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Marvel Mayhem - Too Many Masters Competition

In the spirit of the actual Marvel Thunderbolts (the good team not the murder-bolts) I have posted an image below that represents the Masters of Evil who will be appearing in the homage to the Avengers Mansion Takeover Arc, my favourite Avengers Story. All you have to do is ID all the fiends in the line up and PM with the answers with something like Too Many Masters (UserName). Why should you do this? Well not just for fun, the person with the most correct answers gets to chose a character to join the Marvel Mayhem Team to replace the Thunderbolt who will be leaving next issue. Closing date is the 18th of September at Noon Greenwich Mean Time.

Hope you enjoy.

Impurest Cheese

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shocker, monnstone, speed demon.... guess i win lol

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@nfareed71024: Still have plenty of time left. Also it states for answers to OM me so not to give any correct answers (if any) away. Send me a message with your answers and character choice.