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I remember when we began the practice of naming things Dupe. It seemed like a good idea at the time, as it was a way to let others know that it was a dupe faster than the Admins or Mods could get to it.

I also remember our little experiment of renaming a duplicate volume to something else. It didn't work, at the time, as the volume was still showing up in the search engines only with the previous volume's keywords, but now, with the advent of ComicVine 2.0, you can find the Generation X Holiday Special volume just fine. :)

Luckily, it's ALSO easier to find the dupe volumes. I remember being concerned that we'd never find them all, as all the renamed volumes would still be going by their previous volume's keywords, but it turned out to be a good thing. Or is it? After all, they're an eyesore.

But it certainly is a good thing for anyone with Admin abilities, as I'm rather certain Mods can't do some of the things that will be necessary to rid us all these dupes in the Vine's search engine.

I know that if I had the ability, the first thing I'd do is deal with all these dupes.

Anyone who does a search on Dupe will be able to see the problem. I just thought I'd make a note of the issue for future reference and, additionally, encourage people who come across a dupe to write the word dupe in there and provide an alternative link. The search engine, as it seems, will search the text of the document, too (Goliath III came up on the Dupe list).

I realize, in the past, making such broad suggestions to the ComicVine community has been controversial (as the mantra always came "the Admins will deal with it"), but, seeing the current state of Delete/Combine as it is, I think it'd only prudent that we all take some action to make the Vine a more informative place.

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I thought it was clear that I was aware of this problem.  I am the highest poster in this forum.  The thing is, some of the pages are harder to delete because of coding and other pages they may be attached to.  I would like nothing more than the get rid of them all.  It's on a list of things to do.  The question is, should that be taken care of before fixing/adding other things that could be more beneficial to the site?

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I wasn't sure if you'd ever noticed they show up right there in the search engine now.

Anyhow, like many things, this comes down to one of two schools of thought: Get the biggest, most important things done first, no matter how long they take, or make a bunch of smaller, more cosmetic changes first to build up to the bigger things.

I tend to take the latter path, which has annoyed the hell out of my teammates on projects in the past, but I've never been in charge of something as important as ComicVine.

I think the question is, how much of what you're doing can be regulated to the many Mods on this site to ease your burden?

*pauses to think, then laughs* Err, not that you need my help deciding that. But, just trying to help. As always.

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It's done on the admin side.  A completely different way of looking at this site.  I'll check out and try to eliminate as many of the 'dupe' pages as I can.  But like I said, some are more stubborn.

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I don't pretend to understand how the site works, but I get that it could be difficult. That's why I honestly didn't expect you to try to tackle this so soon, but thanks.

Err, and I don't want to try to insult your intelligence, but just so you're clear, I meant pages with the word "dupe" in the title. Not duplicates in general. I re-read your earlier post in this topic and, from that, I wasn't sure if you and I were on the same page here. I know you're aware of the general duplicates problem.

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hey star thought id say hi