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Posted by RetconCrisis

I agree with 3. Someone needs to get that series back on its awesome track when it was first started.

Posted by Samimista

Very great list! Especially with Harley and Riddler. =D

Posted by dngn4774


Vandal needs a title more than Scandal does IMHO.

If I had to write Powergirl I would merge her with Supergirl into one major Kryptonian badass (She starts with Supergirl's origin but becomes PG to break away from her cousin's shadow).

Riddler deserves his own title

Sirens are outdated and overrated. I appreciate the classic pairings but it doesn't really have to be done anymore. You could always add a guest character in the Harley book too.

Have you've considered taking over Gail Simone's Movement and put Misfit in charge of it?

Posted by Joygirl

@dngn4774: Vandal is a villain though, harder to hold a title.

That's a possibility but eh. I don't feel like f***ing with the continuity any more than I have to. And never cared for Supergirl anyway.


I liked the Sirens. :( But they aren't my top pick to write anyway, prob'ly last actually. I'd rather just have a Harley title with her own supporting cast.

Nah, never read Movement so I dunno what I'd do with it/if I'd be good for it.

Posted by BR_Havoc

I miss Atlee so much she was freaking adorable.

Edited by GraniteSoldier

It'd be nice to see Power Girl as more than just Ms. Boobs. I feel like that's all she ever really amounted to, that no writer ever gave her much depth. Haven't kept up with her, so that may have changed, but that's how she always felt to me.

Posted by Joygirl

@granitesoldier: Have you read Palmiotti/Gray's 12-issue run on her? It's possibly my favorite comic run of all time.

Posted by GraniteSoldier

@joygirl said:

@granitesoldier: Have you read Palmiotti/Gray's 12-issue run on her? It's possibly my favorite comic run of all time.

I have not. Honestly her mistreatment is why I've always preferred Supergirl to her. But if you say it is worth checking out, I am going to trust your judgment. If you're wrong, well, don't be wrong....

Posted by Joygirl

@granitesoldier: I'm not wrong. Take my word on that. It's an amazing run, so much fun.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

hmmmm Powergirl

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt


Posted by RisingBean

No Marvel?

Posted by Joygirl

@risingbean: Meh. I could do X-Force maybe but X-Force is doing fine on its own. Doesn't need me.

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

You totally should write some Harley comics! That would be amazing! However don't read Green Lantern books so I don't how much in need of a writer they would be. Also a Detective Riddler book would be a blast to read!

Posted by Roninreviews

I'd love to write Swamp Thing or Hawkman. Hawkman is so awesome and no one gives a fuck about him.

Posted by HeraldofGanthet

@roninreviews: Hawkman is so awesome and no one gives a fuck about him.

Agreed. He needs not only an animated series, but it needs to be the version shown on "Young Justice" (or at least the same animators), and it needs to be on a very accessible network. Perhaps the Vortex on the CW Network because it's free of charge to those who don't have cable. Make Geoff Johns the executive producer and wait for the fireworks.

But you might wanna watch the language though....;)

@joygirl: I could see you doing an awesome job on these books. Especially the books surrounding all things "Lantern". You'd blow their minds (and ours by default upon reading your work;). I wonder though, would you/how would you approach a Steel solo book? He is a dynamic character that is woefully underutilized in the DCU. IMO.

Edited by Joygirl

@heraldofganthet: I am pretty underqualified for a Steel solo since I barely know the character. I'm also not that good at technobabble so I think I'd suck on a Steel title.

Posted by HeraldofGanthet

Drat. With your imagination, I thought you'd be a shoe-in! Hmm.. I wonder if Barnes and Noble has '"Technobabble for Dummies"...

That could make the job a little easier, eh..?

Posted by Joygirl
Posted by HeraldofGanthet

@joygirl: I'll keep my eyes open for you. I have to go there later anyway! :P