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Posted by gmanfromheck (41925 posts) - - Show Bio

It seems like you guys have been digging the contests we've been having lately. Well, we have another one. Our friends at Mimoco have just announced their new Superman, The Flash, Batman "The Dark Knight Rises" and SDCC Exclusive Bane flash drives.


We will be giving away one of each of these flash drives (in the 8GB size that retails for $19.95). That means FOUR winners will each randomly get ONE. Keep in mind, the Bane one is the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

How do you win?

All you need to do is briefly describe a fight between Bane, Flash and Superman. Who wins and how? What about Batman? Well, since "Batman always wins," he'll be sitting out and refereeing.

Four people will be chosen at random. The one you get will be a surprise once the package safely arrives at your doorstep. Basically, I want to keep you in suspense even after you've won.

  • Four winners will be chosen at random.
  • One entry per person.
  • And our lawyers insist the contest is open only to those in the United States. (Yes it's a bummer but our hands are tied by all the legal red tape).
  • The contest will begin immediately and end Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at midnight PT. (I'll be on vacation but I will announce the winner next week asap).
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#1 Posted by sentryman555 (883 posts) - - Show Bio

The Flash runs really fast grabbing Bane and Superman and throwing them into the speed force. All three fight in the time stream and it only ends when Superman knocks out Flash. Bane and Superman fight in the DC one million future. And Bane gets help from the Bane of DC One Million (don't know if he really exists but it'd be cool right?) And the future Bane ends up punching a hole in time and space sending superman and Bane back to their time. They continue fighting until Superman laser beams Bane's foot off. And at the end Batman appears and says "I'm Batman". The end.

I don't know what happened to Flash. It was Wally West Flash so I guess it doesn't matter anyways =(

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#2 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (11027 posts) - - Show Bio

I would say the Flash travels back in time by using the speed force that way the fight never happens. So, the Flash wins.

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#3 Posted by chitownphil (1 posts) - - Show Bio

The Flash and Superman work together to dispatch Bane fairly easy with their super speed. They just ware him down, until Ka Bam! Knock out time. Now with Bane out of the way, Flash and Superman turn on each other. They continually chase each other down, until Flash makes one wrong step, and Superman capitalizes on it and freezes the Flash, so he can't escape. I quick one, two KO and Superman owns all.

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#4 Posted by Msuds95 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

The Flash and Superman work together against Bane, but Bane tackles the Flash and beats him until he's unconcious. Bane then takes out a piece of Kryptonite that he stole from Batman and uses it to defeat Superman. Bane is the victor!

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#5 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2679 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, I do need a flash drive for my comic page scans.

The fight. For some reason Flash, Bane, and Superman are fighting. This is a fight where no one is holding anything back. Bane pumps himself with his venom steroids, Flash is running as fast as he can, and Superman blasts them all with his heat vision. Not enough to kill them but enough to stun them both. He wins in a matter or seconds. And then Batman wins.

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#6 Posted by longbowhunter (9360 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman and Flash convince Bane violence isn't the answer and buy him some tacos. Bane learns the error of his ways and buys a food truck.

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#7 Edited by HuBu (12 posts) - - Show Bio

No holding back - Superman lobotomizes both Flash and Bane with his heat vision. end game.

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#8 Posted by Mr. Kamikaze (831 posts) - - Show Bio

A Flash Flash Drive? How freaking adorable.

Let's see...

Flash and Superman run in circles around Bane trying to get him dizzy, but they run so fast they break enter into the time stream and get lost with Bane, meanwhile Batman just got finish prepping for the fight, but Bane, Flash, and Superman were now gone. He wins by default.

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Superman and The Flash team up against Bane, they use there speed to beat the crap out of Bane. Superman and The Flash are left. The do a good bunch of fighting, a lot of back and forth. Suddenly The Flash runs at Superman and with one punch Superman knocks The Flash flat on his butt, much like the cover of Action Comics #441. Superman wins.

One of my favorite covers and yes The Flash is my favorite 'Super'.
One of my favorite covers and yes The Flash is my favorite 'Super'.
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#10 Edited by cosmo111687 (1580 posts) - - Show Bio

In order to settle a dispute with their fans, Superman and The Flash decided to go on a race against one another around the world starting and finishing at The Daily Planet. As they raced along, Bane, who knew of the race, set up a trip-wire in Gotham that tripped them both into a vat of Venom. Their testosterone already pumped, they emerged from the Venom bigger, stronger, and angrier than ever before. Batman arrived at the worst possible time as the two mighty titans of speed shot their fists at one another. Fearful of the damage that could be done to the city, he managed the crowds and tried to keep the citizens of Gotham at a safe distance while waiting for the Batwing to arrive with his kryptonite ring and anti-venom spray. Not feeling satisfied from breaking the Bat, Bane pumped himself up with special Venom formula and joined in the fray. Bane jumped to the right and punched. Then he jumped to the left and punched. But both Flash and Superman were fully capable of dodging his attacks and simply returned Bane's attacks with two punches that shot Bane out of Gotham. Eventually the Batwing arrived and filled the area with Anti-Venom spray. Worn down to nothing, Superman and Flash weakened and weakened until they fell limp to the ground. 48 hours later, they both woke up to find themselves in hospital beds at the JLA watchtower. "I'm sorry I was such a jerk, Supes." said Flash. "No, I'm sorry. I'm just so tired of fans wanting to see us compete against each other. They only see us for our powers and not for our character." Said Superman. As they said that, they leaned back in their comfy hospital beds and turned on the television. And on the screen, Lois Lane was reporting outside of The Daily Planet with confetti blowing in the breeze and millions of citizens cheering. It was the finish line for their race. And standing there, all smiles and with a sash that read "Fastest Man Alive", was Batman. "No! I'm the fastest man alive!" said Flash. "No! I'm the fastest man alive!" said Superman. And in an instant, they were on their way to Metropolis.

I'm sorry that it's a terrible story. But it's a story none-the-less.

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#11 Posted by Webjaker (369 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman, under the influence of Chartreuse kryptonite, blasts Bane's head off before he was able to Venom-up. The Flash runs around him past what he previously thought was his top speed and begins to create a vortex around Supes, that not unlike a black hole, does not even let light escape. Superman, begins to depower due to his inability to access the yellow sun, Batman decides he's had enough and pulls a Chartreuse-Kryptonite antidote pill from his belt and He, Flash and a confused -Supes go for smoothies. Batman doesn't kill - but if Superman "somehow" turned evil and killed Bane ...so be it. All part of the plan :D

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#12 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio
All you need to do is briefly describe a fight between Bane, Flash and Superman. Who wins and how? What about Batman? Well, since "Batman always wins," he'll be sitting out and refereeing

Superman punches Bane through the face and knocks Flash into orbit with a mere flick. Batman watches in horror as he struggles to get his kryptonite out, but Superman throws him into the sun before he can say Robin.

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#13 Posted by Mr_Faraday (25 posts) - - Show Bio

Bane, Flash and Superman start fighting. Flash figures hes got the advantage over Bane because hes super fast and runs at him but Bane just clothesline him and KO's him instantly. Bane starts pumping himself full of venom and beating up on Superman but his punches barely even effect him. Superman lets his guard down and allows Bane to pull out a piece of Kryptonite and smash it into Supermans face, knocking him out for good. He looks over at Batman and they both give a thumbs up.

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#14 Posted by DDangelico (234 posts) - - Show Bio

First, The Flash decides he needs to take Superman out first so he begins to run towards him. Superman decides he doesnt want to take the first punch, so he runs with The Flash on his tail. After a second or two, they've circled the globe and run smack into Bane. They all slam into a giant building ending up on a big pile on the ground. Batman glides down and stands on top of them. "1, 2, 3! I win" He growls. Batman never loses.

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#15 Posted by JoEy9090 (30 posts) - - Show Bio

I feel like Super-Man can just laser eye Flash to death, then he just punches Banes head off in one punch.

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#16 Posted by gmanfromheck (41925 posts) - - Show Bio

@Razeil: @leokearon: We're a US website. There are custom laws and stuff. We had some problems with a past contest.

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#17 Posted by Pretzel007 (3 posts) - - Show Bio

First, Bane goes on his venom bender and supes up. Right when Bane's ready to fight, Superman slams into him with full power, knocking him straight through a building and unconscious. Flash zooms by Superman, who immediately chases after him. Flash accelerates and breaks into the Batcave's Kryptonite reserve room using his phasing ability to take a bing chunk of green K. He accelerates more, running across the planet until he comes up behind Superman, punching him with his fist pull of Kryptonite repeatedly until the Boy Scout hits the ground, knocked out cold. Flash wins. Batman lectures him for an hour about ways he would have done it.

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#18 Posted by mikeyar19 (39 posts) - - Show Bio

As the fight progresses, Bane manages to grab hold of Flash and bring him down. Next, Bane manages to work Superman to a stalemate by guilting Kal out of killing him over and again. Suddenly, a flash mob of angry international Comic-Viners, thrown up in a rage over their exclusion from the flash drive competition, storms the battlefield to take down both competitors!

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#19 Posted by Nightwing_22 (10 posts) - - Show Bio

Well if depends, i think that of the three bane would be the weakest of the three, even though he's extremely intelligent. I feel it would come down to Supes and Flash, and if it's the New 52 Barry Allen, then he can use his mind to tap into the Speed Force and see all the possibilities of the fight. Even if Superman gets close to land a hit on him, he can phase right though it. If the fight ends quickly, my money would be on The Flash, but a longer fight only benefits Superman

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#20 Posted by DeafKryptonian (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Finally about time. I really want Superman! I am biggest fan of Superman in my whole life! Superman is alive for long times and never ages in future. He live in Sun and whole body is gold and wear Green Lantern ring, cool! But sad for him, he lost wife Lois Lane, she have limited age, not same Superman, bummer. Right now I don't like relaunch DC comics. Superman's armor look like Iron-man, I know Superman really don't need it! He is man of steel, oh come on... lol

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#21 Posted by FinalDasa (26 posts) - - Show Bio

Bane must simply watch and attempt to even contact Flash and Superman as the two heroes duke it out in the streets. Eventually Superman's speed and pure strength overcomes Flash and he is sent hurdling into the side of a nearby building. As Superman settles down from the devastating blow he just dealt Flash, Bane makes his move. Slamming Superman into the ground, pulling on his cape, and putting him into a headlock in hopes of slowing the hero down. Superman is too powerful however and easily overpowers Bane's strength. Just as Superman is about to overtake Bane, they both slip and fall onto the ground. Bane ends up splayed on top of Superman and Batman calls the fight since Superman has been pinned. Bane celebrates only for an instant before being sent back to prison and Superman has words with Batman.

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#22 Posted by walkb00 (11 posts) - - Show Bio

Flash and Superman team up to take down Bane it’s just like the Justice League days working together. Flash puts on his speed to avoid getting hit by Bane. Superman takes the high ground and blast Bane from the sky with his heat vision. This keeps an offset tempo until Bane used Venom. Flash and Superman need to step it up a notch so as Flash speeds around Bane to keep him busy Superman starts to freeze the tubes to cut off Banes venom supply. Once cut off Bane is exhausted and he is not loner a threat. Batman steps in and carries Bane of to Arkham

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#23 Posted by deadpool25mm (860 posts) - - Show Bio

Its simple if batman cant join the party you need to think like him : Flash runing at Bane and ripping off the tubes of venom, as superman fly's in and beats the "vemon" out of Bane.

(short and simple lol)

Good Luck to everyone !!

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#24 Posted by Ganthetsward20 (724 posts) - - Show Bio

Its a race around around the world! Supes and Flash Automatically beat Bane. As they travel across the globe Bane is furious that he cant possibly win. Its neck and neck across land and sea as they race towards the finish line of where they began.

But Bane's got brains so as he sees them coming across the the horizon he pulls out his kryptonite gauntlet and puts it on ,and at the last second he lifts his arms horizontally and close lines them both. Since they are both traveling at the speed of sound the Flash get decapitate and Superman weakened by the kryptonite gauntlet that Bane is wearing is also decapitated. Bane walks away the victor looking forward to breaking his Bat like he did the Scarlet Speedster and The Man of steel.

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#25 Posted by FIash (67 posts) - - Show Bio

Flash beats them to the punch.

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#26 Posted by tepper10 (6 posts) - - Show Bio

Flash wins. Steps out of sync with time like in Blackest Night. He can never be hit. Runs fast enough to completely block out the sun around Supes. Takes away Bane's equipment. Game over.

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#27 Posted by zombiejesusii (32 posts) - - Show Bio

Bane and the Flash are battling it out, with Flash getting the upper hand, all of the sudden Bane grabs flash by his leg and He can't shake loose. Flash knows his life is over, as bane prepares to rip his head off. all of the sudden bane's head explodes and the flash sees superman come to his rescue. "ah thanks you really saved me there Supe-" is all flash can get out before superman's heat vision melts through and explodes his head. Superman looks up, victorious, and says " Fastest man alive my as-" Batman turns off his monitor and crosses Flashes name off of a list as he smiles.

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#28 Posted by kennybaese (1241 posts) - - Show Bio

About thirty seconds in Batman gets bored and wins as usual.

And yeah, the part where they said that the contest is limited to the states for legal reasons must have lost on all of the people conplaining about this being limited to the states. It's a bummer (something Tony and Sara have always owned up to) but there's nothing they can do about it. Complaining about something that isn't their fault seems like a cool idea though.

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While Bane charges up with his venom juice and Superman gives him the time to do so (isn't he nice?) the Flash runs up to Super man using 99% of his power (wouldn't want to break the universe right?) on his knowledge of biology and physics he picks up 2 pebbles and a stone.
Running up to superman and throwing a pebble up each of his nostrils and then as in a partial accelerator they collide in his nasal canal at speeds close to 600 million miles a hour releasing all of their matter into energy and giving the man of steal a massive concussion.
The third of his weapons is then thrown at bane but this time at only 160,000 miles an hour and much like a meteor entering the earths atmosphere the friction of the air against rock causes it to explode right in front of bane puting him down for nap time.

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Once upon a time, there was a masked hero named Batman who always wins.

Two other heroes, Superman and Flash, got angry that Batman always wins, and decide they will fight against his foes and prove that they can win against them too. Luckily for them, they run into Bane who is terrorizing Gotham. But as they race towards him they realize that if they were to receive credit for the win they must defeat him solo and they turn on each other. With Superman's kryptonian powers and Flash's speedforce the two manage to wage an incredible battle. Fans of the two back their favorites and spill out reasons why their favorite should win! "Flash can speed steal Superman" a flash fanatic exclaims! "Superman will murderstomp!!!1!1!" a supes supporter shout. The argument between fans became overpowering and the two superheroes must divert their attention to the heated crowd.

Meanwhile, Bane gets away with lots of loot and cash monies.

So Bane wins, and he lived happily ever after...as Batman appears from out of the shadows.

The end. lol

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The Flash runs back in time, changes the rules so Batman can fight and Batman wins

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Flash foolhardedly charges at Bane, despite  Batmans protests. Bane pumps up his venom and quickly strikes Barry in the throat, grasping so tight that even Allen's super speed can't get through. With this said, Bane than pummels Flash into the ground, upliffting the surrounding terrain and knocking the naive Barry Allen unconscious.

Superman takes a breather and asks Batman for advice on defeating this unlikely formidable foe. Bruce explains that the tubes carrying Bane's venom is what keeps him powerful, without it, he'll be an easy match. Superman embraces this plan completely.

He lunges onto Banes pumping tubes to find that ripping them out would kill Bane, and as discussed in Superman vs The Elite, he won't kill anyone, no matter how dangerous they are. Batman announces to Kal-El he'll need to freeze the venom within the tube, so that can than shatter it, rather than pull it out. Superman attempts to use his freeze breath, but finds that Bane's venom is too heated when Bane retorts how Supermans 'cold shower' breath has no effect on him, and goes on to uppercut Superman into the air. Feeling the the freezing temperature of space as he leaves Earths atmosphere and enters the cold grasp of space, Superman gains an idea.

Superman turns towards Earth and launches himself down to Bane, causing a crater at the center of their epic battle for strength. To Bane's suprise, Superman lets go and grabs him by the knees, spinning in a windmill formation until finally hurling Bane into deep space where he is than frozen.

Batman stops Superman as he is about to gallop into space to retrieve the incapacitated monster, informing him he'll have one of his many satellites retrieve and disarm him.

Flash than wakes up from his snooze and asks in common comedic fashion, "What happened?"

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#33 Posted by Apocalyptic_P (45 posts) - - Show Bio

The fight begins and as Superman and the Flash look at each other not wanting to fight Bane grabs the Flash and puts him up in the razors edge finishing move(taken from Scott Hall) and executes it perfectly breaking the back of the Flash. Superman gets really pissed at Bane and punches him so hard down into the ground that Bane gets stuck in the middle of the earth. Superman Wins!!!

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Bane, completely outnumbered and outgunned, waves the white flag and sits on the sidelines in batcuffs. Superman and Flash stare each other down in an old wild west tumbleweed-blowing-through scenario. Flash lands the first 50 punches before Superman stomps the ground causing Flash to watch his footing allowing Superman to grab him. Supes uses his heat vision to burn one of Flash's legs bad enough to fly skyward while his healing ability goes to work at the injury. This is in an attempt to get Flash in the atmosphere with less air and cause him to lose consciousness.

Flash is able to break free with some quick vibratin and Superman watches as Flash tumbles towards the ground. When he gets close, Flash uses his arms to cause a whirlwind to slow down his decent. Superman, now out of Flash's range, decides to use a full blast of heat vision in the Flash's area for the KO.

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#35 Posted by Imagine_Man15 (1809 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman and Flash decide to finally settle the grand dispute about which is faster with a race around the world. Batman serves as referee, and will be the ultimate authority in deciding the winner. The race begins, but is soon interrupted when they stumble across LuthorCorp employed miners, drilling for Kryptonite in the arctic. The two heroes immediately move to take them down. However, they have hired Bane for protection. At the moment the fight begins, the giant LuthorCorp drill strikes a supply of Red Kryptonite beneath the ice, which sends Superman into a mad, flying rage. Bane pumps himself up full of venom, infused with Kryptonite steroids by Luthor's scientist. The combination imbues Bane with strength to match Superman, and he pummels the mad Kryptonian into the ice. Bane then charges Flash. Flash dances around Bane's strikes at high speed, running circles around him. As Bane continues to swing, attempting to strike Flash, he becomes dizzy trying to keep up. Flash speed-blitzes Bane, but do to his increased durability, is unable to cause him significant harm. Superman gets back on his feet, still under the influence of the Red Kryptonite, and flies at Flash, ready to kill him. Flash sees Superman and vibrates his molecules at high speed, becoming intangible. Superman flies directly through Flash, and his fist connects with Bane instead. There is a massive shockwave that sends Bane flying into the drill, destroying it and knocking Bane unconscious. Superman then sights his sights on Flash again. He fires his heat vision, and Flash sprints away from it. Superman's heat vision begins to melt the ice around them, and Flash's feet are flooded with the rising water, tripping him up. Superman prepares to strike Flash while he is down. However, Flash vibrates himself through the ice beneath him as Superman strikes, and Superman's fist is lodged deep in the ice, temporarily trapping him there. Flash resurfaces and sprints around the world, gaining speed quickly, and as he returns to the area moving faster than light, he punches Superman with infinite mass and blasts the Kryptonian into unconsciousness. Flash then flings the Red Kryptonite into escape velocity, causing it to leave Earth's atmosphere. Superman wakes up in the JLA infirmary a few hours later, and begrudgingly admits that Flash won.

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All you need to do is briefly describe a fight between Bane, Flash and Superman. Who wins and how? Superman because of his powers. What about Batman? Well, since "Batman always wins," he'll be sitting out and refereeing.

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#37 Posted by The Mighty Monarch (3731 posts) - - Show Bio

It's quite simple really, oh sure the specifics would certainly be detailed, but that's not the most important part. What matters is that Bane would likely take the same approach he did with Batman. He would do his research and discover who Superman is, arrange for him to be forced to run a gauntlet of his toughest foes, and whammy with some Kryptonite. 
But, in a lack of the same obsession that drove him to Break the Bat, he would have made his biggest oversight; Superman is not like Batman. Superman doesn't 'need' to do everything alone, and for the purposes of this discussion it would be The Flash who was the only one able to answer the call for allies, quickly disposing of the Kryptonite and removing Bane's advantage. It's at this point he'd resort to Venom, laced with Kryptonite to harm Superman if he attempts to sever the tubes, but it just wouldn't be enough to fend off the double team of Superman and The Flash. Eventually Bane would fall.

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#38 Posted by DoctorTrips (128 posts) - - Show Bio

The Flash moves at the speed of light behind Bane, removing the Venom tubes, then pummels him with a flurry of crimson fists - disorienting him. Knocking Bane back, Superman flies from the sky and slams into Bane; carrying him into the air letting him land with a hard crash into the side of a bus.

Batman looks from afar, smirks and says under his breath:

"I could have done better."

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#39 Posted by slapz88 (63 posts) - - Show Bio

Bane would pit Superman and Flash against each other by manipulating that the Flash with the power of the speed force is more deadly than alive and Bane manipulates Superman into making Superman realize this as well. Superman is left with the only decision to destroy or contain Flash. Flash is not going to let it happen, saying the Superman is more of a threat to the world then the Flash is. The Flash and Superman then battle it out. Using the speedforce, Flash creates a time portal accidentally and Superman and the flash are sucked into it leaving Bane the winner....

But... Flash and Superman end up in a future where Bane is the ruler because no one could stop him. They then agree to stop this nonsense fighting and punch Bane in the face together. YAY for happy endings.

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#40 Posted by chroinkero (91 posts) - - Show Bio

Flash would create a vortex around Bane and Superman, causing them both to get dizzy. Superman starts punching around at random and hits The Flash. Flash ends up in a river, knocked out. Superman continues to punch around until he hits a dizzy Bane. Bane, who never turned on his venom and is very confused, also becomes knocked out. Superman then flies at Batman who has been sitting on the sidelines. As Batman is pulling out his Kryptonite, The Flash regains consciousness and grabs the Kryptonite from Batman. The Flash uses this to gain and advantage on Superman and punch him 1000 times. He leaves Superman and the Kryptonite in a ditch so that Superman cannot rejoin the fight. The Flash then tries to create another vortex but Batman drops a knockout gas bomb and The Flash loses. BATMAN WINS!

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#41 Posted by Kiltro95 (306 posts) - - Show Bio

At first Superman and Flash would take down Bane as a team effort but then turn on each other, from there I think Superman wins.

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#42 Posted by TardisMechanic (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Flash is sleeping with his wife, Iris, when she suddenly shouts "Oh Superman!" and the Flash hears this and goes into a blind rage of masculine pride. Putting his costume on, he races to an unsuspecting Superman, who is in the midst of fighting a terribly exhausted Bane, The Flash then grabs Superman and takes hime into the speedforce and stops 100 years into the future. THe flash quickly goes backwards back in time leaving Superman contemplating what has happened. THe flash then meets Bane back where they were, and he grabs onto Bane, using his speed to help launch Bane into Wayne Manor. Batman comes into the broken room wearing nothing but his cowl, Cat Woman shortly follows him in holding her whip in the nude. Batman had sex. he won.

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#43 Posted by brightestdaycare (164 posts) - - Show Bio

superman uses his super lung capacity to whip up an ice storm, freezing The Flash. Bane, with his superior strength, breaks free. So Superman tries to use his laser vision to burn up Bane's Venom supply, but inadvertently melts the ice surrounding The Flash. The Flash is able to temporarily disorient Superman with his speed, and Bane grabs and begins to crush Superman in a bear-hug. Then, The Flash intervenes and disconnects Bane's Venom supply, rendering him useless. Then Superman recovers, and uses his super speed and super-strength to stop The Flash from fleeing the scene.

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#44 Edited by D_Knight (70 posts) - - Show Bio

The Flash is the clear winner simply because he has the drive to win...the FLASH DRIVE!

if the Flash did not win he would simply reboot the DCu

but hypothetically, this is how it would go down:

Superman would use his heat vision. Aiming for the Flash's knees to slow him down since Superman can not match the Flash in speed and he would also have to aim for Bane's venom supply because Superman would have to keep his distance if Bane had kryptonite.

Flash would have to keep on the move to avoid the power punches thrown by his two opponents. To trade punches he would have to accelerate to increase the force of his punches since F=ma.

Bane would have studied his opponents in advance to learn the patterns and rhythms of their movements so he can anticipate their movements since he can not match the speed of either. He would also tweak his venom formula to include kryptonite, like Lex Luthor, to give him the edge over Superman and possibly in way to increase his speed. Bane would plan to move the fight into the sewer where Superman's air superiority and x-ray vision are rendered moot. The confined space and slippery surface would prevent the Flash from getting enough sure footing to take full advantage of his speed. Bane will try to pit Superman and the Flash against each other as much as possible too since he does not have super powers on that level, but ultimately he would lose because heroes always win.

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#45 Posted by Hostile (49 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman punches Bane and The Flash. The End.

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#46 Posted by grenade728 (755 posts) - - Show Bio

Bane sends a birthday cake to Supes, and he is like wait a minute its not my birthday, but he eats the cake anyway, but uh-oh, its made of kryptonite, but Batman blows his whistle (since he is the referee) and cries foul, but no one cares (since he is the referee), and Bane is all like I win haha, but then Flash was like, I will avenge my friends death, but decides he needs more power for some strange reason, and then he thinks about calling upon the phoenix force, but realizes it will take five flipping issues of senseless fighting for it to arrive so he decides to take Bane out himself which he easily does cause he is the frickin' flash. THE END. Did that in only two sentences, well three if you count this one.

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#47 Posted by Dark_Vengeance_ (15330 posts) - - Show Bio

Flash just goes back in time and beats baby Superman up. 
by the way If I can choose I want the Batman one.

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#48 Posted by insanepayne7 (18 posts) - - Show Bio

The battle begins on a dark dusky night in Gotham. Bane unknowingly tries to steal a gem of red kryptonite in a jewelry heist, when Superman arrives to the scene. With a delusional Superman suffering from the effects of red kryponite, Superman takes a random encounter with bane too far, forcing the Flash to intervene during his midnight run. With Superman brutally beating Bane thinking he is Doomsday, The Flash uses his superspeed to fight both Superman and Bane at the same time. Knowing Superman's past with kryptonite, The Flash rounds up all of the gems and takes them to a safe distance. The lingering effects of the red kryptonite leave Superman confused. With little options left and wanting to finish the fight as fast as possible, The Flash phases his hands into both Superman's and Bane's heads making them fall unconscious. The Flash comes out on top for this fight. Then Batman emerges from the shadows and tells the Flash good job.

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A moment before the fight starts Batman realizes if he wants to beat bane, superman, and flash he will need to set traps. For chance against superman he wears a full body led costume and 4 kryptonite ring. For bane he plans on getting him tied up so he can quickly cut the tube(s) giving bane the venom. For flash he plans on setting up trip wires all around the battle field(Gotham)(BTW batman is fighting these people because superman turned evil by some black Kryptonite, and flash is being mind control by POISON IVY in hopes of taking out batman and anyone in his way. For Bane....... he is evil so why not.) DURING THE FIGHT: Batman comes well prepared for the brawl. Bane becomes the first one out when flash quickly run towards him and rip out the tube the he try to kill him but batman use his bat-claw to pull him away from bane then batman runs away in a straight line then flash runs after him but trips because of batman trap.Then the knock out gas was about to knock him out but flash quickly spins around to blow the gas away. Then he try to get to batman but Superman charges at flash quickly and flash flies into a wall then superman freeze him and then try to punch him in attempt to break flash into a billion pieces.However batman comes out of the shadows with green kryptonite and bring superman to his knees. Then he starts punching superman in a attempt to knock him out. and it works . Next batman cures superman from the black kryptonite and arrest BANE and unfreeze flash and cure him from Poison ivy affects. Then superman, batman, flash go to a restaurant an chat . Flash, and superman ask batman how did he win and Batman just tells them .....CAUSE I'M BATMAN. (THE only reason batman is in this fight is because batman would never let a fight like this happen.)

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The Flash charges at Bane and bashes him once, the kinetic energy giving his punch enough force to knock Bane across three continents and into the Indian Ocean, where he sinks and drowns much to his chagrin. While Flash is appreciating his handiwork, Superman flies down and uses his heat vision to blast Flash; given that nothing is faster than the speed of light, the Flash gets burned. Though in pain, Flash retaliates by running through time to appear next to himself just before Superman hit him, causing a time paradox which allows the Flash to become faster; additionally, there are now two flashes that begin punching Superman again and again. Superman is getting beaten, but then smiles with the ace up his sleeve. "Wait, you're Wally West! You don't exist in the New 52!" Suddenly, this Flash, who has been Wally the whole time (dun dun dun) realizes his nonexistence and phases out of reality, allowing Superman to win.