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Have you been reading ARTIFACTS from Top Cow? If so, you're probably aware that the entire universe has gone through a Rebirth. (More information can be found in our interview with Filip Sablik, Publisher of Top Cow).

To celebrate the change, we're teaming up with Top Cow to give you guys a chance to show off your skills and win some prizes at the same time. We have three different prize packs so hopefully those with different strengths will have a chance to win. The only catch is this contest is only open to those in the United States (sorry, it's a lawyer thing).

We have two separate contests you can choose from.

Contest One: Art

The first is a drawing contest and this is the prize.


You can win WITCHBLADE #150, covers A, C, D, E and G; WITCHBLADE #151, covers A, B, D and E as well as WITCHBLADE REDEPMTION TPBs, volumes 1, 2 and 3.

Because the universe has gone through a rebirth, Sara Pezzini has also gone through some changes. Using your drawing skills, you need to redesign Sara with the Witchblade for the new universe. While we have seen her already in issue #151, this is your chance to be creative and use your imagination. How do you think she should look or how would you like her to look? One winner will be chosen for the above prize.

Contest Two: Writing

Because drawing isn't everyone's area of strength, we also have a second prize pack involving a little bit of writing.


This prize pack consists of WITCHBLADE #150, covers A, C, D and E; WITCHBLADE #151, covers A and B along with WITCHBLADE REDEMPTION TPBs volume 1 and 2.

To win this, write a few sentences describing what Sara's new direction. She's no longer a New York City police officer. She actually does have a new profession but this is your chance to describe what you think she should do instead and why. No more than 200 words.

Random Prize

Because Top Cow was so generous with their prizes, we have a third prize pack to give away.


This pack includes WITCHBLADE #150, covers A, C and D along with WITCHBLADE #151, covers A and B.

A random contestant from BOTH the drawing and writing entries will be selected. The contest ends Monday, January 30, 2012 at midnight PT. Winners will be announced Wednesday, February 1.

Please refrain from posting comments below. Let's keep the posts to just the contest entries.


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Cool. I love when you guys do contests!

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this is not cool

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I wish I lived in US.

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"The only catch is this contest is only open to those in the United States"

aaaaaaaaaaaaw, bollocks :(

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Writing Entry:

I think that Sara would really benefit from working with an antique dealer that needs her to travel the world and look at "artifacts" that could be put up for sale. This would open the door to meeting lots of new characters, run into more of the mystical artifacts that reside in the Top Cow universe, and would get her feet wet in an occupation she has to learn from scratch. It'd be an obvious choice for her to be a private detective, but it might be more fun to throw her in the deep end with a whole new career.

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I may just have to try this...

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Two words...GHOST HUNTER. After watching a late night marathon of "Ghost Hunter's" Sarah figures that if she set up shop as a ghost hunter she would be privy to more information pertaining to supernatural happenings. This situation also allows for some interesting character introductions. Many people that stop by the shop may just be crazy and paranoid people while every so often she finds herself with actual demons and the such. I really think that this set up would create a more interesting breeding ground for new characters. AND THEN YOU CAN BRING BACK LOGANBERRY :D

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I believe that Sara should start working for a secret government agency that specializes in studying and hunting demons. By doing this you can introduce new characters into the Witchblade series, and allow the reader to go through a change with Sara. I also think the demons need to be changed from mindless monsters to a structured hierarchy. The Witchblade series is lacking in interesting villains, and by having a true “big bad” it focuses the series. One possible story is that the leader of the demon hierarchy could kidnap Hope to try to raise her as an heiress or possibly a mate if you wanna get really twisted. No matter what Danielle Baptiste needs to stay close to Sara, she’s an interesting character and has a wonderful dynamic with Sara. Witchblade needs to also clean up its image. Many of my friends refuse to read Witchblade because it’s overly sexual. If Top Cow focused more on the story rather then the sex angle they would sell more books. It would also be interesting to have an ongoing series that features different Witchblade wielders throughout history, showing how different women deal with the challenges the Witchblade brings.

-More ideas, but 200 word limit. Thanks Comicvine/Top Cow for this opportunity, it means a lot to me.

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http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=330178230346521&set;=a.139473832750296.18932.100000630392497&type;=1&ref;=nf Not running windows 7 so I hope this works. My art entry!

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My drawing contest entry:


(I didn't like my original so I decided to redo it)

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Writing Entry:

With a new city comes a new lease on life. Sara would leave the dangers of being a police officer and take up the life of a cab driver. That’s her thought process anyways, but she finds out that danger is always following her as long as she has the Witchblade. Of course her background, and unique abilities, tend to attract danger as she decides to use her new job as a cover to be more of a vigilante looking for robberies and other nefarious deeds. She can rig her dispatch radio to pick up police calls and the like. It is first an attempt at leading a normal life, but Sara learns that cannot happen. Being a taxi driver can lead to plenty of story ideas (driving a pregnant woman while supernatural creatures chase after them, as a quick example) and give her the chance to come into contact with others from the Top Cow Universe as she drives around Chicago.

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Writing Entry:

“Fresh off the bus and straight down the rabbit hole, eh?”

Sara Pezzini continued to ignore the man looking over her shoulder while she began thinking of a more delicate way to say the NYPD had sicced internal affairs on her and she’d chosen the better part of valor and run the heck away.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t exactly the way it happened; but it felt that way when the impact of it hit her square in the chops.

Phipps might as well have shoved a blade in her heart, that might have been kinder. She could have dealt with that, recovered from it even. Instead it felt like the dirty #$%@ had ripped out her spirit. Torn the still beating core of her being out.

Honestly the rage wasn’t directed at Lieutenant Phipps, not really.

It also wasn’t aimed at the other obvious culprit either.

“Hmmm. Nice resume.”

Sara frowned, glancing over the man who’d spoken again, her gaze fire and he only smiled like flames parted before him magically.

“Come- um, don’t be like that. I...- well I could use a partner.”

Reaching into a pocket, out came a business card. Sara stared. Who the heck called themselves a Professional Wizard?

Evidently, Harry Dresden.

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Writing Entry (this also counts as random entry, right?):

Sara Pezzini finds herself unemployed, failing the background check to become a private detective due to her... odd... history. Lately, her hobbies include getting food stamps, going to job interviews and looking after her child. The mounting frustration leads her to spend increasingly long hours in her role as Witchblade, the animate gauntlet that is beginning to grow concerned for her.

All of this drudgery comes to a halt when the lost Witchblade, Joan of Arc, returns.

Turns out Sara is really bad at her job; the Witchblade is supposed to balance the forces of good and evil. She's been picking on the latter. Joan has come to teach her what it REALLY means to "keep the balance"... to be EVERYBODY'S ENEMY until you DIE.

And Joan's debt is soon to be collected... can she trick Sara into defeating Death herself? >EPIC FORESHADOWING<

With the apprenticeship in overdrive to beat the clock, the police noticing how money is being stolen from places where the Witchblade has been sighted and Sara unsure if this is all just a phantasmagoric distraction from what she should REALLY be focusing on, things are looking rough for former detective Sara Pezzini...

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@krazyman27: looks like shes scratching her ass lol

question:1. what happened to witchblade 150 cover b and why isnt it among the prize pack and 2 can a picture of someone with the live-action witchblade count as an entry?

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Experiencing the unknown dread of 'something is missing,' Sara Pezzini can't handle what is essentially 'another cop job' as a Private Detective, not with all the rest of the PI hounding in on the same jobs she is working on. In a rash decision, she quits the business and tries to think of something, anything to do that gets her out of this rut. Instead of coming up with an objective, Sara falls into a deeper depression. It is during this depression that the Witchblade takes over and begins a war against both the Angelus and the Darkness.

As Angelus Warriors are slain during the day and Darkness minions destroyed at night, the body of Sara Pezzini continues to succumb to the wishes of the Witchblade. She doesn’t see what is going on, and the blade continues its destructive war, until the Angelus and Darkness bearers must join forces to save Sara from herself.

After an epic battle, the Witchblade releases its hold on Sara Pezzini, who is near-death. When both other bearers show concern for her, the Witchblade considers a Balance restored.

The Witchblade reverts back to its original form waiting for its next bearer to keep the Balance.

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OK Us only once again the rest of the world is cut of... typical American

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@The Impersonator said:

I wish I lived in US.

@RalfvdH said:

"The only catch is this contest is only open to those in the United States"

aaaaaaaaaaaaw, bollocks :(

I agree. Not living in the U.S.A. sucks sometimes. :(
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@Planewalker said:

OK Us only once again the rest of the world is cut of... typical American

typical awesome ;)

Loading Video...

but seriously sorry about contest region restriction :(

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@umbrafeline....it's supposed to somewhat reflect Michael turners rendition of witch blade. I'll make sure my next one stays away from the bees.

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Contest Two: Writing

She’s Gone.

She sat down in front of me smelling like Vanilla n Strawberries, laying her purse between the tables leg and hers. Her head moved and autumn waves shifted away from her face, she looked up at me her eyes sparked like Christmas lights. She had me, I melted away, Then She began telling me that the move was needed and she was going to miss the city. Her fingers traced the antique bracelet she always wore. All I could say is “Don’t go”. She smiled; her lips moist pucker will give me sweet dreams to remember her by. The server laid the meal down, Her eyes opened wide, Sara said “There is so much that Chicago doesn’t have that I will miss my teams, my friends, my stores and being a Cop but the one thing I will miss the most will be, Joe’s New York Pizza, I love you”. Up she went with slice in hand and a switch that not age or sex could turn away from. Good Luck In Chi-Town Sara.

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Wow. Simply wow.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Hehe! Thanks.

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Somehow I'd never come across Witchblade before this. After researching the Top Cow universe to do this picture I gotta admit I'm hooked, line & sinker. What a gorgeous character and concepts to dabble with.

I'm not sure if you can enter both contests, so the picture is definitely my entry but I did come up with a write up to go with it.

Witchblade: Den of Wolves
Witchblade: Den of Wolves

In a new city with new priorities, Sara Pezzini thought she had finally separated her life from the chaos of the Witchblade. What she discovers however is there is no escaping destiny. There are demons so wild and savage that they've formed into packs, like wolves, that hunt for the 13 artifacts. With the Witchblade as their first target she realizes that all the artifacts are now in danger and she must join with the other wielders to fight off the most vicious enemies they've ever faced.

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Contest One: Art

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This contest ends tonight! Midnight PT.

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@spiderbat87 said:

this is not cool

Quoted for keeping it real.

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Not quite sure why my entry isn't showing up. Last attempt Art Entry

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Remember...GHOST HUNTER, really it's a great idea :D

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Less than five hours until this closes!

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Entry for Contest #1

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My entry for the Art Contest...

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Contest is closed. Thanks everyone for entering. Winners will be announced tomorrow.

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Did anyone win?

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