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    You'll be part of a special club wearing this t-shirt. The We're Awesome Club.
    You'll be part of a special club wearing this t-shirt. The We're Awesome Club.
In case you missed them, here are the reviews from the Comic Vine staff for the week of June 21.  You'll notice that there are asterisks (*) next to a couple of the reviews below. We'll be giving away these starred comics in a bundle to a randomly chosen commenter on this post. Just like last week, you'll also have a chance to win one of our awesome San Diego Comic Con shirts we'll be sporting at the convention next month. The shirt will go to the same person who wins the comics bundle (your pick between a white or black shirt). To win, just comment on this post by Friday, June 25 @ 5 PM PDT. The drawing is limited to U.S. and Canada residents only, unfortunately. Be sure to check back on Friday to see if we've PM'ed you, as we'll need your shipping info. Without further ado, here are the reviews:     

No Caption Provided
 == TEASER == 






Zack Freeman: 

And don't forget to to check out our Unscripted video reviews. Tony and Sara will be sitting down to discuss and review, and these :    
  • Wednesday, June 23:  Birds of Prey #2  *
  • Thursday, June 24 X-Men Legacy #237  *
  • Friday, June 25: Superman #700
  • Monday, June 28: Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne #3
  • Tuesday, June 29: Avengers #2
  • Wednesday, June 30: Detective Comics #866
Enjoy the reviews, and good luck with this Free Friday give-away!    
**UPDATE: Our Comic Vine Randomizing Robot has selected Troilus as the winner for this week's bundle! Congrats! Everyone else, be sure to check in next week for our weekly Free Fridays Give-Away!**
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I want free comics oh yeah!

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i want comics! w0000t w00t

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Awesome. Free comics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I want comics!

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Hiya Comic vine. Free comics and stuff are a awesome treat :D

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Free comics!

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I would enjoy some comics. *crosses finger

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Free comics? Life is good!

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I love me some free comics. 
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I love free stuff!

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I'd like some comics please =)

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Free Comic Friday....I LOVE IT

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Oh cool! I was hoping you guys would do an Unscripted on Superman #700 and Avengers #2!
Just wanted to mention that I love Free Fridays BTW!

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What the heck, I'll try for some free comics.

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This is my entry! =)

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Nom nom nom

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All of you are so freaking lame saying the same thing " I want free comics" I love free comics" "yay free comics" OMFG maybe you should enter a contest that is giving away free new personalities or a brain with some imagination.  You are all souless jerks and I hope you fall down some stairs and forget who you are today and become someone usefull to this already zombie filled society we have to struggle through day to day with no real hope of escape except for the sweet day of relief when death has finally come for each of us all.  Thank you, good night and f*ck off! 
Oh and I love free comics!! I want free comics and YAY free comics!!!!!! ;)
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Boom shaka-laka?

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This is cool that you guys started this. 

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I want some stuff.  

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Pick me! because well I'M AWESOME!

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Friday again!? Damn this week had gone by really quick.
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Cowboy- Think i could trade them for some hookers?
Ninja- or possibly some wellbutrin? 
Viking- We just kill everyone else that posts! Then we win for sure! 
Duncan- Or we could just hope they pick us and keep the comics? 
Cowboy, Ninja, Viking- Nope not an option!!

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#29 Edited by mimschkin (649 posts) - - Show Bio

This would totally make my week :D
EDIT: Wait, since when is this US and Canada only? I was always so proud that CV was so inclusive on its contests. That means I'm out (yes I'll read the whole thing through next time).

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Cool. Definitely books I'd like to read.
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I'm commenting.

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FCF? Count me in!

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im in

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Reply! Reply!

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I could really go for some nachos right now
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Looking forward to the Avengers #2  Unscripted review. Free Fridays kick ass!!!!

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You know who likes free stuff???   
This guy right here ->

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Here is my entry. Good luck everyone!

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Submitted for your approval. 

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Free comics?!

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I'm going to give it a shot.

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I am expressing my interest.

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free comic and a tshirt is always good.

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Yeah, pick me! And this is begging it's asking nicely!
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FCF's are so very awesome.

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#47 Posted by Icemizer (181 posts) - - Show Bio

Since they are free I imagine they might be for me.

Still another may win and place them in their comic bin. 
However it ends somone will whine. 
We all want free comics from Comic Vine.


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Great to see the shirt back again to be given away!
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please :) ?
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pick me!