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Last week we had our little John Carter prize pack giveaway courtesy of Disney. The prize pack includes John Carter Blu-ray Hi-Def + DVD Combo Pack, the CD Soundtrack and The Art of John Carter: A Visual Journey (which has a SRP of $50).

All you had to do was tell us what you'd do if you were transported to Mars and gained John Carter's abilities. We had some pretty interesting results. TWO winners were chosen at random.


Doctor!!!!! and Iron Apollo.

Congratulations to the winners.

For those that didn't win...stay tuned. Maybe you'll see something else pop up later this week...

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Bummer man, guess a trip to Best Buy is in order after picking up my comics today!

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What did they say anyway?

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Congratulations are in order.

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Wha..wha..WHAT!! I won something!!? (Collapse...)

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Congratulations to Doctor!!!!! and Iron Apollo. And thanks to Comic Vine for the chance to enter a contest like this too.

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Congrats guys

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Congrats and yes, thank you for these contests - we all appreciate them :D

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Congratulations and enjoy.

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aw man! ive been uber-busy and missed a giveaway! :(

congrats to those who did not fail...

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Way to be winners!

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congrats, but seeing as you won John Carter.... meebee not

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Shucks, really wanted that. But congrats you two!

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I just watched John Carter today... I hold to my opinion that it is a great movie and people should be ashamed for allowing it to flop in theaters. Anyway, congrats Doctor and Iron Apollo! Enjoy the great prizes!

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I just register for the contest to improve everyone else's chances

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It's not the winning that counts... it's the taking part :P

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