All of the droids are destroyed.

Anakin: Well pant, that wasnt so hard. That should be the last droid squad, now all that's left is Ventress.

John, are you and Ahsoka at the shuttles?

The radio is being jammed, suddenly Anakin hears light sabers igniting, he sees Ventress trying to kill Anderson from behind, he pushes Anderson out of the way and begins dueling her.

Ventress: Skywalker? I should have known the Jedi would send theyre favourite pet on this mission. Where is the boy?

Anakin: Youll never get to him Ventress, and I will make sure you don't leave this station alive.

The 2 begin dueling, the 2 Alliance soldiers try to shoot her down but she cuts theyre pistols in half and then proceeds to stab Anderson through the shoulder and Kahlee through the leg.

Anakin: Leave them alone Ventress!

Ventress: Oh don't worry Skywalker, now its your turn.

Skywalker gets surrounded by 4 Magna Guards, he tries to fight them all at once, but they all keep electrocuting him, he tries to keep fighting but Ventress intervenes and cuts off his prosthetic arm. Soon the radio on his severed arm starts beeping and Ventress picks it up and listens in.

Ahsoka: Master we've reached the hangar, where are you?

Ventress: Your master has been defeated, and if you want to see him alive you will bring me the boy, you have 30 minutes and then I start having my fun.

John: We have to rescue them.

Ahsoka: What! Are you crazy, Ventress is stronger than us, she will capture you and kill them no mater what you say or do.

John: I know.

Ahsoka: You know and you're still going.

John: Yes.

Ahoka steps in and tell hims: I can't let you do that.

John: Trust me I have a plan...

On the other side of the station...

Ventress: Ah you've arrived and with plenty of time to spare, now come over here.

John: First you let the others go.

Ventress: As you wish, release them. John goes to Ventress.

Kahlee: Jonh, don't do it, its suicide.

John: I have a plan. Ventress grabs him and calls Grievous.

Ventress: General, I have captured the target and we are ready to leave the station.

Grievous: Excellent work assasin, Count Dooku will be pleased.

Ahsoka sneaks up behind Ventress and uses Johns device to broadcast the last conversation between Dooku and Grievous across the whole station. John, breaks Ventresses hold and kicks her out of the way.

Ventress: Ugh what treachery is this!

Grievous: How did they? You...you little bastard you knew!

John: I always have a plan, when we were sneaking through the ventilation system I took access through many of the stations controls, but I also picked up your conversation and saved it on a device, I also read up on your history Ventress, you're the type who completely lets her guard down once she accomplishes a mission so I knew you'd completely forget about Ahsoka.

Ventress: You little....

John: So whats it going to be Ventress, you can keep chasing me or you can get of this station and save yourself.

Ventress: ................... We will meet again.

John: Count on it.

Ventress uses one of the shuttles and escapes, Grievous orders that all weapons fire on the academy. Suddenly the whole station starts shaking.

Anderson: Ah, we have to get out of here.

The group splits into 2, Anderson and Kahlee board a shuttle and set course for Elysium, while John, Ahsoka and Anakin enter the other and set course for the Republic base on Naboo.

John: So this is the life of a Jedi....Is it always this exciting?

Ahsoka: Oh it gets better trust me.

Anakin: You two go get some rest, its been a long day and it's still a trip to Coruscant.

On the Seperatist ship..........


Grievous and Ventress: We are sorry master.

Dooku: No, no youre not, not yet, you will be sorry once im through with you.

Dooku closes communications and leaves a shocked Grievous and Ventress pondering about theyre future punishment.

The next story arc starts next issue so stay tuned!

Make sure to check out the previous issues if you havent been keeping track.