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what kind of contest should we do?

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I'd like a contest but don't know what kind. A clean up contest where we see who can fix the most pages that didn't port properly (I've started doing that on my own big pages)? Some kind of themed contest? I was thinking "universe building" where you add as much as you can to characters, issues, objects, and every other kind of page but all for things in a single comic universe. It could also work for a major event (so many going on), set of stories or a series. I think another team contest could be fun.  Maybe a contest that doesn't involve editing pages, like seeing who can contact and interview the biggest name in comics (or if comparing people doesn't sound right it could be judged on best interview). A contest about creating the best guide (including how things work technically and socially, a look at the users, history of the site, etc, etc) to the new CV could be useful.

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Also, I want to win whatever the contest is, so if things were judged in my favor I'd be ok with that. And if I'm going to be winning, I'd like one (or both) of these to be my prize.

Custom bound comics. Doesn't have to be Team Achilles, I'll take the complete appearances of Mr. Majestic, all of Sleeper, Wildcats 3.0 (this might be best), or things along those lines.

Don't know why but I really like this.

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a cleanup contest would be a great idea....... i wonder how we would judge that....

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I like contests with a story and you fill in what happens next.

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i like buckshot's idea of doing the best story arc page

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How about a contest where we each make a team of superheroes or supervillains and we then enter them. Then we choose which superhero team we like and then a supervillain team we like. Then we have a fight between the 2.

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this could be cool

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What about an art contest ;{

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How about a contest, for artists to design What they think, Black Lantern Batman should look like, and the prizes could be Issue #0 and Issue#1 of the Blackest Night, as well as some Batman comics? how does this sound

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custom action figure or sculpted and painted statue contest. old news, but havent seen a decent one around the web in awhile.

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probally been done before, but why not. dress up as "your" character. much akin to Red LAMP on this very site.

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I have sort of an odd idea for a contest and I'm tad apprehensive to mention it now. Since I might have difficulty at the moment participating.
What about a concept/drawing contest? Say, ask users to take any two comic character from any series and design what their kid would be like if they were to 'procreate'.  Maybe write a small synopsis about the appearance, personality, and abilities.
I saw something along these lines in the Marvel message boards, but that was narrowed down to Marvel and characters and mutants. I think it could get pretty creative with some ideas when opened up to any series.

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I like that idea. Although the judges would have to specify who the parents would be. As someone may have already created something of the sorts and posted it.

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a musical contest, just for the musically inclined around here, and i know theres a few. something relevant,
possible redo a theme song or something tributing some aspect of comics left a little more open and less defined.

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most "WTF" pictures in comic books? like this..

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Art contes, trivia contest, bring them on.

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Rpg battle off for some prizes !

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original character contest! I bet apples and donuts I would win!
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See who can make the most annoying posts in an hour!

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Okay, serious now. :p
How's about a battle contest. But in three rounds. 
During the first round it is chosen who can fight who. Somebody picks a hero/villain and fights somebody else, in a tournement. All the fights are voted. And the places during the tournament are randomly chosen by the staff so you never know who has the advantage. At the end there will remain 4 battles, think of it as the quarter finals. 
During the second round the four battles get drawn by the artists of the vine. Again the outcomes are voted but also the drawings. 
During the third round the two best artists draw the semi-finals. We vote who wins. 
Finale: everybody gets to draw the finale. Only drawback is that the previous two artist get a head start. We vote for the best drawing, the winner. S/He who has the most point wins this tournament together with the remaining hero/villain. 

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who can find and post pictures/videos  of rare comic book related collectibles with proof they are rare/really old

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lol, hahaha! But would that have to do with art? Its got to be an art contest man!
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@SuperCoonce: a CONTESTwhere there's no rules to follow.
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I really like this idea. It would be very cool. I'd definitely participate.
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Ideas for new contests:

1.) Cosplay: Basically you dress up as any known comic book character (hero, villain, or civilian), take a photo of your costume and post it here on Comic Vine. Whom ever has the best costume wins.
2.) Character Traits: You describe yourself based on various characters for all type of reasons.
3.) "What Happens Next": You scan a certain scene/panel from a comic and ask the audience what will happen next (if they already know it or not) and will have three options to answer. Who answers the right answer first wins.
4.) "My Name Is...": Basically you rename a someone (based on a selected pic) and the best name wins.
5.) Cue Music: You give a character/team any random music via video (with lyrics or without).