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(Now, this is coming to you early because I don't know if i'll have a computer tomorrow or Sunday. Sorry for this story, there's not alot of detail, and not what I originally wanted for part 2, I had to write it on a tablet, so that was a bit harder. Now, I promise part 3 will be much better. Unfortunately it might not be posted for a couple weeks due to my computer situation, so, let's just think of this part as a filler, so to speak, hope you enjoy anyways.)

Gotham was alive tonight, it was almost twenty-four hours ago that Victor Zsasz was re-captured and put in maximum security within Arkham Asylum, after taking the lives of more than thirty people, one of them being a consequence of Batman’s actions. Gotham’s people were back on the town, doing their thing, using the death of so many as an excuse to party, to ‘celebrate’ in their memory. Almost everyone was out on the town, everyone but Bruce Wayne, he was on the job.

Batman sat perched on the window sill of the apartment, looking into the living room. It was grossly contaminated by forensics and the GCPD, a price he often had to pay for showing up late to the crime scene. In a fluid leap, he was crouched in the center of the room, examining a blood stain on the carpet, multiple stains actually. He already knew who’s they were, Jim Gordon, he was brutally attacked, four batarangs in his back, and one in the back of each knee, completely immobilizing him from saving his daughter from her attacker. He was now in critical condition at Gotham General. To visit him would be pointless, Bullock’s already questioned him, he was knocked out before he could see anything but his daughter scream.

The Batman stood, and scanned the apartment once more. It was a clean kidnapping, and the culprit was good. He had to be to take down Barbara, she had been Batgirl for almost two years now and could hold her own against some of the most dangerous men in Gotham. He was done here.

“Sir, it seems as though Mr. Fries is in the ‘Metro-Mall’. He let a majority of the shoppers go, although he has just over a hundred in the food court. His only demand....Is to see you...Face-to-face...” Alfred piped up over the comm-link, his british accent always bringing a smirk to Bruce’s face, even on the job, he was his oldest friend, and Alfred knew Bruce better than anyone, although he had to keep the dark facade up, even only in his voice.

“Thank you Alfred, I’m on it.” His voice was dark as ever, yet had a hint of annoyance present. He should be looking for Barbara, not having a formal conversation with Freeze. Not now. Yet he begrudgingly leaped from the Apartment building, his cape gliding, bringing him down gently into the seat of the Batmobile. The glass covering extended, covering his body as it sped of into the dark Gotham night.


“Where is he!? Where is Batman!?” Victor Fries screamed beneath the Glass dome around his head. He was becoming impatient, he only had so much time. He only had so much time to save her. He knew what he had to do. furiously, he marched over to a group of hostages and grabbed a teenage boy, tossing him into the center of the food court before picking up the mobile phone that was delivered to him by the negotiator outside. “Hello, I am about to kill this boy. I want Batman. Deliver him to me. Now.” And with that, victo hung up. He pulled an icepick off of a holder on his suit. “This is nothing personal, boy.” He assured the teen, who by this time was pleading for his life. It was no matter though, the icepick was lodge into the boy’s skull in but a moment, allowing him to fall limply. It was then that The Batman burst through the front entrance of the food court, a snarl on his face beneath the mask. He was not happy, and he intended to destroy the helmet which was keeping Freeze alive. Let him squirm for a while.

“Ah, Batman, it seems as though you could finally join us. Very thoughtful of you. And now that you’re here, you can die. It’s your fault this is happening!” Victor yelled, lifting his freeze-gun and pulling the trigger, watching a burst of ice barrel towards him, Batman leaped out of the way at the very last second, whipping three batarangs from his grasp, and planting them in three separate weak spots in his armor. He knew how to exploit it, and this would be over in minutes, with no more death. Freeze let out a holler within the glass dome before falling to one knee, the freeze gun slipping out of his hand and hitting the floor, activating. An icicle fired upwards, through the dome and slid along the side of his head, ripping open the skin, allowing an icy cold red fluid to drip out. Freeze was done already. He fell completely, choking on the warm air.

“N...N...No..Nora....” He got the words out roughly, before Batman leaped on top of him, a snarl on his features.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT!?” He screamed as all the hostages rushed out of the food court, all in a mad dash, all just wanting to get home after such a scare. These people were going to see another day, something all of them had been questioning while captured by Freeze. Something that unfortunately already claimed lives...No more...

“He...He took Nora from me...Y-You need to get her back...He has the girl too....” This got all of Batman’s attention. His heart began to race, he needed to save Barbara.

“Who has her?! WHO!?” He screamed, he needed to know. Every minute he didn’t, she could be closer to death. Batman had to know.

“He told me to tell you....’Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies.’” Victor’s eyes closed as he slipped into unconsciousness, Batman snarled as the GCPD rushed in, paramedics running to the iceman’s side. Harvey Bullock merely stared sadly at the lifeless bodies, before looking to the Batman.

“.....Anything....? Anything on Barbara...?” Harvey asked, a look of hope glimmering in his eyes, her well being very well could mean his job. Maybe even his life at the hand’s of Jim Gordon.

“Yes...I know where she is....She’s been taken....By....”


Barbara Gordon’s eyes fluttered open. Nothing but darkness, her heart was beating like a jack rabbit. Her body was fastened down, she even began to hyperventilate. Even being Batgirl, all this made her panic, nothing could have prepared her for this. Ever.

“Where am I!?” She screamed, tears slipping from her eyes. It was then that the light burst into her sight, it burned momentarily. Before her eyes adjusted. A single spotlight illuminating her and her immediate surroundings. Rusted and bloodied scalpels, and surgical tools on a table beside her.

“The doctor is now ready to see you...” A dark voice echoed from the darkness, as a swift chuckle followed. The voice was familiar, Barbara began to cry, she knew what was going on as the man burst into her line of view, scalpel in hand, blood covered bandages wrapped around his head. His bright green eyes reflecting from the light, a noticeable smile on his features.

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"....Hush...." He said quietly.

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@TheJester: This is awesome

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Thank you! Nice to see someone finally read it. xD

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@TheJester: Ammmazzzing!