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When I think of Spider-mans greatest villain the first person to come to mind is Eddie Brock as Venom. The character alone down to his costume and how he is, makes the perfect counterpart to peter. When you look at spiderman and try and pick out who fits into the roll of his greatest foe venom is an easy choice. Just beginning with the why the character looks alot like spiderman and who has pretty much the same powers also. Venom would be spidermans opposite , his archenemy. Peter has to fight to make the right choices in every situation, even if it means saving the lives of his enemy's. Whats the opposite of this, eddie brock trying to be a hero buy killing people and taking lives to save others. He is doing good by saving people, but he is also making the morally wrong decisions in the end. This is something that peter can never risk doing and why in the end peter is the hero and venom is the villain.

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I liked the story of the fat kid being bullied turning around and turning into a big time crime boss. In truth I never really cared for Kingpin until the 90's animated series of Spiderman. He was just a big bloated guy, but he's really one of the best villains for Spiderman and one of my favorite villains in general.

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In my opinion Spider-man's biggest enemy is himself. I'm not talking about Kain or Reilly, but Peter Parker. Many times he has himself caused problems. Weather it's self doubt or not using his wits. Peter Parker is a genius but it took years for him to finally use that genius. Even with that when he is Spider-man I've seen him make simple mistakes that any "brain" shouldn't have (cutting the oxygen on the space station to stop Doc Oct, when he had his magnetic webbing that could have blocked his signal). They always mention that Spider-man will be the greatest of all of us, yet Peter himself doesn't always have faith in his ability and his second guessing can get the best of him. If they say he is the greatest because he is doing it for noble reasons, and he does it to protect people, that I get. But as a super-hero he has a lot of self doubt.

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I am going to go with a safe answer. It is also the best answer. Green Goblin! While there have been moments involving Norman Osborn that fans hate, just about every good twist and turn in the Spidey-verse as revolved around him. Not to mention that he is now a big league hitter after Dark Reign and Siege. I like the Clone Saga and kids with a clone of Gwen Stacy. Weird and creepy sometimes, but always entertaining.

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I've been going back and forth in this so many times between Kraven and Eddie Brock, Venom but I'm gonna have to give it up to Kraven. He's deadly in the sense that he doesn't want anything only Spiderman's death. Also to think that underneath it all he's not a bad guy. Their is some complexity to his character, like he saved Mary Jane from muggers. The other fact is not only did he target Spiderman, he targeted everyone related to Spiderman. The whole spider family. Not many villains, if any, have done that before. So it makes him an even bigger threat. Kraven has created his whole family with the idea that Spiderman needs to be destroyed. Almost making a whole new roster of villains for spidey.

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I feel his greatest enemy is his first enemy.

That's right, The Burglar.

Unlike most he was a regular human, and yet as a man without powers it was him who taught Spidey that with great power comes great responsibility.

Now that ASM is ending, I feel it would be good time to give him a little more exposure. A one-shot showing his life of crime and then leading up to the events of Amazing Fantasy #15 would be an interesting read, at least I think so.

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I prefer early Sandman. Because he wasn't really a bad guy. He was a man in a bad situation and he wanted to help his daughter, which is totally justifiable in anyone's mind. I'm sure people with children can attest they would do anything for their kids, even joining ranks with 5 weirdos to take down a man dressed as a spider. But, at the same time, he turns into sand, and (as anyone who's gotten sand in their shoes or clothes knows) sand is evil -- It's nature's glitter!

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I forgot to answer the other questions. I feel Black Tarantula has the greatest origin because it isn't a choice of becoming the Black Tarantula. If you are chosen while being baby, then get ready for some intense training. The fact that this has been done for over decades is so interesting and villainous. Its crazy! I think that could be a real challenge for Spidey, DareDevil, and the Punisher. Having to take on a person that has had training since being a toddler. I don't think any other villains' can compete with the Black Tarantula when it comes to origins. Most villains are made by accidents in the lab, mistakes being made, having a grudge against someone. The Black Tarantula is a long line of well trained assassins. I don't know any other villain that has that kind of origin and no say in how he wished to grow up.

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Morlun was the villain that got me interested in Spider-man as a kid. He presented a physical threat, while not being reduced to a super-strength simpleton. He was foreboding and darkly confident, but, like Galactus, or the God butcher, he was a force of nature not simply evil. The contrast between Morlun's impersonality with Peter's usual reverie made the two polar opposittes in characterization and motivations. The final scene with Morlun still freaks me out..."It was nothing personal..." he said as he seemingly died, but to Peter it was intensely personal, dropping him to the depths of stealing from a pan-handler, at one pause in the fight to tell Aunt May he loved her before he died.

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I'm a fan of the Lizard. He is the classic tail (see what I did there) of good intentions paving the road to hell. Connors is constantly grappling with his more primitive natures and frequently succumbs to them. His powerset is lethal, and his brain also makes him a formidable opponent for Spidey. I am interested to see where he goes from here; after murdering his son, and now having his human brain trapped inside the Lizard body.

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John Jonah Jameson would have to be my vote for the one villian that is missing from spider-mans life. J. J. Jamesons wife was killed by a masked mugger, this fuels his long standing hatred of spider-man because Spidey is considered a hero while wearing a mask like J. J. wifes killer. He is an average person who used to be Spider-mans/Peter Parkers biggest thorn in his side, but for too long he has been on good terms with spiderman. The first time you meet J. J. in every reincarnation of Spider-Man you can almost feel the hatred for Spidey. It only got worse over time in Amazing and Spectacular Spider-man with J. J. having Spider Slayers made to capture Spider-man. After the failures of Spencer Smythe and his creation Scorpion J. J. uped his game further by hiring profession killers and hunter like Silver Sable and Kraven. I could go on and on but John Jonah Jameson was always Spider-man biggest risk; he created spider-man public image that made him public enemy number one for so long, he hired or assissted numerous enemies of Spider-mans, and he under paid peter parker for nearly his whole career leading to peters finicial problems. I hope to see J. J. resume his role as the hidden boss of Spider-mans world because he was the real arch enemy of Spider-man.

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This answer is only for “The Amazing Spider-Man”

Let me first say that I am a huge Civil War buff, and this obviously makes a huge play in who I believe was Spider-Man’s greatest enemy. For me it goes to Iron Man hands down. I get that he was half of marvel's enemy at the time of the civil war as well but in particular Peter Parker was devastated and hurt the most by Tony Stark. This is where the origin of Spider-Man and Iron Man become enemies. Before and leading up to the Civil War Arc, Tony had literally taken the father figure roll in Peters life, he gave him a great job, which naturally solved his ongoing financial crisis’s and gave him and his at the time wife Marry Jane and Aunt May a comfortable way of life. Tony played the ideal if not perfect roll model for Peter and their relationship seemed perfect. But when the super human registration act was passed, Tony again buttered Peter up with a beautiful new Spider-Man suit the Iron Spider. This seemed perfect HOWEVER Tony was plotting the whole time that if he had Spider-Man on his side the super human registration act would go over well with most of the super human community as well, and even staged an attempt on his own life to get Peter to agree to unmask himself publicly to further the act. After Peter agreed Tony showed his true colors and completely betrayed Peter, all along his Iron Spider suit was gathering data oh him and figuring out all his powers and abilities which Tony used very well against him when Spidey finally switched sides.

Sorry for the unwanted Spider-Man Civil War history brief but you may be thinking oh wow he was betrayed and its fine because they just made up later and Spider-Man became an avenger and yadda yadda yadda, BUT THATS NOT TRUE. Let us not forget that because Tony tricked Peter into unmasking himself it caused his greatest fear to become reality his wife and aunt were finally put in danger. Aunt May was shot and only did not die because Peter and Mary Jane both made deals with the demon Mephisto which did Four major things, One erased Peter and Mary Jane's perfect marriage, Two erased everyone’s memory of Peter being Spider-Man, Three saved aunt May's life, and Four reverting Peters powers back to their original state. In a way Tony's betrayal of Peter set into a motion that completely revamped the Amazing Spider-Man, the good people at marvel could have restarted Spider-Man with a issue number one after that mess.

Let us then recap why I believe Iron Man to be Spider-Man's greatest enemy; Completely built and destroyed Peters personal life by giving him everything and ripping it away in glorious fashion, Completely mapped out and gathered all the personally data on him in order to take him down if the need be thus figuring all the abilities he had without Peter knowing a thing, tricked him into unmasking himself and putting his families lives in danger, subsequently got his aunt shot and almost killed, caused him and Mary Jane to make deals with a class two demon which made their marriage never happen as well as revert his powers to their original state, Iron Man basically rebooted the Spider-Man series after Brand New Day. That seems like a whole lot to me for a one time villain in my book.

The final question to be answered is why should the enemy chosen be featured more prominent in future Spider-Man comics and story arcs, well Iron Man appears quite often in Spider-Man books as it is but not as a villain as well as many other marvel book, but with the upcoming Superior Spider-Man title I can very much see Iron Man being a possible enemy, It is well know that Hero vs Hero story arcs sell very well so only time will eventually put the hero's against each other again, but rest assure it will happen.

Greatest Spider-Man enemy = Iron Man.

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Kraven the Hunter. All he wanted was to hunt the biggest game on earth. OK, so Spider-Man turned out to be a human being but the point stands Spider-Man was game. Better yet he succeed at hunting and "capturing" the Spider-man, how many Spidey villains can say they WON against the Spider-Man. It is simple straight forward but full of stuff to mine like why dose Kraven want to hunt things? Why not take care of animals?

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I don't think there is any character in Spider-Man's rouges gallery quite as menacing as the symbiote/Venom when written properly. Unlike most of Spidey's villains, he is not just some mad scientist or thug in a suit. It is in fact part of Peter Parker. It debuted as Spider-Man's new costume during Secret Wars, which Spider-Man wore as if it were an inanimate object. All during that period, the symbiote was getting inside Spidey's brain, corrupting him and learning his secrets. At least the Green Goblin or The Lizard can be recognized as a threat, whereas Venom was able to control Spider-Man covertly for a decent period of time, before Peter realized he was not himself. When Venom and Peter were separated, Venom maintained parts of Spider-Man that it had leached away signified by the spider symbol Venom maintained, making Peter Parker personally responsible in the creation of one of the Marvel universe's most deadly predators.

Venom has never really disappeared from comics for very long, but the true terror the character originally instilled has more or less subsided. I would like to see a symbiote story that return to its roots, and really reminds people just what a danger Venom really is.

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@byrdx22: That is a good answer I forgot how much that whole thing made me hate Iron Man. Now, I have forgiven him, but damn did I hate Iron Man.

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@ssj2DeadPool: I know bro, that story arc still reigns supreme for me so i had to throw my two cents in.

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While I have a number of favorite villains the one origin that sticks out for me is Doctor Octopus. Basically he is the opposite of Spider-Man in so many ways. Both Doc Oct and Spider-Man are smart. Both of them invented stuff, Spider Man the web slinger and Doc Octs arms. Yet Spider-Man for all the good he does, and love he gets from saving people, Doc Oct hates Spider-man because he sees him as this punk who was lucky enough too get bit by a genetically engineered spider. Doc Oct is pretty much mr.unlucky, Spider-man is mr. lucky, and that creates a fire inside Doctor Octopus that creates a similar tension only seen between Batman and Joker. Because Doc Oct is this total failure, and he worked hard his whole life only to get nothing from it, and all the good that is Spider-Man enrages him. I feel many people can sympathize with Doc Oct , unlike so many Spider-Man villains who are just plain bad or plain crazy, there is a story in Doctor Octpus many could say " I can see why this guy is bad, I can sort of see the reason why this guy turned against the world".

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In my humble opinion one villain that always struck me as being the most believable in origin and terrifying in execution has always been one man: Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime. One of the best things about him is he debuted as a Spider-man villain but went on to torment a multitude of other characters in the Marvel Universe; of course this is true of many of Spidey's villains but I would go out on a limb and say he is definitely the one that has gone on to cause MORE harm (both mental and physical) to other heroes, just look what he did to Daredevil in Born Again, I never saw a hero more torn apart and just totally stripped of EVERYTHING he'd accumulated: his girlfriend, his job, his money, his home, his best friend, even most of his sanity and will to be a hero...all GONE just so the Kingpin could show that he was stronger and better than Daredevil who thought he could hide behind his alter ego. But I digress, the contest asks about origin? That's another amazing part about Wilson Fisk: he has the same origin as most super heroes! The guy was bullied, and ridiculed, so what did he do? He trained his body and his mind to overcome his obstacles. Sound familiar? He could have been on the same path as your Bruce Waynes, Peter Parkers and so ons but instead he used it to take advantage of people and learn the ways the world worked to get himself to the top of the criminal empire. No villain has been more detrimental to so many heroes, and he never had superpowers, or built some sort of suit to give him the upperhand, he can just outwit and destroy anyone with the his sheer power of influence. The dude is one bad mother--shut your mouth!

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Going into this search of finding the most prominent nemesis of Spider-Man, my ground plan was to figure out who had the greatest animosity and grudge towards both Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Having the long list of enemies, I had to choose between some of the larger caught-on adversaries of spidey and those that are dark horses of the bunch; and with the obvious choice I accredited Eddie Brock as the most vengeful. Before bonding with Venom, he also held ample amount of grudge against Spider-Man. Having been the reporter to weasel his way into writing about the Sin-Eater, which was actually not the real murderer of countless cases, he then reveals the wrong identity of the serial killer, as Spider-Man captured the real Sin-Eater just hours afterwards. Eventually he is fired from his job, mocked of and later divorced by his wife; as a result causing Eddie to go insane, possessing the uttermost hate towards Spider-Man.

Thereafter, Eddie goes to the same church where Venom battled Spider-Man and asks God for forgiveness, but then encounters the symbiote who senses the emotions of Eddie and bonds with him, thus becoming the Venom. As the Venom, he is given the knowledge that Spider-Man is in fact, Peter Parker and begins a continuity of tormenting Parker, along with countless battles against Spider-Man. Other events that feuded Eddie Brock's retribution was being arrested by Spider-Man, himself multiple times and blames Spider-Man for the death of Anne, his ex-wife who apparently committed suicide after noticing a black suit resembling the one of Venom's outside her window, thinking it was Eddie "back in black".

Along the way, Venom gains more vengeful towards Spider-Man and becomes one of his greatest enemies. There is no vengeance greater than someone who holds hatred towards two individuals, that in reality is one persona and that's why I believe he's on top of the list of the upmost vengeful enemies of Spider-Man. With his origin and motivation only striving through the hate he has towards Spider-Man and Peter Parker, there is no other enemy of his that gain the title of Spider-Man's greatest arch-nemesis than Eddie Brock.

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i saw the Hypno-Hustler because no one can show peter a fun time like he did in avenging spiderman.

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Green Goblin is clearly Spider-Man's greatest villain. I mean, come on. No other villain has done more to Spidey. But I don't think that he has the most interesting origin story. No, after perusing that list, I would say that Digger has the most interesting origin story. He's thirteen mobsters rolled into one, ain't that cool?!?!

I'd really like to see him come back with conflicting personalities, like Legion, but the different personalities would all have the ability to work towards a common goal. Also, this new incarnation of him would be able to split into thirteen independent entities, all of which were unique. However, each one by itself would be weaker than the thirteen of them as a whole. They could separate themselves at will, slightly weakening Digger. Each person that separated from Digger would be able to tap into a hive mind-like communication system. They're also very fast. Forming into Digger slows them slightly, but increases their strength significantly. He could go on a rampage against mobsters, trying to become the head goomba in New York.

His motivation would be the standard "I want to be the greatest" line. Like the standard mafioso, Digger wouldn't want to be in the public eye. J.J.J. could ask Peter to get some pictures of him to run in a story about escalating mob violence. Peter hangs around Digger's known locations, and gets accosted by some of Digger's men. Somehow, his name gets out. He gets thrown out, but sneaks back in as Spider-Man and gets his pictures. J.J.J. runs them in the paper, crediting Peter as usual. Digger sees them and remembers Parker. He sends some men to kill/intimidate Peter, but they fail (of course). The hit-men return to Digger, telling him how Spider-Man showed up and beat them up. Digger tells them to return, but they refuse. "Never send boys to do men's work." Digger goes to Peter's house, and Spider-Man shows up. He beats Spider-Man, but Peter has, of course, disappeared. Before Digger can unmask Spider-Man, Peter manages to get away. The story could go in any number of directions from there, but it's very important that he defeats Spider-Man in their first few fights. Not necessarily in a row, but he needs to win at least three of the first five. He has to be a threat.

I don't like his appearance, so that's something that I would recommend Marvel should change. He shouldn't be the disgusting monster-thing he is know, but a pretty dapper guy. Well, he doesn't need to be handsome, but I don't want him to look like he does now. Actually, his appearance could tie into his powers of...separation(?). All together, Digger would look like a combination of the thirteen of them. Whenever one of them separated, the physical characteristic he contributed to Digger would be replaced by another. This could actually create a cool mystery for Spider-Man (or even J.J.J. or the public at large) as Peter tries to figure out his identity. The discovery of Digger's identity could even lead Spider-Man to learn how to defeat him (because he would realize that Digger could split himself, etc.)

I'd like him to show up in the pages of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN. Obviously, every time I mentioned Peter Parker in my post, Peter's name would be replaced with whoever's going to be the new one. I feel like Dan Slott could take this character seriously enough while also throwing in the humor associated with thirteen bickering mobsters.

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My answer to this would be Flint Marko, a.k.a. Sandman. I really love this villain for a few different reasons. He's always been a very conflicted character in the Spidey rogue gallery. I truly think Flint is a good guy at heart, but keeps getting pulled into the "dark side." He has always played both sides beautifully! I definitely think he should be more prevalent in the Spidey world. I know he was in the Ends of the Earth arc, but imo he wasn't used in a way that played into his character. I honestly feel that he could carry a series of his own (At the very least a mini). When people think of Spider-Man villains, not many think of Sandman. I think we need to find the right writer who can utilize his strengths and we would be in for a heck of a storyline!

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When you look at Spider-Man villains they tend to fall in one of two categories. Either they are super-powered criminals who commit theft or are just used as muscle like Sandman, Rhino, Looter, Shocker, Hydro-Man and schemers who have bigger pictures like Miles Warren, Doc Ock, the Vulture, and Norman Osborn. Stories with schemers driving the plot tend to be much more satisfying because it's not a matter of Spider-Man fighting them, losing once, realizing a weakness he can exploit and then returning to win the second time. With schemers it may be a while before he even understands who he's dealing with let alone what they are out to accomplish. When he is put at such a severe disadvantage, the story is more interesting because stakes are always greater the longer a plot draws out because ever-increasing crises have to be thrown Spidey's way to motivate him to work harder and find a solution faster while it gives the reader time to invest emotionally.

A schemer who I feel hasn't had the chance to have their own arc to drive but would be very good at it is Mysterio. His whole motif revolves around placing obstacles, and misdirection. I think that the only thing that's kept him from reaching his potential, however, is a lack of a very grand motivation. And I feel that at this juncture especially with the mysterious nature of his return, it wouldn't be such a stretch to give him actual powers of the paranormal variety which may serve to broaden any prior aspirations he might've had and make him a far more threatening villain. If these conditions are met then not only would there be the set-up for a solid Spider-Man villain, but it could even start developing into a darker more horror based comic similar to the tone of "The Grim Hunt". There are a lot of villains I'd like to see get more prominence like the Shocker and Vermin, but I feel that Mysterio has a better shot at it and would be more justified to drive a plot.

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Id' have to say Doc Octopus. For one his intellect is above pete's. However what gets in his way has always been his tunnel vision. If he would only look at his plans as a whole he might have some success. That myopic thought and vision is his only weakness. That and having to cut holes in his outfits.

He is very fashion forward in thinking. The shades man. His future is so bright, he's gotta wear em. Plus at night, so he can, so he can, keep track of visions in his mind.

Two extra pairs of uber strong mech arms. Get out of here. I want them. Give me two pair of velvet gloves and masturbating is brought to a whole new level, not to mention reach arounds. Come to think of it, why does he even leave the house. Why would you be a villian, and not some quivering puddle of bliss all day every day. Maybe he's not that smart. Either that or he's asexual.

In summery Doc Oc smart, myopic and using his arms for all the wrong reasons.

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Sergei Kravinoff, hands down the most interesting of Peter Parker's adversaries due to the fact that his origins aren't really all that spectacular. He led a troubled childhood in a family life that was unstable at best and through finding that life was far too short as evidenced by the death of his parents in violent and terrible ways, Kravinoff learned that the only way to really live in this life was survive at all costs. It was that method of survival that in my opinion turned him into one of Spider-Man's most spectacular nemeses since that survival instinct spilled over into his amazing hunting skills and in essence made him one of Parker's most feared enemies. In the end, his motivation in seeing Spider-Man as the ultimate game to hunt makes Kraven one of Marvel's most deadliest foes and belies a sad and tortured existence to attain something that proved to Kravinoff to have been so unattainable, making him akin to Captain Ahab. Unlike the obsessed whaling captain of Herman Melville's great American novel, however, Kravinoff of course felt he finally got his ultimate wish (we all know the great story) and wound up realizing that his life's greatest ambition (getting Spider-Man) became suddenly his ONLY ambition, forcing him later on to take his own life when suddenly he had no other goal to reach. Kraven of course has been featured prominently in Marvel Comics in the past but I feel he deserves to have a full come-back, for in my opinion the others that have taken up his standard as the new Huntsman (Vladimir, Alyosha, Ana) cannot even come close to holding his candle. They are far too unilaterally dimensional of characters compared to the original, not to mention there simply isn't much that can be learned from them. From Kravinoff, we can learn that one's obsessions can be one's undoing; if anything, reading about his constant hunt for Spider-Man along with Captain Ahab's foolhardy chasing of the great whale can teach us that sometimes getting what you want out of life is just as bad as not getting it.

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Ok, I'm gonna have to go with the Jackal. Why? Because, if you really think about it because the Jackal is the one that has basically destroyed Peter's life and made him into the man he is today. The Jackal is the one that led the Green Goblin to kill Gwen Stacy as her and Peter were just getting into it. Also, he was the one that started all of the clonage series with Ben Reilly and Kaine. That really screwed Peter's life up by Mary Jane's pregnancy and thinking that he was the clone and Ben was the real one. Then just as Ben, Peter, and MJ started thinking straight, the Jackal dies and messes up their lives all over again because it led to the death of Ben, which was basically closer than a brother to Peter. The Jackal has done more than enough damage even when he is dead to Peter. Despite what anyone thinks, I think the Jackal screwed up Peter's life and made him the man he is today.

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I think The Blob has an origin that should resonate more with society today. His alienation due to his weight issues, his covering of his insecurities using bluster and an attempt to dominate those around him despite his deep-seated knowledge that he's really not good enough, his rampant obesity. All of these should resonate with Americans who might see in him a kindred spirit. If only they could get off the couch and get to a comic book store.

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Green Goblin. His character has gone way beyond any other Spidey villain as of late and deserves that honor.

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Eugene “Flash” Thompson is Spider-Man’s greatest foe. A villain is often defined by their ability to challenge the hero. For Peter Parker there was no greater foe while attending Midtown High then Flash Thompson. Norman Osborn, Otto Octavius, Curtis Conners, all of these foes would come and go, but for Peter his adolescence is plagued by Flash Thompson. Not only did Flash bully Peter daily, he humiliated him. Flash was an inescapable force against Peter that could not be defeated with a punch no matter how well it was pulled. Flash even went on to Empire University and continued to bully Peter for his apparent disinterest in a social life. These challenges would torture Peter and seriously affect his life choices. Ultimately, Flash’s bullying, while done with less than good intentions, along with acceptance and eventual friendship pushed Peter into becoming an adult much more than dressing up in a costume and swinging across the New York skyline to web up a bad-guy. Peter Parker was and essentially continued to be a Spider-Boy for years on end due to his burden, aloofness and a lack of social skills. While Uncle Ben taught a teenage boy to take responsibility it was Flash’s villainy that forced that responsible boy to become the determined, tenacious, and well, Spectacular Spider-MAN. And lastly, how great of a hero is Peter Parker for forgiving Flash, befriending Flash, living with and supporting Flash, and continuing to embody Flash’s greatest hero without ever using it to humiliate or subjugate Flash. This makes Flash more than just an incredible foe… it makes him a defining aspect of Peter Parker’s character. One that continues to impress in his own successful ongoing series, Venom.

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Spider-Man's ultimate foe is Doctor Otto Octavius, and not because of the recent stuff which I won't even bring into the argument.

Otto is a shadow of not just Spider-Man, but of Peter Parker. He is just as intelligent as Peter and suffered from much of the alienation that came with his withdrawn nature. His talent for science mirror's Peter's own, but unlike Peter he never gained any powers, he never had responsibly thrust upon at a young age. True, he tried to be noble and use his science to better the world, but at the end of the day when a more adult and jaded Otto gained power he quickly turned inwards, unlike Spider-Man's save everyone mentality Otto is all about himself. After a early chance meeting with Spider-Man he began to have a prideful obsession with beating the web head contrasting Spider-Man's own feeling towards his foe. For Peter it was rarely very personal, but for Ock it was in many ways the most important part of his life. Ock could have just picked up and moved, tried to expand to fight new foes, but he always came back for Spider-Man, always he labored to prove himself superior and in the end he always failed and it killed him inside. So his plans became less and less about gaining something and more and more about beating Spider-Man. His obsession rivaled only by the likes of Kraven the Hunter. But unlike Kraven Otto gave up honor, unlike Venom he had no qualms with being the villain, and unlike Norman he was not set back by a lack of sanity. And thus Otto proves to always be Spider-Man's true ultimate foe, a man who can face Peter on both a physical and mental level and at the end of the day could very well be better than him in both departments.

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I think the best villain for Spiderman is Venom. Not any particular incarnation(although a solid argument could be made for Eddie Brock) but the symbiote itself. Its backs story is rarely touched upon but it is an alien that bonds to its host both physically and mentally, forming a deep and lasting connection. This particular member of the species bonds with Peter off-world, is dragged back to earth and stays attached to him for a bit. When it starts to express itself as a being capable of independent thought and begins to change Peter into someone closer resembling itself, he fought his way out of the connection be causing it pain then discarding it. near death. As far as motivations go the Venom has one of the most complex and simple reasons for loathing spiderman: it acts much in the same way as a spurned lover. Peter rejected it and the symbiote is quite bitter about it. I have always wanted writers to take a more in depth look into the once intimate aspect of the venom/spiderman relationship and hoe venom takes it now. I feel Venom(the character) is often over shadowed by whoever Venom(the symbiote) is bonded too. Not to say I dont like the current Flash Thompson direction but the symbiote side rarely comes off as truly independent and more as a costume that puts ID and negative personality traits in overdrive. The symbiote itself deserves to be more deeply explored, the back story of its race can be left alone, but the symbiote itself needs to develop some consistent personality traits other than "violent". I feel Venom should be to spiderman what joker is to batman and I mean that not only in terms of menace and terror but also as an absolute foil to batman on every level, motivated by a simultaneously shallow and deep feelings of inadequency and rejection. Also venom's powerset make him not just a physical match but superior to spiderman, he knows all of parker's secrets because of the connection they used to have plus the spider-sense immunity. Venom could be more effectively used as a dark shadow for Spiderman.

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Over the years, Spider-Man has battled many villains that have interesting origins as well as motivations that very often in the mind of the villain, are good intentions. It’s very difficult to pick just one villain and say they stand out from all the rest, because arguments can be made for each as to why they should hold the distinction of having a greater origin and so forth; but if I had to choose one, I would choose The Lizard. The Lizard of course, is Curt Connors’ alter ego. The Lizard’s origin is great because he was never meant to exist; it was an unfortunate side effect to a man who had one goal, one thing on his mind: to get his arm back. It’s easy to imagine yourself in his place, which results in a lot of sympathy for Curt Connors. If you were missing a limb, and had the chance to grow it back, would you hesitate to do so? No. His motivation is a simple innate human desire and he cannot be faulted for it. Once Connors has transformed into The Lizard, Connors does not have control of himself. His mind is consumed by The Lizard’s hatred of humans and his desire to transform them into lizards like himself so that he may rule over them. Unlike most of Spider-Man’s villains that are ruthless and have no conscious, The Lizard has a good man trapped within him; a man who Peter Parker calls a friend and who has always used his intelligence to further advancements in various areas of science for the greater good. Curt Connors is a good, loving, family man. These factors make it very hard for Spider-Man to fight The Lizard, because if he severely hurts or kills The Lizard, he would also be doing so to Connors. This makes you feel for Spider-Man because you would not want him to destroy The Lizard, as it would also be the end of Connors. Yet you know The Lizard someway or another must be stopped because he is a very dangerous villain. This parallel makes for a great story line. It gives the character a lot of depth, which is a major reason that sets The Lizard apart from other villains that Spider-Man has faced. The Lizard makes for a great villain, and it would be great to see him get featured more so in future Spider-Man issues (or other Marvel comics in general) and further explore that constant struggle and divide between Curt Connors and The Lizard.

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When I think of the biggest enemy to Spider-man I am torn between Spider-man himself and the rest of the Marvel heroes, I think that I would have to go with the rest of Marvel's heroes though. Here is why; first we need to take a look at the Ultimate universe, even though some want to ignore it, Peter Parker was just a young teenager he was bit by the spider as a freshman making him, but was ignored by all the heroes until they felt that they should intervene, but then it just lead to him being shot by a criminal brought out because an exdirector of a government agency wanted his position back. And after he was shot the "heroes" ignored the fact that his greatest enemies had just escaped from prison, this all lead to him fighting a sinister six and being killed in the act. Thus every other hero in the Marvel univers

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I'll try my best to announce the winners within the next 24 hours!

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Well just make sure to pick me; you'll save on shipping. ;D

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I debated over choosing based on the submission but some people (obviously) chose the same person. You guys did a great job. I loved reading all your responses and STILL read them all even though I went with choosing winners by random.


The winners are:




The Cyan Lantern

Congrats! Thanks again to everyone that entered. There will be another contest coming sooooooooon!

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@G-Man: thanks g-man and everyone at comicvine! im super psyched and cant wait to read the book! as a comic book reader and collector, this website was one of the greatest things that ever happened to me ever since i stumbled across it!

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@sanityisoverrated: nice to see great minds think alike, i picked the same guy as you and i totally agree with everything you said.

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It stinks that I'm too late for these contests :(

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As I look in the reflection in the glass I hardly see my own self. I see the face of May , His aunt may but not me.

I see her open the door and I hug him , Peter I say why so later from school.

He hugs me back and runs up the steps.

Hardly a glance back.

One seed out of many seeds planted that day. The Venom seeds sprout and await the commands from the master.

As Spiderman jumps from his room and takes off into the night I look up from my police car and see him swing away , I know whom he is this Peter Parker but I am told to wait and yet another seed waits and listens.

All over New York we wait and we spread out and the world will never know what hit it.

When at last the web that is the trap is completed.

Venom undetected by spider senses a force for great evil spreading out waiting smarter after touching the puppet master all things start to come together.

Two villains one agenda.