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(Was going through my computer and found something I wrote way back in 2008, let's see if it holds up)

**For the first nineteen hours, the Hulk smashed whatever he could. The control panels, the walls, the floor but the vibranium laced tung-steel held. The cabin constantly filled with enough nitrazepam to knock out Cleveland but all it did was make Hulk woozy and even angrier! The Stark/Richards shuttle rocketed onwards and upwards through space at 38,000mph with its violent cargo raging against his confinement. It reached the Shi'ar warp gate; a present from Shi’ar Empress Lilandra to Charles Xavier so the pair could rendezvous and boom…the Hulk was beyond Pluto.

Several more jumps through warp gates the beleaguered shuttle reached its final destination. A small dot of a planet under a yellow sun, 1374 billion light-years from Earth. And now the Hulk’s new home…prison. The landing was far from smooth. Due to Hulk’s constant attacks on the ships integrity it dropped like a stone and ploughed across the rocky plain shedding parts as it flipped end over end. It finally came to rest at the foot of a mighty tree.


KER-RANG! The Hulk burst free of his metal shell, angrier than he’d ever been before. “STARK! RICHARDS! STRANGE! HULK WILL SMASH YOU!” the words echoed across the land startling the manta-like birds from their perch. “RARRGH!” Hulk pounded the remnants of the ship into a flat metal paste as green blood dripped from his knuckles “HULK SMASH EVERYONE! STUPID PUNY HUMANS! HULK HATES YOU!”

Hulk looked up at the sky. It wasn’t quite right. There was a purple tinge to it. Snarling like a beast he crouched and launched himself high into the air. “HULK WILL GET HOME!” The standing jump was impressive but like Earth it was nigh on impossible to jump into space. Again he tried. And again. And…again. After an age of trying Hulk, exhausted but no less angry, hunched over. “HULK HATE EVERYONE!”

From the mem-log of Reed Richards, Dr a.k.a Mr Fantastic Entry #4-1962-DR-RBB-08

I always wonder if it had gone awry. Our intentions were good but I do wonder if by some twist of fate or random fluke, some miscalculation that we…no I, have completely ruined Bruce Banner’s life!

Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man, Dr Stephen Strange and myself shot the Hulk (Bruce Banner) into space. Why? Because the Hulk is beyond a force of nature. He is one of, if not THE, most dangerous and powerful people on the planet. The Hulk is extremely resistant to most forms of injury or damage, including physical, psychic, environmental extremes, and is immune to most disease and poisons, both regenerative and adaptive healing abilities healing from almost any wound within seconds, including regenerating lost mass. His durability, healing, and endurance increase in relation to his temper so the angrier Hulk gets the stronger and more irrational he gets also. He’s on OUR SIDE!

After the tragedy at Stamford where Nitro killed 600 people, which led to the Super Human Registration Act, we decided to give the Hulk exactly what he wanted…to be left alone. So when the life model decoy of Nick Fury got the Hulk off planet we seized the opportunity. And shot him into space.


My calculations were PRECISE! I factored in over thirteen million variables from comets, solar flares, black holes, space junk, solar wind, wayward starships, wormholes, known space lanes, Galactus. The path to Hulk’s prison was safe and clear. Not to second guess myself I had Tony recheck my math. Maybe that’s why I feel like something terrible could’ve gone wrong. So now Bruce lives in exile. On a small world full of water, vegetation, habitable climate, animals but no intelligent life forms…1374 billion light years from Earth. I am truly sorry that it came to this. But time and time again Hulk’s anger…Bruce’s anger, has threatened this planet. And whilst at certain times he has been a HERO, his rage puts everyone in jeopardy.

But I still feel guilty. Five years on I still feel guilty.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions…

** Hulk stands covered in icicles at top the highest peak of his new home. His eyes still burn with the rage. With a deep breath he launches himself up. The jump is high, atmosphere scraping, but again the green behemoth is unable to leave the confines of his prison world. As gravity takes a hold the Hulk plummets back to earth like a green missile. When the dust settles in the deep crater, a broken Hulk stares into a small pool of water. His legs broken like twigs but healing. An image shimmers in the pool, Bruce Banner

“Hello Hulk…it’s time we talked”

“Shut up Banner! Hulk hate you!”

“Well I’m not your biggest fan either, but after watching you trying to jump back to Earth…again, I thought it may be time”

“Leave Hulk alone”

“No can do…you’re me and I’m you. We need to talk”

“No talk!”

“Well how about you listen and I’ll talk”

“Bah Hulk don’t care, Hulk hungry”

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Never read WWH or PH so this isn't really a "What.. If?" for me but the actual thing hahha

Nice job btw! and I thought you did an awesome job invoking Hulk. I kind of feel bad for him here... hope he gets back.

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@TheWholeDamnShow: Thanks man (I will be reading over your DD this weekend btw)

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Just bumping some older stuff. Did you read this? What did you think? I'd like to know

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Nice fan fic. planning to do more?

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Is this going to be World War Banner (because Banner already proved how dangerous he could be, and I have no doubt his revenge could be worse than Hulk's)?

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@Trodorne: Yeah got stuck in a rut but more soon

@Kairan1979: Not really a WWH because he's alone on his planet, it was going to what would happen if Hulk was removed possibly permanently from the Earth

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Bumped and I'm OUT!