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The Detective Prince

Chapter 103

Trigger Man

The room continued to fill up, including that of two familiar faces. Professor Canoe and Anthony Hamilton had been called to the room as well, both following in the footsteps of Lonard who had returned back to the room upon being called.

"Looks like all guests to the list have arrived." Heiji said.

"Indeed they have," Officer Celek said. "I'm sure it won't be long before detective Galldon joins in to give us his word on things."

"I'm surprised they decided to bring Hamilton up here," Heiji said. "Makes you wonder who's covering things in the lobby."

"I'm sure they've got someone subbing in for him."

"I hadn't seen Mr. Canoe through the past hour," Heiji said. "Any idea to where he was during that time?"

"I was told he returned to the labs found in the lower levels of the facility," Officer Celek informed. "He's a rather self-centered guy."

"Doesn't surprise me," Heiji said. "The guy's really into his work, not much of a people's person in that regard."

"But then he really doesn't have to, given the outlook of his position," Officer Celek added. "Not exactly under the field of customer service."

"That's a fair way of putting it."

It was only a matter of seconds after that the two looked across to see Anthony Hamilton heading their way. His intent in doing so was anyone's guess.

"It seems most everyone is here," Anthony said after reaching them. "I was told the killer is to be revealed shortly from now, is that true?"

"That's what we've been lead to believe," Heiji said. "Who was the one to inform you of this information?"

"One of the security guards who had been standing watch near the entryway," Anthony replied. "After retrieving the professor from the basement they asked for me to come along as well."

"Why's that?"

"I was told anyone linked to what happened last night was to return to this office," Anthony answered. "Of course which referred to me being here at the estimated time Grahm Fournier was killed."

"That sheds some light."

"But I don't understand, I thought everyone was to come to this room," Anthony said. "Where is that kid?"

"Which kid?" Heiji questioned.

"The one who visited me just a few minutes ago."

"He's probably referring to that friend of yours," Officer Celek said. "Saw him asking around just a bit ago."

"Why are you concerned with his whereabouts is there something you needed from him?" Heiji asked out of curiosity.

"Yes, I was asked to deliver a message to him," Anthony replied. "It's not all that important, I'll let him know the next time I see him."

"Speaking of absence, where is Bernadea," Officer Celek questioned. "You'd have thought they'd have brought her up for these proceedings, being how close she is to this and all."

"I'm certain her father declined to that, which makes sense," Heiji said. "She's been through enough as it is."

"I think all parties involved have."

"If that friend of yours returns any time soon be sure to send him my way," Anthony said. "In the meantime I'm going to go and check in with Mr. Fournier to see if he has anything new concerning the situation."

"I'll let him know if that comes to pass."

"I appreciate that." Anthony said before heading back to the far left of the room where Lonard could be found.

"I guess I had better be on my way as well."

"Where to?" Heiji asked.

"They're getting ready to move Mr. Bennet's body from the elevator," Officer Celek replied. "From there it will be transported to the GCPD lab for further assessment."

"And you plan on going down to the station yourself?"

"No, I'm only going to help make sure the body is secured all the way to the truck that is scheduled to arrive in the next few minutes."


"Hold down the fort while I'm away," Officer Celek said making his way to the door. "I'll be back soon."

"I'll be sure to do that."

He watched him travel across the room all the way out the door. It wasn't longer that he turned at the sound of someone stepping up from his blind side.

"Drake," Heiji said. "Almost forgot you were there for a moment."

"You wait here, I won't be long."

"You too?"

"This is something of importance," Tim said making an exit from the room. "There's just something I need to make sure is seen through."

"Where are you going," Heiji asked. "To the surveillance room to find out what triggered Kudo's decision to leave?"

He received no answer to the question asked, feeling as if he was being blocked off to a certain degree once more.

"What's with those two," Heiji thought. "Neither has been very forthcoming with what's on their minds since the time they arrived at the scene."

He did his best to make sure none of this interfered with his thinking, knowing he would soon have to make a move when the time came. He looked to the door once more in wait.

"Looks like we're on the brink of this little show getting started, the only thing missing is detective Galldon himself."

He continued to keep an eye on the doorway. The wait paved on for minutes to come. During this time someone seeked him out, something that was unaware to him. The sound of a deep grunt sparked his attention. He turned to find an unpleasant look in his eyes, already having an idea of where this would be going.

"How may I help you, Professor Canoe?"

"What in the hell is the hold up, haven't we stood around for long enough" Edward spat. "If you haven't been informed, I have an important schedule to keep."

"What are you talking about?"

"Us waiting around for this big reveal of yours," Edward replied. "If you truly know who killed the employees of this facility than why not just say so, what's the purpose in having an audience?"

"Then you've mistaken, I'm not the one who called for everyone's attendance to this room," Heiji said in response. "This is actually the doing of detective Galldon."

"Ok then, where is he?" Edward huffed becoming more impatient.

"He has yet to arrive to the room."

"Well that just makes perfect sense now doesn't it, have a gathering without actually showing up," Edward said as he turned in disgust. "Those analyses won't get done on their own."

"Wait, why did you think I was the one to set this all up?"

He received nothing from him in return, only hearing the sounds of the professor bickering under his breath as he made his way back to the other side of the room.

"And the trend continues."

He looked back to the door once more, just in time to see detective Galldon walk in past the door with an unfamiliar man at his side. His eyes were fully covered by a pair of shades. He found this to be out of place, being the fact that they were inside where the sun was little of a problem.

"Who is this guy?"

This ran through his mind as he watched the unnamed man and detective Galldon begin to exchange words on a matter unknown to him. There discreet conversation didn't last long. Galldon took to the center of the room soon after, looking to those who surrounded him on all sides.

"I appreciate everyone's patience, I am now glad to inform you all that the wait is now over."

"Bout time." Edward muttered.

"As of by now I'm sure you all know why you've been summoned to this room," Detective Galldon began. "The case of a double murder."

He stopped in mid thought, looking to the left side of the room.

"The time has now come to reveal the trials that unfolded over the course of last night." Detective Galldon said then turning to the right. "Let us not jump to the conclusion, but bear with me as we begin from the start."

He didn't stop in his movement, now pacing from one side of the room to the next as he continued on.

"Why from the beginning of yesterday," Anthony questioned. "Is there some relevance to that?"

"Correction, the beginning of last night," Detective Galldon said looking directly to him. "Starting from the time of ten after seven... the time that you, Mr. Canoe clocked in for your shift."

"How did you know that?" Edward asked.

"I was given a copy of the login sheet," Detective Galldon replied. "I know the time of everyone's arrival as well as all departure."

He began walking once more, looking to another side of the room as he did.

"There were only a small handful of employees here in the building when the estimation of both deaths occurred," Detective Galldon said. "That doesn't include the security guards who were standing watch on the outside."

He stood in assessment, still holding out for a key point to be made on why he had orchestrated this meet.

"The first body discovered last night was that of Grahm Fournier," Detective Galldon continued. "The possibilities of who could have wanted him dead vary, then there's the mystery surrounding the second murder."

He peered into yet another direction in the room as he continued to move.

"That of course would be the death of Nathan Bennet, another well known and respected man of this company," Detective Galldon said with the shift of his head. "There's a margin of time between the estimated deaths, around two hours to be precise."

"Where are you going with this," Carol asked. "I don't see the use in nitpicking at what everyone already knows."

"She's right," Anthony agreed. "Do you know who committed these murders or not?"

"Patience," Detective Galldon responded. "Once I'm finished there will be no doubt in anyone's mind who set this into play."

Ready to hear what he had to say they fell silent once more.

"Let us revisit the circumstances of the form the room was said to have been in when Ms. Fournier had first discovered Grahm's body," Detective Galldon said as he began walking once more. "Cold.. she described the room as being cold, there's one clear thing to be taken from this fine detail."

The next words that fell from his mouth seemed to drift right past. It had taken seconds for him to finally notice, not only was he giving a rundown of the already known facts, but also had a very distinct eye on everyone listening in on what he had to say. Having an idea on what was going on he then looked to the man in shades, coming to find he too was skimming through the crowd as Galldon continued to speak.

"Now I see what this is all about, he doesn't actually know who committed the murders," Heiji thought. "Not to the point of it being conclusive, this seems to only be a means of getting whoever he is suspecting to jump at something he plans to do or say."

His belief was only heightened as he continued to watch detective Galldon in the way he talked, coupled in with his ever so shifting posture from second to the next.

"Now with that said, I think we can all agree on one simple thing," Detective Galldon continued. "The fact that the glass wall aligned with the door leading into this room was open at some point last night, most likely opened shortly before the first murder was committed."

"Not just around when the deaths occurred, but over a period of the night," Heiji thought. "That's the only way Bernadea would have felt the affects of the elements from the outside after hours had already passed."

Finding out what they really hoped to accomplish was only the first step. He had yet to figure out who Galldon in fact believed to be the one to commit the crime. He followed his eyes with his own, occasionally scouring over the crowd himself. Minutes rolled on as he continued his speech.

"Let us zoom in on one key point, a fact that could have led to the second murder," Detective Galldon said. "I believe the shooter was on the outside of the facility when they fired their weapon."

"Are you saying someone not in this room could have done this?" Anthony asked.

"A possibility, but wouldn't quite add up with my next point to make," Detective Galldon said. "I believe Mr. Bennet witnessed who committed the crime while out on the premises, after seeing this he followed the culprit in."

"An interesting analogy," Edward commented. "But wouldn't the security cameras have shown Bennet following someone in, from what I heard the guy came in alone."

"I haven't gotten to that part, never you worry professor," Detective Galldon assured. "All will be explained soon enough."

He took this very moment to skim over everyone once more, finding that all were more attentive than ever before. There was no one who stood out from their perception from what was being said.

"If the person who truly committed the murders is amongst us they're doing a very good job at shielding their emotions from Galldon's breakdown he has resulted to." Heiji thought to himself.

He continued his path throughout the room, now setting his eyes to employees who hadn't even been working at the estimated time the deaths were set to have occurred.

"After entering the building we can only assume that Mr. Bennet took his progressions further by following in the steps of the shooter, this could have only amounted to one thing in the end," Detective Galldon said. "Confrontation, one which ultimately ended in more blood spill."

"I'm still waiting for the part where you explain to us all how none of this was caught on tape." Edward stated.

"That very reason ties into who the culprit is."

"It does?"

"The reason why none of what occurred over the course of the night wasn't caught on surveillance was because of one simple fact, it was erased," Detective Galldon revealed. "Erased by someone who works in the security department."

"Cyless," Anthony questioned. "Are you saying he was the one to delete all footage?"

"That is correct."

"Hold on, there's just one thing lingering with your claim there pal," Carol quickly pointed out. "The log in screen showed that Cyless didn't come in till this morning, he may work in security but not even he has the power to get rid of login records on his own."

"Maybe not Cyless, but most certainly the one to pull the strings," Detective Galldon said turning to face him. "Fournier Lonard, you of all people in this room have the power to alter anything that is set in the files."

"That's absurd," Lonard exclaimed in response to this. "Are you claiming I had something to do with this?"

He could only grin at this, twirling his hat with much confidence.

"Glad to see you're following along sir."

"You're crazy!"

"Wouldn't be the first time I've been called that," Detective Galldon admitted. "But hey, I've received worse."

"All I've heard is well put together accusations," Lonard stated. "Where is the proof that any of what you say is true?"

"He doesn't have any," Heiji said stepping forward. "Do you, detective?"

"I didn't ask for your interference dt." Detective Galldon said.

"You made some relatively good points, but with each I found to be flaws," Heiji said. "Like the window per say, you never did go into detail why it might have been open."

"I think that's pretty self-explanatory, the air conditioning had gone out," Detective Galldon reminded. "Something I believe Lonard intentionally had done."

"Neither him nor Cyless have the record that states they could have made a subtle change to the conditioning system that left it nonfunctional," Heiji stated. "The only one with that in there resume would have been Grahm, and he's dead."

".. You're right."

"Then if you knew this, then why make the allegations?" Anthony asked.

He slowly turned to face him, lifting his head as he did.

"This is a conspiracy, just one big conspiracy."

"That's one statement I'd have to agree with."

Everyone turned at the sound of his voice, looking to see him standing in the doorway.


"Who are you," Detective Galldon said stepping forward. "Identify yourself."

"Don't worry," Shinichi said walking in past him. "This won't take long."

He was a bit taken back by this, surprised he had broken their agreement that he would stay to the side on this one. That wasn't the only thing that came to mind.

"What could he possibly be up to," Heiji thought. "Has he gathered additional information to what happened?"

He stopped after reaching the center of the room, removing his hands from his jacket after accomplishing this.

"I have failed to hear an answer to my question." Detective Galldon remarked.

"Enough time has been spent on analysis," Shinichi said. "What do you say we dive into the brink of things?"

"Who are you?"

"Nogort," Shinichi finally replied. "My names not important at this time, we have a matter to get situated."

"Nogort.. can't say I've heard of you before, which department are you from?"

"You're one for questions aren't you," Shinichi said in response. "But before we swing down that road, why don't we go over why your run down concerning this matter is completely off key."

"Have anything better?"


"Alright then," Detective Galldon said having a step back. "Let's hear it, Nogort."

"Let's start with the glass door, which we're all pretty sure was open at some point," Shinichi began. "You claimed Lonard made it to where the machinery was nonfunctional, correct?"

"That's right."

"He nor Cyless have the proper skill set to have pulled that off without making a noticeable mistake, one which would have been easily noted."

"Are we at least in agreement the conditioning system was tampered with at some point?"

"No doubt in my mind."

"Ok, then who do you propose was the one to have put the machine out of commission?"

"We'll leave that one to the back burner for now," Shinichi said. "Let's focus squarely on what killed Mr. Fournier."

"We already know that," Detective Galldon said. "He was shot from long range, I was just informed before I came in that the bullet found in his skull was that of an M855."

"Which you would associate with a rifle."

"You seem to know a lot about this," Detective Galldon commented. "Would you happen to know where this rifle is too?"


"If that is true, wouldn't you also know who was the one to have shot Grahm Fournier?" Carol asked.

"I was just getting to that very point," Shinichi replied. "But before we get to that, why don't we examine the chain linking the two murders together."

"I already went over that." Detective Galldon reminded.

"But not all of what you said falls into place, think about it," Shinichi said with a pause. "If Bennet saw the sniper take the shot why not confront them right away, why wait until after entering the building?"

"He's right," Anthony said in agreement. "You didn't explain why he used the side entrance instead of the front either."

"Because the culprit was armed, he didn't want to take the chance." Detective Galldon explained.

"If that were the case he could have told someone inside the building about the situation, or informed the police for that matter," Shinichi continued. "It wouldn't have made sense for him to follow someone who was armed while alone, especially when there were safer options."


"There's one important detail I believe you overlooked as well, time," Shinichi said. "There's about a two hour gap in between the times of deaths, if Bennet saw the shooter head back into the building why an additional two hours to confront the culprit?"

"To look into what they were to do next," Detective Galldon replied. "That seems logical enough."

"Two hours is pushing it," Shinichi said. "I'm sure if anyone had the intent on acting on the matter they'd have made a move before then."

"What are you implying?"

"There are a few things about Mr. Bennet that I'm sure you're unaware of."


"Go on Mr. Fournier," Shinichi said. "Why don't you let everyone in on one of Bennet's less known interests."

"Less known interest," Detective Galldon questioned. "What is this he speaks of?"

"I too am unsure of what he speaks of."

"Shooting." Shinichi said.

"That's right," Lonard remembered. "He spent a lot of time at a shooting range on his free time."

"Wait," Detective Galldon exclaimed. "You're not saying."

"That's right," Shinichi said. "The one to have killed Grahm was none other than Nathan Bennet."

"There's no way!" Lonard shouted in response to this.

"That's a serious accusation you've presented," Carol said. "What is your evidence to back this claim?"

Before he had the chance to respond all attention was reverted back to the door with the return of officer Celek.

"Hattori, I looked into those surveillance videos as you asked," Officer Celek said looking his way. "I also looked into your second request, the one to orchestrate last night's fireworks was Grahm Fournier, which had been planned for over two weeks."

"Requests," Heiji thought in confusion. "I never asked for any of that."

"What surveillance footage," Detective Galldon asked. "What exactly did he have you looking into?"

"The security camera's that can be found at Mount Zomoph, a theme park a little over a mile from here," Officer Celek replied. "He had me follow every move Nathan Bennet made while there."

"Is it true he was with Bernadea?" Anthony asked.

"Yes," Officer Celek confirmed. "They were together all the way up until fifteen after twelve this morning before deciding to leave the park."

"So you checked in on all movements that he made," Detective Galldon said with a clear understanding. "Was there something in particular you were hoping to see?"

"Not do, but rather to see what he had on him."

"What do you mean by that?" Carol asked.

"There was something he carried that hung from his shoulder throughout the day," Officer Celek informed. "We couldn't quite figure out what it was, but we do have an idea."

"Would the item in question happen to be a rifle?"

"They're looking into that as we speak," Officer Celek replied. "We've already sent out a group to search his home and car."

"But if this item you speak of had been a rifle wouldn't you have known almost instantly?"

"Not necessarily," Officer Celek replied. "Whatever it was, was in a bag that was strapped around his shoulder."

"And this remained in place for the full day?"


"Hmm, that might explain the minor bruise found on his shoulder," Detective Galldon said. "But there is still one detail that concerns me, if Bennet has been dead this whole time how was it Bernadea spoke with him in the last hour?"

"That can be explained." Shinichi said stepping forward.

"I can't wait to hear this."

"Let's take a step back why don't we," Shinichi said. "Starting with that air conditioner."

"I hardly see how this relates to the phone call just referenced."

"You will in time," Shinichi assured. "Like we've gone over, someone intentionally rigged the air conditioner to where it was unusable."

"Who do you believe did this?"

"The same person to have killed and impersonate Nathan Bennet."

"Say what?" Anthony questioned.

"Nothing but a deceptive act the culprit put on to throw us off their trail."

"You really think we're being deceived?" Officer Celek questioned.

"Not a possibility, but a fact," Shinichi said glancing back at him. "And the culprit stands here among us."

"And who might that be?"

Before he was given the chance to speak the ring of a phone could be heard.

"One moment," Officer Celek said. "It's mine."

He took a few seconds to take the call, receiving information he had hoped to hear. He lowered the phone back to his side after hanging up.

"It's just as you said kid," Officer Celek said. "They found it where you said it'd be."

"Found what," Carol questioned. "The weapon?"

"We'll get to that soon enough," Shinichi said in response. "But first, I think now would be a good time for the culprit to come forward."

This struck the room to silence, all looking to those who stood around them to see if someone was to in fact step forward. Expectantly enough this did not come to pass.

"I'm sick of the twists and turns," Edward snapped. "Tell us who it is already."

"I'm with him," Anthony admitted. "The sooner we get this over with the better."

"Tell me, Fournier," Shinichi said facing him. "Are you allergic to anything?"

"..Not that I'm aware of," Lonard said giving it a seconds thought. "Why do you ask?"

"So you're not allergic to sprays of any kind?"

"No," Lonard replied. "What brought you to assume this?"

"Well that's strange, because that's not what I was told."

"Where are you going with this," Carol asked. "I see no true meaning to the question you have posed."

"It's very alright Ms. Flowers, I'd like to hear what he has to say," Lonard said before turning back to face him. "Please continue."

"I'm sure you recall your first meeting with Bruce of Wayne Enterprises."

"Yes of course, that was merely a week ago," Lonard replied. "He had that boy with him."

"Good to know you remember."

"What of my meeting with Wayne, is it something we discussed that concerns you?"

"Not exactly," Shinichi replied. "But I was told of your reaction to something, something your brother did."

"Which was?"

"He used air freshener while in his office, I was told when you walked in you were affected by this," Shinichi informed. "Even went as far to let him know you were allergic to it."

"Who told you that?"

"That boy, Conan," Shinichi replied. "He told me about that the last we spoke."

"You know him?"

"A family relative if you will."

"I can see the resemblance," Lonard said. "But you should know as well as I do, children can make wonders of stories."

"That is very true."

He stayed still in his stance, uncertain where he was going with his progressions.

"His whole approach has completely gone off track," Heiji thought. "Does he truly know who the killer is or not?"

"Mr. Hamilton, could you tell me a distinguishing feature about Grahm Fournier?" Shinichi asked facing him.

"Distinguishing feature?"

"Yes," Shinichi replied. "Preferably one you wouldn't associate with his brother."

"There's not much different about them besides the fields they work in," Anthony replied. "The only thing I can think of is that Grahm was left handed."

"Which means you must be right handed," Shinichi said looking his way. "Is that accurate?"

"Yes, that is true," Lonard confirmed. "Is there some relevance to these questions you have asked?"

"Is that so, because if I can recall you engaged me with your left hand when we first met."

"What are you talking about?"

"I was told of this difference between you and your brother."

"Let me guess, from that same boy?"

"We don't have to stop there," Shinichi said. "Officer, now would be the time to deliver that information."

"Yes of course."

"What information?" Lonard asked.

"We searched your car," Officer Celek replied. "What we found in your trunk was that same bag seen strapped around Bennet's shoulder in the security footage."

"Tell everyone what was inside when opened." Shinichi said.

"A sniper rifle with ammunition," Officer Celek informed. "Possibly the weapon used to kill Grahm."

"That's where you're wrong officer."

"What do you mean?"

"Think about it," Shinichi said. "The supposed call Bernadea received from Bennet, the questionable surveillance footage, the air conditioner.. it all can all amount to only one thing."

"You can't possibly mean?"

"Undisputedly," Shinichi pointed. "The killer of Nathan Bennet is none other than Mr. Fournier."

"They already went over why it can't possibly be him." Edward stated.

"Yes, in the case of it being Lonard," Shinichi said. "We were all deceived, this man isn't Lonard, but rather.. his twin brother, isn't that right Mr. Grahm?"

"You're insane."

"Not only do they have you for conspiracy and murder, but now for criminal impersonation as well."

"Fournier is this true?" Anthony questioned.

He gained nothing from him in response.

"You clearly being left handed made it a done deal, I knew from the moment we shook hands," Shinichi said. "The axe embedded into Bennet's skull was on the right side."

"What of it?" Detective Galldon questioned.

"Simple, a right handed person would have taken a swing to the left side of his skull," Shinichi replied. "It's all about control and power."

"I get it," Detective Galldon said catching on. "It's almost like using a baseball bat, being right or left handed makes a clear difference on which way you will choose to swing."

"Clever deduction if I must say." Officer Celek added.

"That would also explain the air conditioner," Heiji said. "Grahm has the background that would imply his capability."

"Not to mention erasing any necessary security footage, but he got sloppy," Shinichi said. "He forgot to remove the footage showing Bennet's arrival after parting ways with Bernadea."

"In the light of all of this, if Nathan was to truly the one to have shot Lonard then when did he do it," Carol asked. "Like it's been reported, he was with Ms. Fournier."

"The ferris wheel, if you take a close look you can see it from here," Shinichi pointed. "It's completely aligned with where the bullet's trail would have gone if he had fired the rifle while at 90 degrees, which would have been at the highest point on their rotation."

"But wouldn't Ms. Fournier have seen if that were to have taken place?"

"Not if she were focused on the fireworks that were said to have been taking place at that time," Officer Celek said adding in his input. "Nathan wouldn't have needed to remove the bag completely, just enough to where the trigger could be pulled."

"We're here at Nano High, which is south of Mount Zomoph," Shinichi said. "We were told the fireworks were released from the north side, which would have easily kept Ms. Fournier interest while he took aim."

"That's all well and said," Anthony stated. "But wouldn't she have heard if a shot was fired, I doubt it would have blended in with the fireworks while next to him."

"Maybe not completely," Shinichi said. "But the ear muffs given to them might have distilled the noise just enough, the same ear muffs Grahm made sure everyone received who was at the park."

"Are you saying Bennet and Grahm conspired together?"

"Yes, though Grahm wasn't the one to have shot his brother I do believe he was the one to orchestrate it all," Shinichi said. "The master mind to ignite the planned attack, the trigger man in other words."

"Maybe so, but that still doesn't explain the call Ms. Fournier claimed she received from Bennet." Anthony said.

"I already checked into that when I visited the security room, I got a view of some revealing footage," Shinichi replied. "It would appear that after Grahm found out about Bernadea's concern regarding Bennet he left the room and called her, posing as Nathan from the other line."

"If that were true, wouldn't she have noticed," Anthony questioned. "It's not like they sound the same."

"You'd think, but Grahm is a specialist in acting," Shinichi informed before looking his way. "Aren't you?"

He still had nothing to say.

"If what you say is true, then we should find Mr. Bennet's phone in his possession." Detective Galldon said stepping toward him.

He did just that, reaching into his jacket only to pull out one phone. He then checked his pants, not surprised when he grabbed hold of another.

"Looks like we have a winner, I'm betting one of these phones belongs to Nathan Bennet," Detective Galldon said. "Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

He simply smiled, gazing into his eyes with his own.

"You want answers, talk to my lawyer." Grahm finally spoke.

"Through the lies, games, and disguises you hid yourself beneath one thing stood towered above all the deception you put on display, truth," Shinichi said. "And that prevailed today."

"Alright, I've heard enough," Officer Celek said. "Let's get him down to the station."

"Grahm.. why?" Anthony asked.

He remained mute on the matter. Two unnamed police officials approached him, pinning his hands together from behind.

"You've made a mistake boy, I will get out." Grahm said as the cold metal of the cuffs snapped into place.

"There's still one thing I don't quite understand," Shinichi said. "When Bennet entered this building using a card it registered with your name, why is that?"

"And here I thought you were psychic."

"Not psychic," Shinichi said with the shake of his head. "Just a kid who's always paying attention to detail."

"Alright, get moving." One of the officers instructed.

He stood in watch as they moved on, feeling a comforting hand touch down to his shoulder.

"Impressive," Officer Celek commented. "That's defiantly one for the books."

He then took off, following the others. They read him his rights on his way out, most everyone looking on in shock as this took place. Though the task had been completed, there was a taste of dissatisfaction. It wasn't long after that he turned at the sound of him joining his side.

"You were relatively quiet on the matter, I'm surprised."

"Thought I'd let you handle it this time around," Heiji said in response to this. "Good job by the way."

"You too, wouldn't have been as simple if you hadn't had that officer to look into that stuff," Shinichi commented. "Fortunately I ran into him on my way back in."

"Hold on, you weren't the one to have told him to look into those surveillance tapes?"

"Of course not," Shinichi said. "I was in the security room with Cyless for a margin of time, are you saying it wasn't you who went to him?"

"No, it wasn't," Heiji replied. "I was confused by his claim when announced."

"If not you, then who?"

To Be Continued

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The Detective Prince

Chapter 104

A Strand of Reveals

That very question remained on their minds. It was at this time that those occupying the room gradually began to walk out of the room. They patiently waited as this process began, seeing no rush in following right away.

"The discrepancy has come to pass, think they'll allow us to use our phones now?"

"Good question, but I'd wait until we've exited the building just to be safe," Shinichi replied. "Why, did you need to call someone?"

"A couple things I need to check in on."

"Before you do that do you mind answering something, I'm curious."

"About what?" Heiji asked.

"You didn't seem too sure of my analysis just a short time ago," Shinichi began. "Did you believe the killer to be someone else?"

"All my findings lead me back to Lonard," Heiji replied. "It wasn't just the things I came across, but the way he spoke when we talked."

"What do you mean?"

"For instance, when informing him of the body found on the elevator," Heiji stated. "His initial response was how long the victim had been dead, when I had yet to release that was the case."

"I had a similar run in with Hamilton when I returned to the lobby."

"How did that go?"

"He took the news differently," Shinichi replied. "His first question to me was if the person found was found was alright, that's when I had a good idea he was no way involved."

"The subtle points always prove key."

"Something I think we can all agree on."

"The room is nearly cleared out," Heiji said taking a look to the other side. "It would appear our work here is done."

"Right after you."

The two made a move for the door from there, following behind a small number of people who had yet to leave. Once out the two turned for the left, coming to find him leaning to the wall in wait. He looked up at the both of them, giving them two congratulating claps before standing up straight in his stance.

"Excellent work." Tim complimented.

"You were watching?" Heiji asked.

"Heard every last detail."

"Now I see, it was you," Heiji said coming to a realization. "You were the one to go to officer Celek about those favors, but why tell him it was me who asked for those details to be looked into?"

"Because I'm not a publicly qualified detective, I thought he would take the request more seriously if it had come from you."

"I see."

"In the end it all paid off, there's nothing more I could have asked for."

"Why didn't you tell me first," Heiji asked. "That would have at least erased my confusion from when he came to me about the request I had given."

"I was still going through everything in my mind when I left the room," Tim replied. "It wasn't until after Nathan Bennet's body was removed from the elevator that I got the chance to talk with him."

"What made you want to look into those surveillance tapes anyway?" Heiji asked.

"That black bag that he wore," Tim replied. "I wanted to know if he had removed what was inside over the course of the day."

"Wait, are you telling me you knew about the bag beforehand?"

"Yes, we came across him and Bernadea at Mount Zomoph," Tim confirmed. "That's when we came across the mysterious bag being carried on his shoulder."

"By we, you mean you and Kudo?"

"That's right," Shinichi spoke. "We crossed paths with the two while on our pursuit of that man who set explosion to that bathroom."

"What made you become suspicious of that bag in the first place?"

"He seemed bent out on letting no one know of the contents inside," Tim replied. "And when asked he claimed it was some kind of surprise."

"He didn't even tell his fiancé," Shinichi added. "She was as clueless as we were on the matter."

"And in the wake of all that happened I thought it'd be a good idea if someone looked into it."

"Now I see," Heiji said. "And am I assume that you both had prior knowledge of his shooting range habits?"

"Yes, that was something that Bernadea mentioned on my first encounter with them." Shinichi confirmed.

"That would explain the comfort level you showcased when handling the case, though it would have helped if you had clued me in on this information," Heiji said. "On the flipped side of things what happened to the part about staying low key, are you trying to gain an audience?"

"I didn't exactly see any camera's rolling, so I'd say there's room for sliding."

"Strange way of putting," Heiji said. "I think now would be a good time for us to leave if you plan on having that idea become successful."

"There's got to be another way out, I have no interest in facing the media waiting outside of this place."

"There's a back door we can take," Tim informed. "But first we'll need to return to the lobby."

"Think there might be a group sitting around back as well?" Heiji asked.

"Wouldn't doubt it, but there really is only one way of finding out," Tim replied. "Come on, we've spent enough time here as it is."

"I can agree to that," Heiji said. "Think the elevators will be clear for us to use?"

"I'd assume, as long as we don't use the first one on the left." Shinichi said in response.

With that in mind the three resulted to making their way down the hall. It was just as they had been anticipating, looking to the left wall to see the elevator blocked off by two police officers. They turned for the right just in time to see four people exit out of the elevator. They took this opportunity to walk in, pressing down to the button which would take them back to the lobby.

"Let's just get one thing straight," Heiji said falling back to the wall. "Regardless of the lack of information I had on their backgrounds, I too was close to figuring that Grahm was in fact sitting in as his brother."

"Sure you were." Shinichi smilingly said.

"What are you implying," Heiji questioned. "That you were the only one closing in on Fournier's little show he was putting on?"

"I never said I was the only one to know, I'm not even certain if I was the first to figure." Shinichi admitted.

"What do you mean, who else knew besides you?"

"Why don't you ask him yourself?"

He immediately spun around to face him.

"Drake is that true," Heiji asked. "Did you truly know that was in fact Grahm?"

"Not initially, but I did have my doubts." Tim replied.

"What do you mean?"

"When we were first approached by him after arriving, he gave me that folder to hand over to Bruce."

"What of it?"

"I found that to be odd."

"Why's that?"

"If you've followed his track record Lonard is a man of direct business, if he has something to go over he'll see to it in person," Tim replied. "Not hand it over to a second source to deliver to the main handler, which in this case would be Bruce."

"How many times have the two of them met?"

"On two separate occasions," Tim replied. "One which included their first meet at Nano High."

"At what point did you realize that he knew?" Heiji asked turning back to the other side.

"It was when he made that comment when we were all standing in his office," Shinichi replied. ".. 'A mirror sided performance', I knew then that he was aware of the show Grahm was putting on."

"I see," Heiji said turning to him once more. "That would also explain the conversation you had with Ms. Flower's, you were checking to see if she was in the running for being the one to have used that axe in the killing of Nathan Bennet."

"Spot on," Tim replied. "I would have told you about my suspicions earlier, but I wanted to be sure."

"I guess the only question that remains is what opted for both Grahm and Bennet to orchestrate what conspired between last night and this morning." Shinichi said as the elevator finally came to a stop.

The three walked out, stopping soon after.

"Where is that back door you mentioned to us?" Heiji asked.

"On the right." Tim pointed.

Before they could make a move into that direction they were quickly joined by Celek and two other police officers who had found their way over from the main lobby.

"Glad to see you all made it down in one piece," Officer Celek said. "Are you ready to leave the building?"

"You bet, but we plan on taking the back exit," Heiji informed. "You know, to avoid all the press waiting on the other side of that door."

"But what about your statements," Officer Celek questioned. "They're setting up the podium now, I'm sure everyone is anxious to hear what you and your friend have to say regarding the situation."

"Concerning my part on the matter, I'd be grateful if you would keep my involvement a secret," Shinichi said. "All credit and any possible questions can be forwarded to Hattori here, I'm positive he'll have the answers to what the people want to know."

"Why come to such a decision?"

"Reasons which I don't have time to discuss now," Shinichi replied. "But rest assured Hattori can handle all proceedings from here."

"If that's what you wish, we'll see to it."

"Thank you."

"Alright," Officer Celek said. "I'll let the headman know of the situation."

"I appreciate that."

"So," Officer Celek said turning his attention toward him. "Are you ready to give your statement?"

"I'm going to have to hold off on that, we're kind of in a bit of a hurry," Heiji replied. "There's something I need to do first."

"When do you propose you'll get the chance to give your public statement on the matter?"

"Sometime today," Heiji replied. "I'll report to the station when a convenient time arises."

"Roger that," Officer Celek said. "I'll go ahead and let them know."

"Not that there's any real meaning to it, but will you be at the station later?"

"I suppose so," Officer Celek replied. "With a big case like this I'm sure there will be plenty of papers to file; I also have another open case I've been handling."

"Then I'll see you then."

"I look forward to it."

He turned back for the other side from where they had come, both officers following as they headed back to the lobby.

"That turned out well," Shinichi said. "Think they'll actually keep my name out of the discussion?"

"I think they will," Tim replied. "But if they do by some chance don't let's remember they only know you as Nogort, not by your actual name."

"That's right."

"Speaking of Nogort, I couldn't quite figure out why you chose that name at first," Tim said. "Now that I have, I kind of like the spin you put on it."

"It was the first things to come to mind in the heat of the moment," Shinichi said. "Not something I had thought through beforehand, something I probably should have."

"We'll worry about codes and names later," Tim said beginning to walk once more. "We need to return to the Manor, it would seem something urgent has come up."

"Are you referring to the call you missed while the investigation was underway?"

"Correction, calls," Tim said in response. "I received multiple calls from both Bruce and Dick."

"Why didn't you answer before we were informed not to use phones?" Heiji asked.

"It was set on silent, so I was unaware at the time."

"So what's the plan, catch a taxi?"

"That's the quickest option."

"I'll take that as a yes."

They walked clear to the right end of the hall, coming to a stop upon reaching a door with an exit sign above it. The two braced themselves as they watched him turn the knob, unsure of what there would to come on the other side. The door was opened with one quick motion, revealing nothing but a roadway with cars passing by, coupled in with smaller structures across the way.

"Looks like we're clear." Tim said being the first to step out.

They followed right behind; making sure the door was securely shut in the process.

"Glad that one's locked into the books." Heiji commented.

"Not bad for your first official case here," Tim said. "I'd count your first night while at the City Hall, but you weren't exactly locked in as a part of the system if you know what I mean."

"I can't take all the credit, we all played a hand in this one," Heiji said. "But I am curious about the name."

"The name?"

"The name Kudo chose to use," Heiji said facing him. "Nogort."

"What about it?"

"There are several names you could have chosen," Heiji said. "Why go with one so out of the left field?"

"You really haven't figured it out have you?"

It was at that moment that a loud honk could be heard from across the way, causing all three to look to the street to see a car come to a stop in its path.

"That car," Heiji said slightly recognizing it. "Isn't that Grayson's?"

"No doubt about it," Tim said. "It appears we won't need a taxi after all."

"But how did he know we were here," Heiji questioned. "Didn't you miss his calls?"

"Bruce sent me here on his behalf to look into the situation," Tim replied. "He must have been the one to inform Dick of our whereabouts."

"I thought that much," Shinichi said looking both ways before stepping out onto the road. "We're good to go."

With that the three made their way to the other side in a timely fashion, arriving a few yards away from where the car could be seen sitting in place. The door to the driver side slid open as they continued their approach, all three watching as he stepped out of the car onto the sidewalk. In the motion of making a move toward the three he stopped, unfamiliar with the person walking at the front of the group.

"You're both here," Dick said. "What happened in there?"

"A lot would be putting it lightly," Heiji replied. "But we'll keep it at that for now."

"And what of Lonard Fournier," Dick asked. "Were you able to determine who shot and killed him?"

"Long story."

"We've got plenty of time, you can give me the details on the ride back," Dick said before looking to the right. "Who's this with you?"

"I guess this is the part that requires some explaining." Heiji said.

"It's me," Shinichi said as informative as possible. "Conan."

"You're not serious, are you?"

He looked him straight in the eyes, standing there for several seconds to pass as flashes of a memorable resemblance fell into place. He took a small step back in a slight realization.

"There is something there, but how," Dick questioned before turning to his side. "What happened to him?"

"We don't know," Tim replied. "When I returned back to the house he was like that, I have yet to determine what caused his sudden shift."

"We might not, but it seems Bruce is onto something," Dick informed. "That's why he sent me in search of you."

"Where is he now?"

"Back at the Manor setting up."

"Setting up what?" Heiji asked.

"It has something to do with the blood extracted from Conan," Dick replied. "I'd say he's figured out what had been causing Conan's untimely blackouts over the past week."

"No doubt it's linked to his transformation," Tim said. "Between the two of you I received seven calls, I was under the impression you might have had something additional to tell me."

"No, that's pretty much it," Dick said before shifting his head once more. "So tell me, how do you feel?"

"Fine, the best I've felt over the course of the week." Shinichi replied.

"No increase in temperature, radical breathing, or headache even?"

"I've been fine since it happened," Shinichi said in response. "I haven't felt any of those symptoms mentioned or anything else for that matter."

"That's rather surprising given the circumstances," Dick said. "We'll save further questions for later."

"Agreed," Tim said. "If the urgency is high as you say, we better get back and have a look at these results that have been collected."

"That's something we can all agree on." Heiji said.

"Alright, what do you say we get this show on the road?" Dick said turning back for the car.

"I'm right with you." Heiji said being the first to follow.

After piling into the car and strapping in he turned the key in the ignition, starting up the car while resting back to the seat.

"Now, about what happened in Nano High," Dick said. "Try not to leave out any details."

"I have a question for you first." Tim said from the passenger seat.

"What is it?"

"You knew we were here, but how did you know we'd leave from the back exit," Tim asked. "Not to mention the almost coincidental timing."

"With the large crowd occupying the front side, I was certain you wouldn't come out through there," Dick replied. "The timing just happened to work out in our favor."

"How long were you waiting before driving around to meet us?"

"In under a minute," Dick replied. "Why do you ask?"

"Never mind… it's probably nothing."

He set his sights back to the road before finding his way back into the lane.

"Ok, now let's hear it."

Several minutes passed as they found themselves driving through heavy traffic, something which was expected given the time of day. Things smoothened up the further north they went, losing sight of almost all traffic after crossing the bridge. An hour was fast approaching from the time they had begun their drive, looking ahead after passing the hill to see the mansion in the clear.

"That didn't take long, not long at all," Heiji said checking his watch. "We're about twenty minutes ahead of schedule."

"You've actually been keeping count?" Tim asked glimpsing back at him.

"With the amount of times I've driven from the city here and back you have to do something to keep your mind occupied."

"And here I thought your cases were on your mind twenty four seven."

"Hey, did Bruce tell you what these tests determined concerning my health," Shinichi asked. "You know, the one he just finished with?"

"I wasn't told exactly what was found, the only thing to gain was from his tone," Dick replied. "He was pretty tense when delivering the news, there's a lot you can take away from that."

"Looks like you'll have to receive the diagnosis directly from him." Tim said.

"How are you feeling now as opposed to forty five minutes ago?" Dick asked in concern.

"No noticeable complications," Shinichi replied. "I feel about the same as I did when you first arrived."

"That's a positive; let's hope it stays that way."

They continued down the clear path, arriving to the front of the gate which slid off to the side upon their arrival.

"Good, they know we're here."

He accepted the invite in, finding a parking spot off to the side before bringing the car to a stop. They got out of the car shortly after, closing the doors in the process.

"Now comes the moment of truth." Shinichi spoke to himself as they marched forward.

They arrived to the bottom of the outside stairs soon after, pleased to see the front door swing open about halfway up.

"Glad to see you have all made it here in one piece," Alfred greeted taking only moments to notice him. "Who is this with you?"

"That's a long story in itself," Dick replied. "But putting it in the shortest way possible, this is none other than our little friend Conan."

"I beg your pardon?"

"The drug circulating in his body must have reacted to something," Tim informed. "Something which in the heart of the moment rapidly returned his body to normal standards."

"Thus reconfiguring his appearance and figure," Dick finished. "What caused this is still unknown."

He became silent for seconds to come, simply widening the door for all four to step in.

"I think it'd be best if I left this for you and the master to make sense of."

"Speaking of which," Dick said coming to a stop. "Where is he?"

"Waiting in the study," Alfred replied. "He's been anticipating your return."

"We'll see to it that he waits no longer."

With that he turned for the study, wondering just what it was he had discovered. He stopped upon reaching the door, giving it a light knock to alert him of his return.

"Come in, it's unlocked."

He forced the door off to the side, all four walking in to find him standing over the desk with his back to them.

"What are you doing?" Dick asked.

"Looking over the results gathered for a final time."

"Speaking of which, we have a minor problem."

"Yes, I know."


"Tell me, how do you feel Conan," Bruce asked turning to face him. "Or is it Shinichi that you're going by?"

"You knew," Shinichi asked. "How?"

He reached back to the table, tossing him a test tube which had been lying in place. He immediately knew what was inside after taking a peak down at it.


"Your blood," Bruce informed. "I finished looking over the blood obtained from you about thirty minutes ago."


"It would appear from what was found in your blood that your body was unleashing an unnatural amount of GH."

"Growth hormones?"

"I wasn't surprised when I came across it, I'm almost certain your adenoma experienced some difficulties," Bruce continued. "That would explain the serve headaches and weakened vision you mentioned, which also means you probably sustained a degree of pressure to your optic nerves."

"All those symptoms are in line with gigantism."

"There are obvious similarities, but your condition is much different."

"How so?"

"There was something you wouldn't normally see," Bruce replied. "Something that was linked to several of your blood cells, a bacterium if you will."

"What kind of bacteria," Shinichi asked. "Something uncommon?"

"To most, yes," Bruce replied. "But there's no need for panic, I have an idea of how you may have been infected."

"Finally some good news."

"At least tell us one thing," Heiji said stepping to the front. "Is he going to be alright?"

"That is yet to be determined; another sample of his blood will be needed so I can then examine the nature of any further progressions that may have taken place."

"You said you may know what caused the infection, what exactly did you mean by that?"

"I have a question for you first," Bruce said in response to this. "I was told you obtained further information on the woman we've been looking for, what did you learn?"

"The same woman we've been trying to pursue for almost a week now?"


"I didn't exactly learn anything new," Heiji stated. "But I did get something clarified which had been visited before."

"Which was?"

"I was first under the impression that her name was Sam," Heiji reminded. "But it turns out after talking with the guy who has spoken with her on numerous occasions that her name is actually Pam, of course that could be code for something."

"It's just as I thought."

"Are you saying that hooded woman had something to do with this?" Heiji asked.

Not responding to his question he immediately turned to Shinichi who did the same in return.

"That woman, at any time did she make contact with you?"

"Physically, no," Shinichi replied. "At least I don't think... hold on."

"What is it, have you remembered something?" Tim asked from his side.

"That's right," Shinichi recalled within that instance. "That kiss, the one given to me after thanking me."

"She kissed you," Heiji said turning at this. "Funny that you failed to mention that the first time around."

"I hardly see how that's an important detail." Shinichi muttered.

"It's just as I had expected, Pamela," Bruce said turning back for the desk. "Pamela Isley."

"Pamela who?" Heiji asked.

"Leave it to me," Bruce replied. "I think it would be best if I handled this one alone going forward."

"Smart call," Tim said in agreement. "But if any assistance is needed, I'm open."

He stood in front of the desk in silence for seconds to come, thinking of what he was to do next. He didn't let this cloud his mind for long, knowing there was a task right in front of them that needed to be attended to.

"Roll up his sleeve and see to it that his arm is rinsed off." Bruce instructed after turning back to face them.

"What for?" Dick asked.

"I'll need another sample of his blood for further observation." Bruce replied before heading for the door.

"Already ahead of you." Dick said making his way for the door as well.

"The rest of you wait here." Bruce instructed before making his exit.

They did just that, leaving a clear path for the two of them to walk.

Regardless of the bright wide spread sky; there was a limit to how much of its clarity traveled into the room. A time had passed since the latest move had been made. All windows were locked down tightly, covered by the curtains that hung over head. No light could be found peering into the room from outside, only the running TV a few feet away made for a marginable view of the room. He did not concern himself with the visuals, only interested in what was to be said in the coming hours. A faint sound from behind caused him to raise his head, figuring it was the opening of the door.

"You're back."

"I revisited the scene like we agreed."

"Any sign that they believe there to be two of us?"

"Not at all, they seem to have cornered themselves into phase of uncertainty."


"And the tracker installed within the device?"

"Disabled, we're clear to look it over."

He watched as he made a move for the light switch, raising his hand up in protest.

"I'd rather we kept the lights out, let's remember the circumstances concerning our situation."

"I understand the importance of staying hidden, but I for one find this to be rather unnecessary."

Going against his wishes he flipped the switch upward to fill the room with light. He brought a hand to his eyes in response to this, only taking a couple seconds for his pupils to adjust to the sudden change.

"It's either this or an open curtain, your choice master Kurorba."

"I prefer hibernation," Kaito said sitting up from the end of the bed. "At least until night fall."

"We've switched from four locations in the past week; do really find that to be necessary?"

"Only proper precautions Jii, after what is set to be revealed later today we're bound to have a target on our backs."

"You mean the Kaitou Kid." Konosuke corrected.

"Staying in one place over a two day period wouldn't be the wisest of moves, especially since we have no real connections in this town."

"And cheap motel's is your answer?"

"For now yes," Kaito replied. "At least until we've found some place secure enough to hang a glove and hat."

"You're still thinking of the night of the heist, aren't you?"

"All went as planned... but that boy, the one to deduce my code," Kaito said. "I'm still trying to figure out why he was there to confront me."

"He's obviously working within some kind of organization," Konosuke said. "The thing I find bizarre is the age range you brought up to me, why send someone at such a young age to see the job through?"

"I doubt the GCPD, CIA, SAD, or even lesser known division would employ someone of that age," Kaito said. "Let alone let them handle a task on their own."

"It does beg the question."

"But that wasn't it," Kaito continued. "The way he moved, his weaponry even."

"Remind you of a dance you had with a certain masked man six months ago?"

"The code name would seem to hint at that," Kaito acknowledged. "But you can never be too sure with these things."

"While we're on the subject, I think now would be a good time for us to go over the potential problem we have yet to discuss regarding this cities… night guard."

"The one they call Batman, right?"


"I see no reason for concern, anyone with a straight conscious would know it's just a local myth."

"I'd hardly call it a myth," Konosuke said in disagreement. "Several sightings have been reported, some even caught on camera."

"I'm not denying the concept as a whole," Kaito clarified. "We all know the real truth behind the Batman is one of many, something the police in this city have utilized in their approach against crime, something that seems to be quite successful."

"Is that what you believe?"

"From what I've heard he's been in several places at once, how is that possible," Kaito declared. "It's not, which can only lead to the conclusion of there being multiple participants who don that persona at once."

"Like a unit?"

"Exactly," Kaito said in response. "From the sounds of it I'd say these guys are formidable, defiantly a group not to be taken lightly."

"Do you believe this group to be connected to the GCPD?"

"Maybe not directly," Kaito replied. "But I'm sure there's a link to be found somewhere, one which we'll need to exploit to maintain our secrecy while here."

"We're running low on supplies, at some point we're going to need to make a trip into the public."

"I've been contemplating on that very matter myself, on whether or not to go out in disguise."

"I don't see the reasoning in that," Konosuke said. "No one has seen your face, out or while in suit."

"Except for that boy." Kaito reminded.

"I doubt he'd recognize you in the case you met in a civilized matter."

"Probably not."

"So what's your decision?"

"Tomorrow," Kaito replied. "We'll go tomorrow."

"And what of the latest message received," Konosuke asked. "You have yet to tell me of the most recent proposition given."

"My compliance is growing thin with the… contractor."

"You don't mean to tell me."

"I'm on border edge on canceling all plans," Kaito said. "One call is all it will take, and then we'll have our mystery friend's location."

"And how exactly do you plan on gaining that," Konosuke asked. "We have no idea to where we will be contacted by him this time around."

"Mind you, the gender of the contractor is still unknown."

"True enough."

"And to answer your question," Kaito said walking toward the window located on the right. "Time isn't the variable of high focus, especially when all locations are in lock."

"You seem self-assured of your preparation," Konosuke stated. "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Nothing," Kaito said in response. "From here, we wait."

He kept that in mind, though all other details were unknown to him.

It had been over two minutes since the time they had both left the room. Dick was the first to return, walking in with a wet rag in hand as expected.

"Hope the wait wasn't too long."

"Not at all," Shinichi said reaching down to pull up his sleeve. "Mind if I do it myself?"

"Not a problem." Dick replied holding out the rag for him to take.

He wasted little time in grabbing hold of it, quickly rubbing down on his arm. The scent that came in the following moments alerted him that the rag had been soaked in something else other than water like he had originally thought.

"Where's Bruce," Shinichi asked upon returning the rag to him. "I thought he'd have been here by now."

"He made a trip to the medicine cabinet located in his room," Dick informed. "He should be down any minute."

"The faster we get this over with the better."

"Through the complexity of this whole situation there is one thing I'd like to ask."

"What is it?"

"The suit," Dick asked. "Where did you get the time to pick one up?"

"I was wondering that very question myself." Heiji said.

"It's simple," Shinichi replied. "I borrowed it from one of the closets, after receiving the consent to do so of course."

"That was the quickest option," Tim added. "I didn't feel the need to stop somewhere to pick up clothes for him, borrowing a pair seemed sufficient enough."

"But now that the situation has been handled at Nano High I think it would be a good idea to reconsider going out to buy some," Heiji said. "Pending on how long his current state will last."

"Speaking of which," Dick said. "How long do these episodes of yours tend to last before causing you to revert back to your normal state?"

"The limit has shown to vary," Shinichi replied. "But in all cases it hasn't lasted for a significant amount of time."

"I figured that much," Dick said in response to this. "In any case, we'll have this all sorted out in no time."

They stood in wait for a while longer; monitoring the clock to see another minute pass by in the process.

"We've waited for nearly five minutes now," Heiji stated. "What could possibly be the hold up?"

"You guys wait here, I'll go and check up on him." Dick said before heading for the door once more.

Just as he was to reach for the knob the door swung open to his surprise, stepping aside to see who stood before him.


"Come now," Alfred instructed. "It seems there is a situation that requires your attendance."

"What kind of situation?" Tim asked.

"They're covering it on the news as we speak," Alfred informed. "Master Bruce is already monitoring the situation himself."

"What happened, was anyone hurt?" Heiji asked.

"I think it would be best if you had a look for yourself, let us go," Alfred said turning back for the hall. "The story is on in the kitchen."

They did just that without anything further done or said. The very question loomed high to him as they walked, wondering what this latest trial would bring for them. Regardless of the unknown, he welcomed it, ready to engage anything that was to come their way.

"A days beginning filled with a tower of deception, and it appears that was only the start," Shinichi thought. "What an adventure this one is turning out to be."

To Be Continued