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I know the Cascading Captain has said before that the publisher is essentially for looks on character's profiles, so should at some point all the characters from National Periodicals be merged with their DC counterparts? Or should there be some differentiation there?

Along the same lines I was thinking it would be kind of cool to be able to have characters connected with multiple publishers for some of the I guess you would call them licensed characters like the Transformers, GI Joe, etc as well as indie characters like Shi that have shown up on multiple imprints. That way you'd have 1 page for each of those characters instead of worrying about which publisher they're best known for or most recent and be able to cover how the character has changed if at all from one publisher to the next.

I don't mean to say Wolverine should have a dozen different publishers because of the crossovers and whatnot, I'm talking about specifically for the characters that get shuffled around between publishers.

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I think they should be merged, they are essentially the same.

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Merged. Luckily, not many people hit those pages as we default to marvel/dc for exact name searches.