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Posted by Fallen_Crippled

Not that bad of a team, however, seems a bit overpowered. Would throw in an assassin or street leveler for either Xorn, Emplate, Godfrey, or Margali. Maybe get rid of two.

Posted by dangallant984

@FernandoGrey: I like the idea of a team of characters that can be an actual threat individually or as a group, so to me this crew looks great! maybe your best yet..

one questions, though: firstly, who do you see as the leader, or would there be one?

Posted by John Valentine

Margali Szardos is evil?

Posted by Storm_UltimateBadass

@John Valentine said:

Margali Szardos is evil?

That was my question as well. I do love Mystique she is my all time fav villian.

Posted by Veitha

I like this team!

Posted by FernandoGrey

@John Valentine: She is a coin with two faces. She is good when she need to protect something that she believe is worth it. She is bad when she need to find something that will benefit her belief and gain more power. Her own daughter doesn't trust her own mother. That say a lot of Margali.