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So, if any of the mods are unfamiliar with what Im talking about, DC puts two page strips in the back of all their comics for a given week that feature Channel 52 which features a handful of obscure characters. The problem is that people have started crediting the characters (and team) to each and every single issue that they're featured in (which is all of DC's comics). I find this to be very misleading because these are essentially ads for other books. They're not part of the actual issue, they don't even have any writing/lettering/etc credited to them. This would make someone who is say looking for all of Ambush Bug's appearance to be very difficult to sort through, which defeats the purpose of the site...

I mean let's put it this way, if this is OK to credit from issue to issue, then we might as well go back and credit the Justice League members in all the issues that featured those Subway ads formated as comics, or the wrench set comic DC had put in their books a few months back. Then after that, we should go and credit Constantine and the creative team for that book in all the issues that featured a preview for it.

So, can I continue getting rid of all these appearances, or is the misleading info gonna stand?

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I thought the appearances were removed and only the concept added. It falls along the lines of images on a monitor/tv or that guy you can barely see in the background of a panel.

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Someone keeps adding the characters, and the team page (don't think there is a concept, perhaps the team page should be changed to that)

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Characters and teams that appear in the Channel 52 segments should NOT be credited. The Channel 52 page SHOULD.

The database is there as a resource and one of the many utilizations of it is going to a characters page and looking up their appearances to track down what they appear in.

Tagging a character every time they appear in the Channel 52 segment is misleading and dilutes the integrity of that system. And as somebody who uses the appearances as a resource, I'm fully against it.

It's in the same vein as characters who appear in dream sequences/simulations etc. It's misleading and frankly, annoying, to credit them.