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@Pachilles: you don't, basically when two or more publishers publish a series you add the last publisher that published the comic and then in the description below you would add a list of publishers and what issues they published, example.

Do you know what that second #1 is in the Necroscope volume? looks like a trade maybe, if so it needs to be split off.

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There is #1-5 published by Malibu (released dates 1992-1993), and #1 & 2 published by Caliber (released dates 1997-1998). These are 2 separate series sharing the same series name, and incorrectly combined.

Malibu also released a Graphic Novel of their 5 issues, but that is not in Comicvine at all yet.

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@Pachilles: So am I wrong in thinking there are three separate volumes added to that one? 1 & 2 from Caliber, 2-4 from Malibu and an unknown 1 (red) & 5 (blue) with Boxtree on the sides?

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The covers for 1 & 5 are incorrect. The #1 cover is from the Graphic Novel, instead of the comic, and the #5 cover is more of a place-holder until I can find a good cover replacement.

These are rare comics. The best/easiest info is from: http://www.brianlumley.com/books/necroscope/comic.html

The comics are based off a series of novels (my personal favorite).


Update: I just submitted a better cover (my #5 was missing it's cover). Once the split is complete, I'll update the issues with more info.

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@Pachilles: ok well are you going to break them up into separate volumes or do you want me to?

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That's actually why I asked the original question. I don't see a way to do that.

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@Pachilles: You make two new volumes, one for the graphic novel and the other for the two issue Caliber mini and you add the issues to them and once the data is all moved over you request for the three issues to be deleted from the Malibu volume page.

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@Pachilles: You kinda did this the long way and I really wish you had done it the way I laid it out as I did so for a reason, not all of the issues in that Caliber volume can be deleted, I recycled one but the three left can't be deleted, that is ok for two of them but I have no way of deleting that graphic novel now.

Edited to add:

oh and watermarked covers are against the rules, in the future please don't use them again and replace the current ones if you can.

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Sorry about that. I wasn't able to change the publisher at some point (I think), so I made the request for a new series stating I needed Malibu. After that request, I saw that I could change the publisher. I thought it would be less confusing to go the long way and stick with a new Malibu.

Had I known you were limited with the number of deletes (is that why?), I would have done it the other way.

Watermarked? I didn't even notice. Subtle. I'll pay more attention in the future.


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@Pachilles: I'm not limited for deletes but from time to time pages get locked and can't be deleted it is a known glitch, sometimes if left alone they become delete-able later on but not very often.