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Authors Note~This story takes place in a reality where Judy Dench doesn't die.


United States Penitentiary Atlanta 3:05 PM

Security rushed to the west wing as alarms blazed, a door was forced upon, a door that lead directly too the cell blocks.

When they reached there destination, it was clear someone used some sort of laser cutter, as the lock was split and the door slid open.

In front of them, they saw the perpetrator. Trench coat, blonde, blue eyes, and an eyebrow that raised high enough to the point where it had to hurt.

Guards pointed their guns at here, and yelled at her, “Hands on the ground!”.

Insulted, she put her hand on her chest, “Really? You must not know who I am.”

They still told her to stand down as they started to approach her.

As soon as they walked about ten feet near her, she slid on the metal ground, within reach of the first guard she pulled his leg down, while using it to propel her up. Like they were frozen, guard did nothing but stand there in relative awe, until they saw another taken down. They quickly snapped back to reality and shot in her direction.

She jumped on one mans head to launch herself onto a wall, making her rain down onto another guard, she wrapped her knees around his neck, snapping it with a twist that made her fall to the ground that was subsequently right next to another, who she dragged down to the ground and head butted.

Before the guards could even pull the trigger, she stood up and did a front flip, going above the mans head and using her arms to pull him down and slam his head into the ground.

The last guard shook, he even dropped his gun, he tried to run, but the woman grabbed his neck before he could open the door, as she grind her teeth together she spoke, “Andrew Fletcher, where is he?”

The man quickly answered, “C13! Please don’t kill me, please.”

The woman grinned, “Thanks.” She took out a needle from her coat, and injected him with it. Continuing on to C13.

MI6 Headquarters 3:10 PM

Q ran towards M’s office, as he entered he was met with a yell, “Don’t you knock!”

Q stepped back a little bit, “I’m sorry ma’am, but we have a problem.”

M stood up, “What the bloody hell is so important.”

“An old agent of ours, 014, she’s resurfaced.”

M’s face changed to annoyed to concerned, “What! She was confirmed dead in Nigeria. This is impossible.”

Q backed away in fear she may smack him for his next comment, “No offence, but that happens a lot around here.”

M looked at him with an evil stare, “Find Bond, tell him I have a mission for him.”


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Nice set up. The fight scene was pretty good. Though i would like to see more of Agent 14 personality.

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@wildvine said:

Nice set up. The fight scene was pretty good. Though i would like to see more of Agent 14 personality.

I see, thanks for your input!