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Nightcrawler is one of my absolute favorite characters. I know he is well loved by many other comic fans as well. Since Kurt sacrificed his life to save Hope's we have had the alternate version of him from the Age of Apocalypse appearing in Uncanny X-Force and while I love that version there's only one real Nightcrawler and he should not be forgotten.  
As an ode to Kurt I am giving away my X-Force #26 "Nightcrawler R.I.P" variant issue. As an added bonus I'm also giving away a Nightcrawler card that has the Nightcrawler: Manifest Destiny cover. It's also signed by the cover artist Brandon Peterson. All you have to do to win these items is show me why Nightcrawler is so great to you. You can use any creative means you can think of.... write, draw, build, or make a video it doesn't matter. Contest ends on the 19th of September, 2012.  (BTW, the comic is in Near MT condition.. it's just a glare from the photo) 
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One last bump...

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@IrishX said:

One last bump...

I do hope some people decide to partisapate. I mean, IT'S FREE STUFF FOR GOODNESS SAKE! :P

I would do it but we'll see how things go...

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i can relate to the fuzzy bule elf .hes one of my faverate x men . and he showed me that even freaks can find love .

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Honestly Nightcrawler has been my favorite X-Men since seeing him on the 90's X-Men TAS episodes Nightcrawler and Bloodlines. He's had one of the most difficult lives out of the X-Men, but he didn't become an evil mutant or even bitter he turned to religion. Which is something rare in comics in general,he is the most inspiring of the X-Men. Depending on your race, sexual orientation or any other hang ups you might have you can look to Nightcrawler and his message is the same you are how you are because that's how you were meant to be.

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@andrewtheking@nightwing91: Great stuff guys and very true. Need more of this for sure.
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@IrishX said:

@andrewtheking: @nightwing91: Great stuff guys and very true. Need more of this for sure.

Thank you, you'll get more people in here eventually. It's just the contest sub-fourm doesn't really draw a lot of traffic,but I defiantly appreciate the opportunity your presenting here. I hope you get tons of people interested in this, I'd love to see just what Nightcrawler means to others.

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@nightwing91: Appreciate the thoughts. I don't care to bump my own thread either but otherwise I don't think it'll be seen like ya say.
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:O awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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@IrishX: Wow! This is awesome!

I've got something planned for this for sure :D

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@IrishX: well, looks like this is getting a good amount of attention!

@Mercy_ said:

:O awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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@The Poet:  8 days to go...
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Hi! :

That's interesting.

I am from Europe. Can I take part in that Rondador Nocturno contest?

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@Thumbsbook_Thumbsbook: Yes, certainly.
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Few days to go. Guess I'll give it another bump.

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It's a shame you aren't getting the traffic. Nightcrawler was my FAVORITE X-men of ALL TIME (PERIOD).

My first exposure to the character was in X-Men VS. OBNOXIO the CLOWN ...LOL - I've never seen such an original character before (early 1980's) Nightcrawler was the FIRST superhero that felt more than just pictures and sounds ... the writer made sure to remind us that each time he teleported there was an unmistakable scent of BRIMSTONE in the air. (As a kid I had to look up "brimstone" in the dictionary :P) ...That character felt the most REAL than the others because of that and he LOOKED cool to boot! He embodied what it means to be an X-men more than the others because he was mutantly freakish on the outside but absolutely noble and good-hearted on the inside. I kind of miss the dynamics his character brought. I miss Wolverine calling him a 'fuzzy elf' and that he was close friends with Kitty Pryde. I liked that he wasn't your typical muscle bound strong superhero. Marvel hasn't told enough stories with Nightcrawler.

When Jim Lee drew the Marvel superhero collector cards, Nightcrawler was the only one I wanted and kept.

Most of all I love that he could be a dark character but still have a FUN attitude and perspective on everyday life when you get to know him....it sort of describes ME =)

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Just because I am unfamiliar with all the Nightcrawlers from the other dimensions...I read up on it here on his character entry in comicvine...it looks like there was only ONE Kurt Wagner -

It's kind of a shame because there are only a few superheroes with moral standards and a high regard for life who can also be cool and fun loving.

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Kurt is in my top five X-Men. I'll see if I can make something, but my hands are full with, school, and work.

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@Holaso: Good stuff. That card is a nice one for sure. 
@Blood1991: Understandable. Thanks for stopping in and showing Kurt some love either way. 
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@IrishX: Wow, nearly missed this one. Thanks to for giving this a shout out on the community forum spotlight page.

Why is Nightcrawler great to me?

I think it all comes down to one word: Grace. I remember even when i was twelve and first discovered Nightcrawler in the pages of Classic X-Men that i recognised that grace in him. He was a tortured character, sure, but not in the same way that the Punisher or Wolverine was. They seemed to have committed more to the dark sides of their souls, whereas, Kurt seemed to only gravitate toward the light. Really, Nightcrawler had every reason to be a villain, every reason to be embittered and angry... but he wasn't. He did and always has believed in the betterment of man and mutant, in the weight and worth of the soul and this, coupled with his devil may care, swashbuckler persona added up to be one of the most intriguing character in comics. His pursuit of godly faith whilst in the form of a demon is worthy of Shakespeare. His appearance in X Men 2 was the highlight of the trilogy in my opinion. Any team is greatly lifted by his presence.

In short, Kurt Wagner is who we would hope to be when we find ourselves in times of conflict and turmoil; a loving and graceful soul.

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Who else loves Nightcrawler? [nonchalant bump]

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Oh, I forgot to put the translation:            ¡ Bamf !  =  Bamf !      ¡ Sorpresa ! = Surprise !

He can take anyone by surprise... ;-)

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@Thumbsbook_Thumbsbook:  Love it mate. That's a really nice picture.  
Some very great things said about a great character and a great picture to boot. Thanks so much for participating everyone. I decided the fairest way to pick a winner was to pick one at random.  
My kids and I rolled some dice and got that winner..... Congratulations Holaso!  
Even though we didn't get a lot of entries I hope we can do another contest sometime. So maybe you guys can win something else down the road. Thanks again everyone.
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@Holaso: congrats

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THANKS everyone...now I feel like doing something nice for someone else :D

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@Holaso: Congrasts, Holaso!

@IrishX:   Thank you!  :-D 

And thanks for the contest, that wouldn't have existed without it.  :-)

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Because one time I threw a neighbor kid down a flight of steps because he tried to tell me Beast was better. He was wrong on so many levels. (get it ? because I threw him down a flight of steps ?)