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I have seen a lot of vague issue plot summaries recently that were obviously taken from the publisher's site. These summaries really don't 'break down' what the issue was about.

My question is, should the Plot Summary be an un-opinionated recap of the issue that may contain spoilers or a generic 2 liner headline?

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They're solicits that are allowed add.
You can do both or either one. If there's already a solicit on a page, don't remove it and write your own summary without italics below it.

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@MrPlentl: What BB said, except to expand on that, it is important to keep the detail to some reasonable level.  Unless something truly memorable is said, it is almost never worth quoting a dialogue bubble directly, and a panel by panel breakdown of events can also be a bit much.  
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Our old What is a Plot Summary? forum. Very helpful. It's in the context of writing for story arcs and whatnot, but it is still applicable.