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The challenge was set, and 10 brave souls stepped up to meet it. Viners voted & declared that there could only be one winner.


Your blends of colours & textures just blew everyone away! The subtle gradients draw the eye in towards the characters, and the addition of splattering blood helps add danger and makes Wolverine pop out.

Commiserations & much thanks go out to everyone who entered. I can't tell you how much I loved seeing your different styles & interpretations! The official run down is as follows:

  1. nszerdy
  2. Duo_forbidden
  3. SC
  4. MuadDiab
  5. Warpath Storm
  6. gravitypress & mau009
  7. Hawkeye446
  8. Donovan Montgomery
  9. Black Lantern Mar-vell

With a wonderful wide variety of bold or muted colours, experimental lighting techniques, variant coloured costumes, different medium and a fabulously citrus-coloured Hulk it's not surprising that every entry received votes!

The Winning Entry By nszerdy

Congratulations once again to nzerdy. I apologise for not giving you a personalised video to show off your winning entry, but I'm afraid I've not been a healthy mutant mod and wouldn't want to scare you off with my impersonation of a grumpy panda ;)

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   Thanks to everyone who entered--there were a lot of great entries!  And a special thanks to everyone who voted!  Duo had great color choice!  And MaudDiab, SC, WarPath and Mau009 definitely were thinking outside of the box-which is what the contest was in-part for!  
I am thrilled though ---Woo Hoo!  Thank you again!!!

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@nszerdy said:
   Thanks to everyone who entered--there were a lot of great entries!  And a special thanks to everyone who voted! Woo Hoo! -Nszerdy
Though my votes went elsewhere on this. Congrats! Awesome work BTW.
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Congrats Nszerdy! Your design was awesome along with the rest of the entries.  This was a fun contest!

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Grats on the win. I hope we could do that again.

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@nszerdy: Congrats. Well deserved in fairness
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Congratulations to nszerdy.  and thanks for the votes those who voted for my pitiful Wolverine XD 
Was fun, and now I have the time, I think I'll try to color the Wolvster properly.....

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congrats nszerdy !!! 
aww I still want to see a personalized kitty video :D

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It was a really fun contest! 
congrats to the winner! 
I loved all of the entries and had fun making mine :) 
thanks @ xerox-kitty  f for making such amazing contests :D

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Congratulations nszerdy! Well deserved and earned!  
Also, much props to my fellow peeps who entered, and those that followed along and voted! These things are fun because of participation and numbers, so I am happy people contributed! Also *red* much thanks to any pity votes thrown my way *smile*  
Ooh, plus thank you Xerox Kitty for organization and prize! *smile*

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Very nice

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