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It's always tough when you have to wake up early in the morning. It's worse when it's a bit chilly and you just don't want to crawl out of bed. One way to solve this is to put on a robe. Of course because we're all fans of comics, TV and movies, just having a regular old robe isn't that cool. Having the right robe could make a statement.

This weekend marks the opening of Star Trek Into Darkness so what better time to have a Star Trek-themed contest? What does this have to do with robes?

The fine folks at TV Store Online want to give you a Scotty Red Star Trek robe (SRP $59.95).


The bad news is, because we operate out of the United States, this contest is open only to those in the United States.

How can you win?

Visit the Enterprise Crew page HERE or the Enterprise D Crew page HERE (if you prefer). Chose a crew member of your choice and describe what you think their morning ritual would involve (let's avoid the bodily function stuff since it's the 23rd Century so we'll assume some things are more efficient).

In a paragraph, describe what you think they do after waking up. Do they lounge around in bed? Do they do some exercise? Do they watch cartoons from the 20th or 21st Century? Use your imagination and give us a paragraph or so. One winner will be selected at random.

The contest begins right now and ends Sunday, May 19, 2013 at midnight PT. The winner will be announced and contacted afterwards, most likely on May 21.

Here's all the legal mumbo jumbo we're required to add:

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I would live in it...

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Wear a Star Trek red shirt stub your toe on the way to the bathroom bump into the sink knocking over the soap dish then as you stumble around you slip on the bar of soap knocking yourself out ...no thanks

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Put that on an a piano lands on you.

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Pavel Chekov wakes up, puts on his robe, saves the world and lets Kirk take the credit. He then goes home, drinks himself to sleep (he doesn't actually get drunk, that intergalactic stuff is child's play), and does it all over again the next day. That's really all that needs to be said about Chekov's routine....

I don't actually need or use a robe...but damn it, I am going to win something from this site... -.-

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I pick Geordi La Forge.

I'm pretty sure the first thing he would do in the morning is put on his VISOR (assuming he sleeps without it.) He would next brush his teeth and shave, and then check to see if the ship's vital systems are working properly. Finally, he would change out of whatever he sleeps in to his uniform, and report to the engineering deck.

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This robe will get you more ass than a toilet seat

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I hope this is in the movie!

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Spock wakes in the morning precisely as his final REM cycle is drawing to a close. He then efficiently slips out of bed, eats a sensible breakfast containing all necessary food groups, brushes and flosses his teeth, and dresses for his role as Science Officer, as is the logical process for getting ready in the morning.

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There better be a pipe and grotto to go with it.

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I think Tony (@g_man) and Mat (@inferiorego) are gonna wear these on the next trip of a comic con convention in the hotel!! LOL

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I would enter. But I don't want to die as soon as I get the package.

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I would imagine Hikaru Sulu would get up and do Tai Chi (or the future equivalent of Tai Chi). Probably then meet Chekov in the mess for breakfast.

Of course, if I were an officer, I'd order some coffee and lounge around watching TV or playing games in my quarters. I'm be a total shut in. =T

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McCoy: He spends his early mornings perplexed by the choice that he chose the medical field instead of following his dream of becoming a Magician.

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William Riker starts his morning like he does every morning, waking up in his Star Fleet Footie Pajamas. He debates taking the time to work out, or eating a healthy or substantial breakfast before he has to make his way to the bridge---but he knows there's more important things at hand. Or at face, as it were. He spends an excessive amount of time pruning and trimming his beard, making sure it looks perfect, for this (he knows) is the only reason he is Number 1.

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Bones gets up, does some light stretches. Takes TWO sonic showers, then washes his hands, then takes another sonic shower. He puts on his uniform, but then starts to question if its truly clean of all bacteria. He removes the uniform and places it in the laundry bin. He puts on another fresh uniform, only to get OCD about that one too. He then requests the replicator make him a new uniform (later the Enterprise's quartermaster will, again, remind Dr McCoy that he has far exceeded his monthly allotment of uniform replications). After washing his hands one more time, he has breakfast in the mess hall. He then returns to his quarters to wash his hands before reporting for duty in the sick bay.

Because... if you really pay attn to all of Dr McCoy's dialog, he's really kind of pathophobic.

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Too bad I already have a robe like this...from thinkgeek I think.

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Geordi La Forge wakes up, brushes his teeth, cleans out his considerable eye goo, puts on his visor, and eats space food. Ever since that DUI though, he also has to go fulfill a community service requirement by going back in time to the 80's each morning to teach children about the wonders of reading. Which is ironic, because it's really hard to read with a visor on. When he's there he sees Cyclops, and is really jealous of all the cool things his ruby quartz visor can do. Then he goes back to the enterprise to do his real job where Riker yells at him for being late.

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to bad

hopefully a Australian contest


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Lieutenant Commander Worf rose stiffly, albeit against his will out of slight lethargy, but nevertheless with an ingrained sense of duty and honor due to his Klingon heritage. The warrior prowess of his biology would not allow him to remain in bed when another day on board the Enterprise-D gave him that opportunity to serve. Lounging in bed just didn't suit him at all, for how could one in good conscience do such a thing knowing full well a day could be wasted with just a few hours or even mere minutes of laziness? Worf never entertained the thought, but what he did entertain was maintaining his physical stamina and fitness. And thus before his official duties as Lieutenant Commander began, Worf would take it upon himself to clothe himself accordingly and enter the holodeck, setting the atmosphere to a rigorous 20th century gymnasium in which proper cardio and callisthenics training was the norm. And on both weightlifting benches and universal machines did he maintain his Klingon musculature, matching it with proper cardial fitness appropriate to his eight-chambered heart. He pushed himself to limits of physical fitness that would be deemed almost extreme to Earthbound humans but made a point to cool down once the workout ended and would proceed to end the holodeck gymnasium tutorial. A quick trip back to his room would culminate in a shower lasting exactly five minutes; no more, no less. Anything less was insufficient and anything more would in his nature be deemed wasteful, and neither insufficiency nor wastefulness was prided by his Klingon heritage and most certainly were not befitting an officer of Starfleet. No sir, he was quick and out of there in that short span of time before he then changed into his officer's clothing for the day by which he would report to the officer's dining hall for his A.M. breakfast. Turning to the replicator, which he was happy to see had an extensive tuning to Klingon cuisine, he would put in a command for a combination of delicacies that he was fond of with both his birth world and his adopted world. He settled on fresh squeezed orange juice, sour tea, two pieces of dry browned/not burnt, toast, persaba fruit and zilm'kach fruit. It was a light breakfast, not exactly befitting a Klingon warrior, but simplicity of the first meal of the day was necessary so as to not overstuff one's belly and thus make their movements slow and their minds indecisive. Frugality of his first meal of the day was what Worf prized, and he would proceed to finish the delicacies, both Klingon and human, within the scope of fifteen minutes. "Excellent fair" he would think to himself before he'd walk from the mess hall to come to the nearest beaming station. After all, a Starfleet commander of his rank was best of use on deck, and Captain Picard increasingly used his expertise daily as Enterprise traversed the stars. Just another day in the life of Worf when he awoke from sleep!

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