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I didn't want to start a thread because I'm positive this has been brought up before, but searching the forums never seems to work well for me, so here I go: is there a way to sort issues/appearances chronologically?

For example, I am interested in viewing all the appearances of the characters Pandora, Cloak, and Dagger in chronological order. It looks like I can only view them by series, and the series are presented in order of number of appearances (so can I change that somehow?) But clicking the series doesn't just show the issues that character appeared in, and for a series with hundreds of issues where the character appeared twice, trying to track down the appearance doesn't exactly work.

So I guess my roundabout question is, how would I go about doing what I want to do (arranging the individual appearances of a character in chronological order, regardless of series)?

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@akbogert: On the bar at the top, between 'News' and 'New Comics' is 'Wiki'. If you click that, and type what character you're looking for, and sort by release date, you'll get what you're looking for.

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@v_scarlotte_rose: Thank you!

Side note, then, because I'm pretty sure you used to be able to sort appearances on the character thread by other means, why can't you anymore? And/or will that functionality likely be added?

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@akbogert: I only remember that working for the last nine appearances or so, I don't recall it being as useful as the current version.

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@v_scarlotte_rose: Either way, it seems a bit odd to not be able to usefully sort information about a character from the character's page itself :/

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@akbogert: Yeah, it would be handy to have it on character pages. The current way works pretty well though, so I don't mind too much.