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I saw a lot of posts on lanterns vs sith/Jedi and I thought this would play a great role in the battle. I want to say it would cut threw because it would make a closer fight but wanted others thoughts. In the jla new 52 superman breaks through green lanterns constructs rather easily several times.

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Well DC, so depends on what color the lightsaber is? :)

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@dayvid3 said:

Well DC, so depends on what color the lightsaber is? :)

Just reading this, I realise there are as many, if not more, lightsaber colours as there are Lantern Corps.

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Lightsabers are essentially hard lasers right? There aren't any examples of a saber blade ever breaking, so in theory if the user swings with enough force, it can break anything. Plus Qui-Gon Jinn's melted through several feet of titanium blast doors in about 30 seconds. That's some heat.