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Rated Teen for violence and some language.

Chapter Two : http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/awesummed-comics-johnny-blazer-2/683262/

Johnny Blazer - Chapter Three

Johnny couldn't stop thinking about what had happened yesterday. He almost got killed if he hadn't been saved by that Red and Black vigilante. But that wasn't the odd part. Johnny had headaches from thinking about it, and it was hell explaining to his son why he had so many bruises.

"Nothing. I fell down the stairs..." He told him.

He knew his son didn't actually believe that, and he could tell his son was confused. But so was Johnny. Why would someone save you, then tell you you can't help people in the streets? It didn't make any sense. However, he did know one thing : that guy was more skilled than him, and would give a beatdown Johnny if he disobeyed his order.

"Wife died... and you decide to become some stupid hero huh?"

How did that man know about his wife... and his son? They were obviously part of something bigger.... but what? Johnny wanted to get to the bottom of this. Today, he would venture out into the streets, red and black crusader or not.


The metal gates creaked as they opened and closed, and light footsteps filled up the room as Ace-Master approached Truth's room.

"So did you give that guy the message?" Truth grumbled, as he swung his chair around.

"Yeah, I did. Gave him a lil' beating. I watched him fight. He's pretty good, but he keeps pausing while he's fighting, like he's in some other world. Kind of weird. He almost got killed doin' that daydream mumbo jumbo. Had to step in and save his ass before giving him the beatdown." Ace-Master said.

"That's interesting. Well report here in a couple hours because we got another meeting with the others."

"Got it. 3 hours and I'll be here. No problem-o." Ace said.

Ace dashed out of the room and, while running, took off his costume and switched unto his business suit.


"Taxi!" Johnny shouted as he strolled along the streets. "Taxi!!!"

Johnny could smell the cigarette smell in the air as he brought his morning coffee from a news stand.

"Costumed Clowns Beat Street Thugs"

A newspaper read. It was the Daily News and Johnny was amazed to see him beating the street thugs, as pictured in the photographs.

"Oh crap..."

Johnny threw the newspaper on the ground and stormed off to work. He was extremely angry at himself for getting caught on camera like that. What if the police, or FBI did an investigation and found out he was beneath the spandex costumes? Then he would be sent to jail, and his son would be alone.. Johnny didn't want to think about it. Johnny crossed the street quickly as numerous other people walked around, bumping into him. He finally entered the office building, and the cold air conditioning smacked him right in the face as he entered through the swinging doors, made out of clear glass. Johnny looked around for his best friend. Where was he? He couldn't call him yesterday. Was he sick? Johnny scanned his surroundings like he did yesterday with the street thugs. He saw nothing other than 2 empty rooms, the boss's room with stacked papers scattered around the room, his empty room, and the lounge, with coffee spilled on the carpet floor. His friend's room was still empty.

"Ugh.... guess I'll have to w-"

"Wait no more!" a voice boomed behind him, as a hand gripped his shoulder. "I'm here Johnny!"

Johnny turned around to meet his friend, only to see his friend in shock.

"Whoa dude! What happened to your face?" his friend gasped.

"Nothing really... I uh... fell down the stairs..." Johnny mumbled.

His friend rolled his eyes and stared at him. "Really huh? Fell down the stairs...."

"Just shut up man." Johnny spat.

"Fine fine fine. You got your presentation yet Johnny?"

"No, I was busy yesterday..."

"Busy falling down stairs?" his friend chuckled.

"Whatever. I gotta go into my office and write up the presentation quickly. I have about 2 hours before the boss calls me up."

"Alright good luck man!" his friend dashed away in a small jog into his office room.

Johnny walked to his office room and grumpily sat down. He was sleepy and very tired, but he knew he had to finish his presentation. Johnny whipped out 2 sheets of paper and starting brainstorming. except for one problem : his headaches.


Johnny couldn't do it... not after what had happened yesterday. He threw his papers on the ground, and flung his door open. His co-workers, obviously stunned, watched as Johnny stomped off. His friend rushed up to him in amazement.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Nothing just back off Harold." Johnny shouted.

Johnny swung the doors open and left the building, letting the cold air escape him.


"Alright guys.... let's do Role Call." Truth. But he then pinched his nose, as if something was wrong.

"Uhh... what's wrong?" Ace-Master said.

"Nothing.... just a little problem at work... my friend.... nevermind..." Truth said. He drummed his fingers on the table "Alright everyone Role Call."

The people grumbled.









"And me Truth. That's everybody." Truth grumbled.

"So what are we here for?" Antonio said.

"I got bad news..." Truth said.

"What could be worse than that dumb vigilante we saw yesterday? Almost blew our cover. I saw the news stand. I almost got photographed. However, that dumbass did get photographed. This could jeopardize everything we are fightin' for!" Ace-Master spat out. His temper had obviously gotten the better of him.

"Cool down man." Shadow said. "It wouldn't hurt if we got another caper to help us.... especially after Glass died..."

"Everyone shut up alright?!" Truth scolded.

The entire room grumbled.

"Verticus is plotting another plan. I saw him today after I was done with work. He just robbed 2 stores. I went in and analyzed the money. He stole about $800,000. Now this is the first time he has stolen money. Usually he's more of the "destroy you" kind of jackass. But I think he's plotting something a lot more big than he usually does... I want you guys to track him down and kill him."

A laugh erupted from the back.

"Kill him? We've tried doing that for years. Do you honestly think we could kill him now? You're kidding right?" Mike said.

"Yes but this time we absolutely have to kill him. Who knows what he is doing with $800,000." Truth glared at Mike as Mike sat down back in his chair.

"But now we're missing Glass. We have an even less chance of killing him this time. I mean Glass was our leader...." Antonio said, obviously thinking back at the time of his death.

"Well I have an idea..." Truth whispered.

The entire room knew what Truth was thinking about. Half of the room was in utter shock, while the other half was angered, as the hate boiled down in their veins.


Ace-Master's angry rant was interrupted by Shadow.

"Hey shut up. If we're gonna kill that bastard, we have to get as many allies as we can. With Glass gone, we'll need every single piece of help we can get."

"But he-"

"No. It's final." Truth shouted. "We need that caper to help us. Now we have to just wait for him to grow some balls and go out in the streets again.. then we'll kidnap him."

Everyone in the tables nodded except for Ace-Master....

"Okay then; It's settled. Ace-Master you try and run more info on him. Try and find out who he is. We already know he has a son and his wife is deceased. Try and track him down, where he lives, and where he works, just in case he doesn't go out in the streets."

"Got it.." Ace-Master grumbled.

"Shadow and Mike you have to go out in the streets and monitor it if that guy does go outside again."

"Got it." the two said. almost in a robotic unison.

"And Antonio, you try and find out where Verticus is.."

Antonio, leaning on the wall, quietly nodded.

"Alright then. Tomorrow... we track him down."


So what did you guys think? Was the office part a huge twist? How are you guys enjoying it so far? Thanks for reading!


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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: It's good! Keep up the great work!

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Neat plot twist

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@primepower53 said:

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: It's good! Keep up the great work!


really good man

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: It's good! Keep up the great work!


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@primepower53 said:

@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: It's good! Keep up the great work!


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whens the nexts one

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@joewell said:

whens the nexts one

Today. It should be up soon.

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: Another great chapter, well done.