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Last week we had an EVIL ERNIE contest to commemorate the relaunch of the series. The first issue is on sale October 10 but with the help of Dynamite Entertainment and writer Jesse Blaze Snider, we're giving away:

(1) Grand Prize: A complete set of 1st print #1s and #1 incentives.

(3) Runner Up: A complete set of #1s (4 regular covers)

To win, you had choose the perfect band t-shirt for Ernie and explain why it was perfect. Jesse chose the winners himself.

And the winners are...

Grand Prize

God_Module - combichrist

Runners up

1. Shreds_of_Flesh - Darkness

2. Xanthiss - Hammerfall

3. Longbowhunter - Nuclear Assault

Congrats to the winners. You can look for a review for the first issue later today (Wednesday). The rest of you, go out and buy the comic.

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Very cool contest. Nice to see Smiley too.

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Congrats to all of the winners!

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Cannot WAIT to read this series. Army of Darkness had great artists, and the idea that one of those talents is involved in this series makes my zombified heart flutter. *swoons*

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Shucks was hoping to win that, but congrats to you winners :)

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Congrats, !!!

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Congrats guys

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Well done guys! Just picked up issue 1 today, looking forward to reintroducing myself to Ernie and Smiley again.

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Holy cow I won something! I knew my vast knowledge of 80's thrash metal would come in handy one day.

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Head Over To Evil Ernie's FB Page and Show Of Your Collections, INK, What Ever You Got Evil Ernie And Chaos Related And Tell'em raven Homicide Sent Ya.... ☣ 13 \m/ (◣_◢) \m/ 13 Ω

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Jesse, you rule. G-Man, you rule. Comicvine, you rule. Thanks for putting this awesome contest together!

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Holy cow! I entered in on a pipe dream! Thank you so much! :D

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congrats all who entered and won!

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You are all very welcome! Thank you to everyone who participated! =)

As soon as I get sent those books I'll sign them and send them off to comicvine! =)


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Funny I Chose Twisted Sister Come Out And Play And In Issue 2 Young Ernie Wearing A Stay Hungry Shirt...