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Posted By haydenclaireheroes

awesome survival guide Sora

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Posted By Kallarkz

Great guide sir. 
lol yes respecting the booth babes is a very important item. People mistake them for another type of hot dressed lady and go too far. 
Having cash on you is important, but people should still be cautious with how much they spend.  
Buy things that you actually want and will enjoy, the economy is still bad. 
Comic Con!

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10+ year SDCC veteran here and I got some things you forgot for your list:  


  • sunscreen 
  • cologne/fabreeze/body spray 
  • maps/directions for outside the convention center if you aren't local (hotel, parking, food, bars, movie theaters)
  • condoms (lot of uses)
  • couple dollars in change squirreled away somewhere in case you spend all your money and need bus/trolley fare (cause nobody spends change at a con)
  • if you plan on getting dvds/bootlegs bring a mini DVD player with you to check the merchandise before you leave the booth
  • if you plan on having sex at the convention center bring a spotter and stick to upstairs
  • MP3 or PSP/DS, can't read all the time and some of those lines are a nightmare
Don't Bring 
  • babies (if you have two or more babies don't you dare !!!)
  • strollers (especially the massive ones)
  • child leashes (not a good move) 
  • glitter (damn glitter, sparkle elsewhere) 
  • weapons or anything that can be used as a weapon
  • drugs (being on drugs at SDCC is not fun)
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Posted By nazer858

Great guide. The one thing I'd add is that if you plan on attending a bunch of panels, plan your schedule out and make note that you won't be able to get into everything you want to. Most of the bigger panels (Hall H, Ballroom 20, where most of the movie/TV stuff is) require at least 2 hours in line to get a decent seat, and a big thing that a lot of first timers miss is that they do not clear the rooms. So if you want to check out something in Hall H at 4:00PM, I'd probably hit up that line between 1-2ish. It's a bummer I know, but make note that you're surrounded by hundreds of other fans as well, so strike up a conversation, everyone is generally pretty nice.

And always have a plan B, there is ALWAYS something else to do. And check out the awesomeness that is my hometown of San Diego, enjoy the weather. See you guys tomorrow!

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Posted By DomDom

Awesome guide! =) 
I've never been to a Comic-Con, but Someday! 
It's on me and lil sis's (things ta do before we die) Lists... =D 
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@haydenclaireheroes said:
awesome survival guide Sora
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Posted By DarkShadows

I wish I can go.
But one day... one day, I will be there!

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Great guide, I think I've followed some of these rules in years past. 

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Edited By jamesewelch

Also, if a guy is threatening to stab you with a pen, then just back off... or you might get stabbed in the eye. Seeing your favorite comic book creator isn't worth losing an eye.

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Posted By zombietag

good guide, enjoyed this article