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I have an Idea for a new comic series that I'm planning to write independently. This is my first real project I'm taking seriously, it will be independent and for fun, not profit. I have a core concept down and may need tips support(Such as an artist.) by those more experienced than I Am. I believe I'm pretty skilled at writing my concepts but I'm not very experienced or educated on how to write a comic script, I've done it before but I'm not very good. But all of that aside, here's my story's concept in a nutshell:

On another hot July day in Gotham city, hundreds of citizens read about The Joker's most recent breakout of Arkham Asylum. Those that cared to read the smaller stories that is, Joker breakouts have become such a common occurrence now that it's hardly news. It comes expected.

However, The Joker hacks into the local stations of Gotham and announces that he has had a terrible vision of a possibility of Batman dying by his hand. He tells of a plan that would give him a much-needed vacation. Joker has a thought out list of highlighted JLA members that he will travel the country challenging to see who will be a preferable adversary if his vision comes true. He then cuts off his connection with the stations. Batman instantly sends a recording to all JLA members warning them that they need to be on high alert and that there's no telling who the Joker's sick mind finds attractive and that everybody is in danger.

Joker's list is not yet complete, but I have some of his next schemes planned out. I know that I want Superman, The Flash, and possibly Aquaman on his list. I'm going to wait and see if this post receives interest and if it does I'll reveal more.

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The Joker isnt a threat to Superman, and he is CERTAINLY not a threat to Flash.

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You obviously have not taken any time to study any of these characters especially Joker, because if you did you would know that he is intelligent enough to pose a threat to almost anybody in the DC universe. He is evil and insidious enough to go to any extent, and won't just go hand to hand, he is much more clever. BTW All it takes to beat Superman is smarts and a little bit of kryptonite. I already said I would explain more if anyone finds interest, so I will explain that he has a plan for all of them.

Not a threat to Superman? Yeah, that explains why he fooled Superman into killing his love interest and corrupting him to the point he went crazy, or when he took over the planet in Emperor Joker, or had Superman on the ground electrocuting him with his joybuzzer. I know this is the internet and you can freely hate on things with no regard of anything, but please don't try to correct me about subjects you are ignorant in. I don't know if it was meant for insult to my story or topic, but please don't be so small-minded about the things you comment. I was hoping I would get a response a bit more educated, supportive, or open-minded.

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Only way for Joker to be a threat to Superman is for them to yet again lowball Superman to fit into the street level universe.

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Possibly in straight on hand-to-hand, but I'm not sure about that being the only way though. There are many ways to defeat Superman, and honestly anybody. Examples: Leading him to a room full of kryptonite, using a magical weapon, or psychologically torturing him into submission.

Not one person is going to win in a fight every time, I like to be a bit more open-minded than that. I do enjoy that everybody seems to only having comments about how much the single most greatest and complex villains ever created that is my, and many others', personal favorite and that I grew up learning about sucks.

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Joker isn't a threat to metahumans like Superman, Flash, or Aquaman, unless you're painting him as similar to a rogue Batman with preparation. I certainly enjoy the concept but you may need a more resourceful character rather than the Joker. Joker has literally no feats against the likes of Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, etc. For example, if you used Prometheus rather than the Joker, people would accept the idea more. I would enjoy it if you revealed more though.