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Posted By dngn4774

I've read about six of the ten. I probably would have put death note in the number three spot, behind Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. FMA should be higher too, but it's hard to argue about where any of the rest are placed. I would also recommend deadman wonderland, the anime might have been crap but the manga was awesome.

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Posted By Delphic

@dngn4774: Well the manga are really in no particular order as far as favoritism. I did this for a guy who had unfortunately been introduced to Manga in a very bad way. I can't remember which manga it was, but from what he described to me it was pretty bad. It was one of those silly manga where "so and so is trying to hook up with so and so" and a lot of anime type fan service. I came up with these manga as a better alternative for him to read.

Out of all of these though: Gundam is my favorite. Gundam is what introduced me to anime/manga, and I will be a fan of the series till I die.