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Three brothers stand in an open field each looking in the others eyes waiting for one of them to make a move. The youngest, was cocky and loud always ready speak his mind when the time was right, stood in a low croach ready to pounch as his long golden hair blew in the wind. A smirk came over his face as he readied his attack. The middle brother was the largest by far, his large muscles and quick moves made him the at their game by far. He stood straight as an arrow with his arms folded across his chest but never taking for granted his two brothers skills.

The oldest of the brothers was beautiful by any means, his pale skin shone like pearl against his night black hair. His jaw and nose were perfect lines and made him hard to look at because it seemed all to perfect. He too stood in a crouch position waiting for one of his brothers to make the first move. This was not his favorite game, but he loved being with his brothers almost more than anything. With a wink the youngest one made his move at the same time as the oldest, both attacking the middle. Michael the strong middle brother quickly dodged Gabe his younger brother tripping him to the ground as he blew past. As Luce threw himself at his brother he was caught in mid air and throw across the field laughing as he flew. He landed on his feet seeing Gabe go after Michael again, this time making a faster move then Michael seemed ready for. As he approached his brother he slid to take out one of his legs. Luce took that as his chance, dashing across the field he hit Michael with all his might. All three of the brothers fell to the ground laughing.

"Today gentalmen, you have won." Michael grabbed his brothers as they headed back, "But there is always tommorow." With that the brothers saddled their horses and headed back to their home. The gates opened with the sounds of horns, all those in the city fell to their knees as the princes passed by. Gabe smiled and looked all he could in the eye as they passed reaching out to all the hearts of his people. Michael's men followed close behind the brothers always protecting always ready for war. Luce made his way to his hall. Walking in the huge room music filled the air as he walked by hundreds of instruments hung on the wall. He grabbed a voilin and it's bow before sitting down and readying himself to play. A large crowd began to gather as the music filled the air. Luce played with the awe of the crowd growing greater and greater. He closed his eyes though and played for an audience of one. A blinding light filled the room engulfing everything in it's presents.

This obviously is just the very begining of the story and I will continue on it later. Your comments are appreciated......I will just add to this post and not make any additional.

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Very nice

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A nice beginning, but I must ask if you just add to that post, how will anyone know when you've added?

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Sweet job Hawk

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aztek the lost said:
"A nice beginning, but I must ask if you just add to that post, how will anyone know when you've added?"
yeah thought about that after the fact lol I'll drag the whole thing down most likely. New posts for new chapter.

I'll be working on this tonight I think .
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Nice beginning.

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I'll be starting this up again soon.....