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Posted By sinestro_GL

I hope a Flash film does take off.

That's the problem with the DC film franchise (including their Original Animated Films): they focus a bit too heavily on just Batman and Superman. Both Bats and Supes have/are entering reboots, whilst other popular characters such as Wonder Woman or Aquaman have yet to make any big-screen appearance. Some haven't even made a significant live-action appearance.

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Posted By caesarsghost

These are amazing picks. I, a grown man, squealed when I saw John Barrowman as Jason Blood. It's just too perfect for words. And I do think that Joel McHale as Wally is brilliant, he can play Wally's snarky sense of humor perfectly.

Might I make a suggestion of my own. Aaron Eckhart as Barry is great, especially for (as you already noted) a Silver Age Flash. My post New 52 Barry (the character is much different now, anyone will admit) is as follows...


I think Bradley Cooper would be an awesome New 52 Barry. He is funnier now than he used to be (his role in JL kinda proves that), more light hearted, and I think Cooper could give us that.

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Posted By thechessclub

@GR2Blackout said:

Its... meh... and Deathstroke and Etrigan aren't Flash characters

Hence why I said "Next two are the "general DC" folks." My bad for not just posting the pics and doing w/o the commentary=P

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Posted By GR2Blackout

Its... meh... and Deathstroke and Etrigan aren't Flash characters

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Posted By Mbecks14

Aaron Eckhart is a good call! I still don't see Joel McHale as Wally but all the other casting looks pretty spot on!

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Posted By Mercy_
Matthew Gray Gubler as The Weather Wizard.

Flails. This is...I don't even. It's perfect.