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Posted by gmanfromheck (41187 posts) - - Show Bio

Did you get a chance to watch John Carter in theaters? We were pleasantly surprised when we saw the movie. If you didn't get a chance to watch it, here is your chance to not only win the movie but some other prizes as well.

Disney is offering a prize pack for TWO winners.

The prize pack includes:

  • (1) John Carter Blu-ray Hi-Def + DVD Combo Pack
  • (1) CD Soundtrack
  • (1) The Art of John Carter: A Visual Journey (SRP $50.00)
    Written by Josh Kushins, Introduction by Andrew Stanton, Afterword by Ryan Church

And, if I remember, I'll even throw in some Comic Vine stickers and buttons (if I have any left).

== TEASER ==

To enter: you just need to tell us what would you do if you were transported to Mars. Would you use your powers to fight in the war? Would you use them for personal gain? Would you do whatever you could to get back to Earth? The choice is yours.

  • Two winners will be chosen at random.
  • One entry per person.
  • And our lawyers insist the contest is open only to those in the United States. (Yes it's a bummer but our hands are tied by all the legal red tape).
  • The contest will begin immediately and end Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at midnight PT.

The contest unfortunately is only open to residents of the United States.

#1 Posted by Green ankh (1104 posts) - - Show Bio

I would help fight the war and try to set myself up to finally live a life by my rules. And hope to finally gdet it right !

#2 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd be Mars's Superman. Plain and simple. Why come back to Earth when I could essentially be a superhero?

#3 Posted by r3d_rob1n (543 posts) - - Show Bio

If I were transported to Mars I would definitely fight in the war, if only to get on the good side of Dejah ;) Then I would take my rightful place of ruler of Mars and jump around the entire planet stopping crime and takin names

#4 Posted by papo (218 posts) - - Show Bio

I would learn how to use my new found abilities for the greater good

#5 Posted by Illuminatus (9578 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd become a supervillain on Mars.

#6 Posted by Overlander (615 posts) - - Show Bio

If I were transported to Mars, I would use my powers to try and get back to Earth, but help people along the way like a Martian version of the Quantum Leap series...because it is only when you are helping others that you are truly happy.

#7 Posted by HeroSupreme (8 posts) - - Show Bio

I would hang out with Arnold in the Mars colony red light district and make plans to restore an oxygenated atmosphere to the planet.

#8 Edited by KainScion (2992 posts) - - Show Bio

i would make a better john carter movie (im not from the us but had to say it)

#9 Edited by Recoil1985 (543 posts) - - Show Bio

Honestly, I think I'd have too much fun leaping around the mountain ranges and be completely oblivious to the war going on.

@Illuminatus said:

I'd become a supervillain on Mars.

Ironically enough when I had the chance to interview talent for the movie I asked Dafoe what he thought Norman Osborn would do if he found himself on Mars with those powers. He just laughed and said I was too creative. Norman Osborn of Mars. I'd see that.

#10 Posted by Dernman (19859 posts) - - Show Bio

First and foremost I would just try and stay alive. Then depending if my situation is better then my life here or not I would try and get home.

#11 Posted by walkb00 (11 posts) - - Show Bio

Superhero is a start but i am thinking King. It has a nice ring to it.

#12 Posted by Raven0207 (1329 posts) - - Show Bio

I would become the first Gourmet Chef of Mars ! I mean there has to be a good place to get a cheeseburger on Mars ! Right ?

#13 Posted by steven_earl (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I would use my powers to stop all the blood shed. After a few years I would get the Tarks and The Red and Blue factions to all play nice and come back to earth and rule this planet in my name.

#14 Posted by Bergquist (794 posts) - - Show Bio

wait... I have powers? :O

I would fight in the war for personal gain. and that personal gain would be finding a way back to Earth... Oh and gold. (Do they have gold?)

#15 Posted by puinno (65 posts) - - Show Bio

I know one thing I definitely would not do and that would be try and return to Earth. On Mars I would be for lack of a better word "superhuman". On Earth I would be just like everyone else. In the end I would probably fight to end the war.

#16 Posted by neillius (49 posts) - - Show Bio

It seems as though John Carter had some abilities like the golden age superman. Being the devout superman fan I am, I'd probably do the superman thing...cape...and...all...


#17 Posted by JalenJade (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd takeover. Probably better off ruling Mars anyway, no stupid humans to screw it up.

#18 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

If I was transported to mars, i would try to help the residence. I mean, I would try to go home, but in the mean time I would help people. I always like to help people, so if I need to fight in a war on mars of all places I would do so. Plus I would apparently get superpowers, which is an added bonus!

#19 Posted by Webjaker (369 posts) - - Show Bio

I would do to bring about peace, and No, I probably would not do much to return to Earth. Though, it would be nice to hop back and forth. Many things on Earth that don't appear on Mars

#20 Edited by MlSTERFANTASTlC (15 posts) - - Show Bio

I would teach the Martians basketball and own them at slam dunk contests. I will return to Earth during off season to read comics, see movies, and play the latest video games.

#21 Posted by TheFatLantern (3 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd set up a farm for the thoats. With my enhanced agility I could train them and develop the strongest, fastest thoats and all of the martians would come to me to buy their thoats. I'd call my business "You're really getting my thoat".

#22 Posted by tbpinkfloyd (128 posts) - - Show Bio

If I were transported to Mars these days, knowing what I know about time displacement, I'd enjoy myself!

I would court both sides of the war, seeing who was really in the right. Then, betray whoever the a-hole side was, and fight for the side of good with my super-human powers! Knowing I could someday return to Earth, I wouldn't try to become royalty or anything, but rather serve the people whenever I could and advise who's in charge! And honestly, the Tharks need some respect on the red planet, so I'd probably crusade for interspecies equality.

#23 Posted by Qdor (8 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd gather up all the awesome animals of mars and try and bring them back to Earth with me! Then I'd start a super zoo.

#24 Posted by nomadicxnightmare (153 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd take control of the Thark tribes (they're a much cooler bunch anyway) and use their combined might to take over the planet. Afterward I would rule a unified Mars, but continue to build my military for the inevitable invasion of Earth. And Dejah would make an excellent 'spoils of war' trophy ;)

#25 Posted by noj (1400 posts) - - Show Bio

Lets see I would use my powers to build a great empire and advance science so I could find a way back to Earth!

#26 Posted by Phatale (9 posts) - - Show Bio

Definately fight the war.

#27 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (5139 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd introduce Reaganomics and live in obscurity.

#28 Posted by kennybaese (1240 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd hang out with J'onn J'onnz and eat Oreos.

#29 Posted by xtigerz (9 posts) - - Show Bio

If I was transported to Mars I would take over. I would use my superpowers to rule over all. MWHAAAAAAA!

#30 Posted by monopolyloser (77 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd probably try my best to get backup earth, but then change my mind to help fight the war out of some sense of honor.

#31 Posted by crushtv (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd go white ape hunting every weekend.

#32 Posted by Tempest55 (80 posts) - - Show Bio

I would leave a message for Arnold Schwarzenegger, in English, telling him that there is indeed air on Mar's. So in the future when he gets here, I can ensure that he discovers this early and beats the bad guys.

This is Paul's secret prologue he hasn't told anybody about. I'll convince him one day to direct it though....

#33 Posted by Bestostero (5782 posts) - - Show Bio

Assuming I was able to survive on Mars and had powers, I would use my powers for personal gain. The power will go to my head and I will abuse them unmercifully. Just being honest. I would probably start out helping people with the best intentions, but then I'll start abusing them in small ways which will eventually turn into bigger things...then ill be a full blown villain lol

#34 Posted by MrMazz (1889 posts) - - Show Bio

I would jump really far and figure out how to become a Warlord of Mars

#35 Posted by deadpool25mm (803 posts) - - Show Bio

I didnt see the Movie so i dont realy know whats going on there lol, but i would help fight the war with my powers (on the good side of course!) and try to return home (Earth ;)) after the war is over and no help is needed to protect them (Martians). would be cool to keep my powers :)

#36 Posted by Manchine (4958 posts) - - Show Bio

I would try to get back to earth. I love my wife and that is my top priority. Of couse if someone needed help I would help them I would do the right thing and my wife would understand. (Though she may not like it.)

#37 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2643 posts) - - Show Bio

If I was transported to Mars I would die due to a lack of oxygen and the temperature

Mars is hostile to life as we know it. Temperatures on Mars can dip down to -87 degrees C, and rarely get above 0 degrees C. But the biggest pressure is the lack of an atmosphere. The atmosphere of Mars is less than 1% the thickness of Earth’s atmosphere. Furthermore, it’s made up of 95% carbon dioxide – this is poisonous to breathe.

#38 Edited by Doctor!!!!! (2135 posts) - - Show Bio

but John Carter's powers... SUPER JUMPING IS AWESOME!!

On Mars, I would find a Martian dog thing and become the Flash for awhile and ..... RULE BARSOOM!!! and take Martian Princess as my companion! Also Super Jump for no apparent reason, with John William's Superman March being played every time I do something awesomtacular!

#39 Posted by Royal_Octopus (3 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd try to find that annoying female Martian from Brightest Day and make her pay for taking up so much story time that could have been better spent on Aquaman.

#40 Posted by otisburns (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I would probably do something dumb like remake Total Recall with less sharon stone boob

#41 Posted by jointron33 (2107 posts) - - Show Bio

I would help ensure peace on Mars, then find someone to Earth and inform any friends and family members.

#42 Posted by pmvaun (14 posts) - - Show Bio

i would die instantly from the lack of oxygen in atmosphere there.

#43 Posted by McBig (148 posts) - - Show Bio

At first I'd freak out that I'm now on Mars. Once I get over the initial shock I'd try to use my powers for good but most likely end up screwing it up by trying to fix what I thought needed to get fixed.

#44 Posted by yo_yo_fun (654 posts) - - Show Bio

If I was transported to Mars and I had powers, I would definitely fight in the war (on the good side of course)! :)

And when the war is over, I would find a way back to Earth.

#45 Posted by greenenvy (637 posts) - - Show Bio

Since I am on a new planet I believe it is my chance to redeem the sins and wrongs in my previous life on earth. But on mars its like my second chance at life to re wright my journey and prove my value as a human being with an extraordinary purpose now available to me.

#46 Posted by curtman2k20 (41 posts) - - Show Bio

I would use my powers for personal gain, and marry a Mars Woman and live happily on another planet!

#47 Posted by sentryman555 (883 posts) - - Show Bio

If I was transported to Mars I would use my powers to help the people there UNTIL I could find a way home. If I were to find a way back to Earth I would become the ambassador of Earth for Mars. Connecting our planets.

#48 Posted by Mr. Kamikaze (825 posts) - - Show Bio

Simple. I'd do whatever I needed to do to get back home to Earth, but I wouldn't be against some Dejah Thoris on the side. Frankly, I don't know that I could adjust to a life where people don't look like people and they probably eat space slugs...I would miss hamburgers too much. Silly American, right? Such is my sin.

#49 Posted by Kalel458 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I would definitely at first have fun with my powers. Maybe on accident id destroy some landscapes and stuff like that. But after my fooling around, id help the locals of mars take back what is theirs. I wouldnt be a king or anything id be a citizen just like them, if they would have me.

#50 Posted by Super_SoldierXII (7267 posts) - - Show Bio

Transported to Mars with superpowers. Hm. I wouldn't be able to resist helping. I'd settle the war, then I'd probably be content to settle with a nice Martian woman - Dejah Thoris here I come! (I could have spelled that inappropriately but resisted the urge).

I have a nice life here, but nothing to commit me to coming back and foregoing a spectacular, super powered existence on another planet!