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@e5ten: No order. This was made before CV converted to "unordered lists".

My attempt at the time was to be as inclusive as it was possible to be in one sitting. If I missed anyone I'll gladly add them.

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Is this chronological or who you think is best? Because if it`s chronological your list is very out of order. If it is who you like best I agree with Ariana as 1 but Stephanie should be above Zoanne.

Posted by Emily87

Steph is Tim's true love. Fact.

Ariana was just puppy love. Darla, Tam, Zoanne - boring civilians who were just the writers' love-interests-of-the-week. Lynx - oh god it's the third Lynx yet STILL nothing will ever happen between them. Give it up already. Secret, Rose - are you kidding me?? One of them tried to kill Steph out of jealousy, and the other almost raped him. Twice. Wonder Girl - it has been artificial back then, it's still artificial now. Jubilee, Arrowette and Cassandra Cain are okay but they're not canon love interests so that point is moot.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Pry did say that Tim was "bloody sexy"

Posted by LaurelB

steph/tim the best couple ever!!!! steph was the biggest true love

Posted by RainEffect

Lynx/Tim <3

Posted by CrimsonCake

Did you put arrowette up here because of what happened in young Justice #17?